The Shadow Orc was the disguise of Maxwell, who worked for the Wild Brood in the copy room of their computer-game company. He wore the same costume as them in order to frame them in his attempt to steal a rocket-launcher from the Crystal Cove Armory in order to wreck a train transporting the Swordfish Game Console inside.

Physical appearance

He resembles an orc. Designed to impersonate the Wild Brood.


The Shadow Orc was very cruel. He forced Velma to hack a program or he will drop Scooby-Doo off a cliff. Later, he left Scooby-Doo dangling off a cliff and he pushed Velma Dinkley off the cliff with her hands and feet still tied, despite the deal they made earlier.

Powers and abilities

He is very strong, breaking down walls with a large axe.


Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one


Maxwell unmasked.

The Shadow Orc broke into the Crystal Cove Armory with an axe and stole a rocket launcher. On his way out he dropped a card from Chen's Coffee and Internet Cafe.

When the gang came to Chen's, the Orc grabbed Velma and put a hand over her mouth. When Scooby-Doo looked for Velma, he also grabbed Scooby.

The Orc took Scooby and Velma at the top of a cliff. Scooby was dangling, tied to a rope on a tree and Velma was tape-gagged and had her hands and feet tied together. The Shadow Orc ripped off the tape and told Velma to reroute a train carrying the Swordfish Game Console or he would drop Scooby off the cliff. Velma did the hacking using his laptop, and then she told the Shadow Orc to release her and Scooby. Instead, the Shadow Orc pushed Velma off the cliff and took off on his motorcycle.

Later, on the running train, Fred Jones and Odnarb (Wild Brood leader) fought the Shadow Orc and they both stopped the freight car with the game console from falling from the destroyed bridge (though the rest of the train fell off and was instantly destroyed). The Shadow Orc was revealed to be Maxwell the copy boy, who was angry that he was shut out of play-testing the new game console. Maxwell was arrested by Sheriff Bronson Stone who put the mask back on Maxwell to make him less nerdy.



"Clever... Figuring out that swordfish clue."

"Litte too clever for my taste."

"Do not mock me. I have Eldritch blood."

"You lost your boyfriend to a dog?"



The Shadow Orc Costume Museum

Shadow Orc costume in the Spook Museum.

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