The Sinister Snowman was the disguise of Fabian Menkle.

Physical appearance

The Sinister Snowman resembled an ordinary snowman, but with sharp teeth and claws. The snowman also could shapeshift into other snow creatures, though his head was consistent throughout all of the variations.


He was pure evil and was fixated on causing as much damage to Menkle's Toy Store as possible.

Powers and abilities

  • Shapeshifting: He could morph himself into a spider and a giant hand, and turn his snowball body into heads exactly like his.
  • Ice breath: With his frozen breath, he could trap everything and everyone in a block of ice. The Sinister Snowman's icy breath was created by using liquid nitrogen.
  • Blizzard manipulation: The Sinister Snowman was able to conjure a massive snow storm as a means of appearing and vanishing. This was done by using a combination of rockets and silver iodide.


Early life

The Sinister Snowman was supposedly the ghost of Vladimar Harstikor, a mean elderly man who resented the growth of the city and the introduction of a massive toy store across the street from his mansion. According to legend, Harstikor was driven mad and he became pure hate, vanishing in a flurry of snow and bitterness to form a snowman with a sinister and evil soul.

Scooby-Doo! Haunted Holidays

Fabian Menkle unmasked

Fabian Menkle unmasked.

20 years later, he returned to finish what he started. But this Sinister Snowman turned out to be a hoax, and revealed to be Fabian Menkle, who was robbing his uncle's toy store, trying to make him look crazy so he could shut it down, and get the money, blaming it on the legend of Vladimar Harsticore, who actually "vanished" to Miami Beach.


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