Selma is the owner of a comic book store in Coolsville.

Physical appearance

Selma is an African-American female with a perfectly-shaped figure, and black, curly hair with a red ribbon tied around it. She wears glasses with large, round lenses and without frames, yellow hooped earrings, a green jacket with a white shirt underneath, a blue skirt, red and white sneakers, and green socks.


She's fond of Shaggy Rogers as she knows him since he was very little. She sympathises with Mr. Cashmore's secret love of comics, because she reads them too.


Early life

Shaggy had been coming to her store since he was an infant.

A Pup Named Scooby-Doo

Season one

She held a booth, called Selma's Comic Classics, at the first Coolsville Comic Book Convention, and sold Shaggy one of the three remaining first issues of Commander Cool & Mellow Mutt. She had one copy left for herself, but it was stolen by Dr. Croaker, though she got it back when Croaker was caught. When the gang confronted Mr. Cashmore about him sneaking around with comics and sticking them in his car, he confessed that he secretly loved comics, but since he was a 55-year-old man, he was ashamed to admit it. Selma told him it was fine, since she also enjoyed reading comics.


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