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* Physical appearance; his headgear.
* Powers and abilities.
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Scrappy-Doo was one of the test subjects of the "smart dog" program at Complex Alpha in Nevada. He also led the Scrappy Gang, some of the other test subjects of the program.

Physical appearance

Scrappy was a small male dog, with brown fur, with implants that when activated made him grow several feet tall, allowing him to walk upright on his hind legs, and also greatly enhancing his strength.[1]


Scrappy before he transformed.

Scrappy has two objectives on his mind: upgrading his implants that give him human-like attributes, and to kill Scooby-Doo, the prototype of the smart dog program. He hates him with a passion,[1] simply because he sees him as a soft-hearted weakling.[2] He also refers to him as Scoobert.[2][1] He also hates humans, given the experiments they performed on him. He considers saving a group of people from being eaten, but doesn't want to endanger his own life.[1]

Even though he's annoyed by his own gang (and he's only in charge because his articulation chip hadn't burnt out), he cares about them.[1] He also gets often annoyed by them, as they have lost their intelligence and are not bothered by their predicament,[2] instead only being interested in where they get their next meal. Despite hating Scooby, he later redeems himself and gets attached to him forming a bond with him and Daphne Blake.[2][1]

Powers and abilities

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Early life

Scrappy would sit on Dr. Dinkley's monitor at the Complex, while she worked.[3]

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Scooby Apocalypse

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Scooby-Doo! Team-Up

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