Shelly is a candy concession seller at the Cookie Co. International Park.

Physical appearance

She is a young Caucasian woman with freckles and long blonde hair. She wears a light blue and white uniform with a blue baseball cap worn backward.


She is bright and chipper. She takes a liking to Shaggy Rogers, but he mistakes it for kindness. Shaggy also refers to her saying "that is one dedicated peanut, soft-serve, ice-cream, pizza girl" after he mentions that she said that she would check on him every inning to see how he is doing.


What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Season one

After the second inning gameplay, Shelly gave Shaggy a lot of food—for free. She stared at Shaggy as he walked away, ignoring the next customer in line. She later brought him a caramel corn, salted peanut, cotton candy, chocolate malt sandwich, and then hugged him after Luis Santiago broke the home run record and when the gang were thanked for making it possible.