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Scrappy-Doo is a mysterious evildoer from Mystery Incorporated's past, with a seeming, yet unclear connection to Scooby-Doo.

Physical appearance

From his exhibit, he resembles a Great Dane puppy. His fur is brown and has a black nose. He wears a blue collar and a diamond-shaped ID tag. 

Skills and abilities

He can stand on his hind legs.


Early life

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Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

While on her date with Fred Jones, Jr. at the Crystal Cove Spook MuseumDaphne Blake was stunned to see Scrappy, but Fred interrupted her, reminding her that they swore never to talk of him again.[1]



  • The gang never speaking of him is a reference to Scrappy being blamed for Scooby-Doo's decline in the 1980s, his evil deeds in the 2002 live-action film, and the fact he never appeared again as a consequence.
  • While likely, his status as Scooby-Doo's nephew is not confirmed.


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