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The sitting room is a space between time and dimensions that can be visited in dreams or in a hypnotic trance. It captures the best parts of the personalities of everyone who gets caught up with or corrupted by the cursed treasure of Crystal Cove.

Physical appearance

Most of it seems to be rooms and corridors with red curtains and black-and-white-striped floors, but there are doors opening out into time-frozen scenes featuring the mystery-solving groups that were pulled together under the influence of the evil Anunnaki.


Former inhabitants
  • A part of Horatio Kharon had been left behind in the form of a strange talking dancing man until he was released and merged with his physical self thanks to a talisman brought by Mystery Inc.



Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season two

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  • It is decorated exactly like the waiting room in Twin Peaks.
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