Shirley McLoon is an agent of the Treasury Department. She pretended to be a psychic medium while she was undercover.

Physical appearance

Shirley is a slender, middle-aged African-American female with short black hair, and wears sunglasses. She wears a red shirt and red pants, blue green boots, and a purple overcoat. She also wears a red medium psychic's hat that has an eye on it (as part of her disguise).


She's dedicated to her job as federal agent with the Treasury Department, and takes on wild disguises (such as a psychic) to get the job done.


A Pup Named Scooby-Doo

Season one

The Scooby-Doo Detective Agency encountered her outside the Ferguson Estate, and found her wild persona to be suspicious. She had been locked in the mansion's cell by the Ghost, and was unlocked and released by the gang. It was revealed that she had been trying bust the ghost, who was unmasked as Mr. Conrad, who was counterfeiting money. She then took him into custody.



  • Shirley's name is a play on the famous New Age aficionado, Shirley MacLaine.
  • Series producer/developer, Tom Ruegger, eventually later reused the name for Shirley "the Loon" McLoon, one of the characters on Tiny Toon Adventures (which he was also a producer/developer on), whom was also into psychic powers and fortune-telling.
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