Silver Scream is the thirteenth episode of season 2 of Be Cool, Scooby-Doo!, and the thirty-ninth overall.


The ghost of a silent movie star returns from the grave to stop his last, but unfinished film from being released.


On a stormy night at a studio, an archivist named Russ is putting the last scene in a movie reel showing a silent black and white movie about a man fixing a car and losing it in the process. Russ reveals that the silent man in the film is named Archie and that he tried to destroy the film reel before it got released. Russ soon has an argument with a cardboard cutout of Archie about restoring the film and releasing it to the public. He soon fights the Archie cutout. Russ wins and suddenly the lights go out and the cutout stands up again. Russ tries to apologize but is soon attacked by Archie himself.

The gang arrives at the studio which is known as Fletcher Films. They go on a tour of the studio which Tony the tour guide seems board of. Daphne tries to get him to stop following a script and take a real tour, taking Daphne's advice Tony goes and gives the gang and real exciting tour of the studio. During the tour, Tony reveals that some of the movies the studio makes are bad and that it all started when the famous silent film star Archie Barnes quit the studio. Velma explains that Archie Barnes was one of the masters of the silent comedy era and that he wrote, directed, and starred in 60 movies. He put Fletcher Studios on the map, but legend has it that the Studio Head, Frank Fletcher, tampered with Archie's final movie, which made Archie hate the film so much that he destroyed it before it was ever completed. Archie quit and was never heard from again. Velma also explains that she knows about Archie and films because she looks at them scientifically and analyzes them. Tony reveals that an archivist found Archie's legendary last movie and, just as he restored the last frame, Archie's ghost attacked him. Fred states it's a mystery, but Tony states it's justice because the studio has no originality and soon gets so fed up that he quits and abandons the tour. Daphne then takes over the tour and concludes it. Fred decides to split up with him, Daphne and Velma exploring the archives, and Shaggy and Scooby look for places where Archie's films are being shown due to there being a possible link to the ghost. Daphne then continues to act like a tour guide which makes Velma want to go with Shaggy and Scooby instead.

Shaggy, Velma, and Scooby arrive at a theater showing Archie's first movie on a continuous loop. They watch the film with Shaggy and Scooby laughing about how funny it is. Suddenly, someone sits in front of them, Shaggy and Scooby try to get his attention by coughing a lot, but no avail. Shaggy then tries to talk to him only to find out that the man is actually the Ghost of Archie. He chases Shaggy, Velma, and Scooby out of the movie theater until he slips on some popcorn and slams into a wall, causing Scooby and Shaggy to laugh at him.

Fred and Daphne then arrive at the archives with Daphne still acting like a tour guide. They enter and find the Russ in a chair with a baseball bat next to the cardboard cutout of Archie all tied up with chains. Fred then asks him about the stories of Archie Barnes and Russ says that Archie attacked him because he doesn't want anybody to see the film because it's cursed. He also reveals that Ray Fletcher the Studio Head insisted that he transfer the footage so Ray could Finish the film and share it with the world. Fred then asks where Russ found the film, Russ says he found the film in a trunk at the old prop warehouse. Inside of it is what Archie left in his office when he quit including his last damaged film. Fred looks inside and finds Archie's notebook which shows in Archie's own hand how he worked out the stunts and visual effects in his movies. Russ agrees and gets into another fight with the Archie cutout. Causing Fred and Daphne to leave in confusion and fear.

As they leave, Fred and Daphne meet up with Shaggy, Velma, and Scooby. They reveal that they saw both Archie Barnes's first movie and ghost. Velma also says that the ghost behaved just like the real Archie Barnes. Fred then notices a piano being lifted, and a woman tying her shoe, then the rope holding the piano begins to snap. Fred saves the woman before the piano lands. It turns out the whole thing was actually a movie scene, and the woman was actually a man dressed like a woman. The director arrives and angrily demands to know what Fred is doing. She thinks he's part of Ray Fletcher's ideas and angrily storms off. Daphne reveals that the director is Lori Logan, and is directing the new Archie film. Fred decides that the gang should head to the old prop warehouse for clues. When they arrive at the warehouse, they see a lot of old movie props and costumes. Then the Ghost of Archie attacks them.

He chases the gang out of the warehouse and goes after Shaggy and Scooby. They then trick Archie by making him think he's in a movie scene, and that Shaggy is the director. Scooby then dresses Archie up in a bunch of random costumes and brings out a bunch of random props. They make Archie star in their ridiculous movie, and send him to his dressing room. Scooby and Shaggy then escape after Archie realizes he has been tricked. They regroup the rest of the gang and are all caught by the Studio Head, Ray Fletcher, and his right-hand Charlie Dery. Fred talks to Ray about finding Archie Barnes's legendary last film. Ray is on his way to see it now, claiming it could be their next big hit, and that they gave it some updates. Charlie claims that Lori is having trouble with the updates, but Ray dismisses it and thinks about adding quadcopters to the film. The gang wonders what other operations Ray is trying to make.

The gang goes to the editorial building when Velma hears something in one of the rooms. The gang sees, and overhears, Lori and Ray, arguing over the changes to Archie's film. The gang then goes into the edit bay and looks for the digital copy Russ sent to Ray. When they find it, they watch it and see a ton of ridiculous changes added to it. Archie's ghost then appears and scares the gang.

The gang runs away, and a musical chase scene happens with them being chased all over the studio. After losing him, they rest at one of the setups. The gang laments on their failures on solving the mystery. Velma also laments on how the studio will go down the drain once the movie is released, along with Archie Barnes's reputation. Daphne praises Archie for going so far to prevent that movie from being seen and hopes one day people might look back, which Fred and Velma realize is the key to solving the mystery. They decide to trap the ghost. At a theater, a sneak preview of the Archie Barnes movie is being shown, with the gang as the audience. In the theater, Velma shows the film, and the Ghost of Archie Barnes arrives. When Archie goes to the audience, he discovers that they're all Archie cardboard cutouts with wigs and costumes on. Archie then chases after Shaggy and Scooby. The gang traps Archie with a falling piece of scenery and a cage.

The Police arrest Archie, who is actually Lori Logan. Ray and Charlie enter the scene, wondering what's going on, which the gang explains. Lori Logan is a talented, young director with a reputation for quality movies. Being an Archie Barnes fan, she was thrilled to be chosen to complete his final film, but Ray Fletcher got too involved and forced his ideas into her movie. She thought the film would be the end of her career. Lori knew the legend of Frank Fletcher ruining Archie's last film, she could relate a little too much, so Lori decided to use Archie's legend to make sure her movie never saw the light of day, even if it meant ruining Fletcher Studios in the process. Archie's film was found in the prop warehouse, where Lori also found Archie's trademark costume, and where the gang found evidence that someone had rifled through the wardrobe trunks. To be believable, Lori had to do physical comedy stunts, that's why she chased Russ out of the Archive room. The gang assumed it was Archie's revenge for restoring his film, but Lori wanted to see Archie's notebook to learn how he did his stunts. At first, the gang thought the ghost was connected to the discovery of Archie's film but, when Daphne mentioned how far Archie went to make sure his studio-tampered film was never seen, they were reminded of another director who was in the same situation. The only way to be sure was to do the very thing Lori was trying to avoid: show people her movie. Ironically thanks to Archie Barnes, and his stunts, the gang was able to catch Lori in the act. After Lori is taken away Ray thanks the gang and learns that he should have learned from his grandfather's mistakes instead of relating them and lets Velma have Archie's notebook.


Main characters:

Supporting characters:


Other characters:

  • Laura (only time mentioned)
  • Archie Barnes (single appearance)(no lines)(flashback only)(deceased)
  • Frank Fletcher (single appearance)(no lines)(flashback only)(deceased)
  • Actor (single appearance)
  • Sara Plates (single appearance)(no lines)(TV or computer screen)
  • Police officer 1
  • Police officer 2 (no lines)




  • Tram


Suspect Motive/reason
Tony Upset that the studio didn't make anything original anymore.
Lori Logan Upset about all the changes Ray Fletcher made to her movie.
Ray Fletcher Publicity for the Archie Barnes movie.
Charlie Dery Could have helped his boss, Ray Fletcher.


Culprit Motive/reason
Lori Logan as the Ghost of Archie Barnes To prevent the movie from being shown before it ruined her career.


Frank Welker Scooby-Doo
Fred Jones
Matthew Lillard Shaggy Rogers
Grey Griffin Daphne Blake
Lori Logan
Kate Micucci Velma Dinkley
Eric Bauza Tony
Charlie Dery
Bob Joles Ray Fletcher



  • In the voice credits, the guest characters are all referred to just with their first names.
  • When Lori Logan is talking to Ray Fletcher about the changes he is making to the movie, there are posters on the wall behind them of Hemogoblin and Haniver from Mysteries on the Disorient Express.


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  • None known.

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  • None known.


Fred: Umm, Velma. how do you know so much about Archie Barnes?
Daphne: Yeah, I never saw you as a fan of slapstick comedy. Or just comedy in general. Or even having fun in any recognisable sense of the word.

Ray Fletcher: What's those things kids are into these days?
Shaggy: Health, hope and a secure future?
Scooby: Education, environmental solutions, love?
Ray Fletcher: No. Those remote whirlygig things.
Charlie Dery: Quadcopters.

Daphne: Velma. I apologise for what I said about you not appreciating comedy. I see now by totally disengaging from it on an emotional and visceral level, and breaking it down scientifically until all the life has been sucked out of it, you understand what's funny on a level the rest of us aren't even capable of.
Velma: Is that a joke?
Daphne: You tell me!


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