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Seth Angler is Rocky Bay's finest diving instructor, according to Cap'n Blue Beard.

Physical appearance

Seth's a attractive muscular man with blonde hair. He wears a sailor outfit and he has a dolphin tattoo on his right arm.


Seth is a romantic, calling Daphne cute sea-related petnames such as "Sea-flower" and "Mermaid", even after his capture. Seth is also an incredibly greedy man, endangering multiple people just so he could have half the pearls in pearl reef.


Seth Angler

Seth Angler revealed as culprit

Scooby-Doo! First Frights

He was hired to recover Willy the Whaler's ship but, during the recovery, they discover pearl reef. They used the legend of The Deep One to scare people away from their pearl-smuggling operation. During Mystery Inc's investigation, he gives Daphne cute sea related petnames such as "Sea-flower" and "Mermaid" even after his capture.


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