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Scrappy Cornelius Doo is the nephew of Scooby-Doo and a former member of Mystery Incorporated.

Physical appearance

Scrappy is a puppy, with brown eyes and fur. His ears are pointed and slightly bent at the tip. His coat is brown and he has a black nose and brown eyes.

During his time with the Mystery Inc. gang, he wore a dark brown collar.

In his Scrappy Rex form, he had green eyes and reddish-brown scaly skin. His arms have become muscular and his body is gigantic.


Scrappy was described by Velma Dinkley as an egomaniac, evident as he called the gang (including his own uncle, surprisingly) "losers" and decided he should be the unquestioned leader of the group. He was very delusional and oblivious, believing the gang valued his company when he threatened to leave. Scrappy was also very irritating as he constantly believed in ghosts, despite Fred telling him there is no such thing. He also displayed bratty behavior, acting as though he was exempt from the rules and above it all. Fred also felt Scrappy was urinating on Daphne to mark his territory.

It seems Scrappy had gone insane during the years since the time Mystery Inc. last saw him since he sought to enact the Darkolapse ritual to become all-powerful and rule the world with Spooky Island's demons. Velma said the Daemon Ritus had corrupted Scrappy.


Early life

He travelled with Mystery Inc. until they kicked him out for being a nuisance, prompting him to later take his elaborate revenge.

He had shown up at Spooky Island's casting audition for an evil elf, then subdued and hid away Emile Mondavarious so he could assume his identity for his evil scheme.

Scooby-Doo: The Movie

For his time masquerading as Emile Mondavarious, see Emile Mondavarious (Scrappy-Doo).

Scrappy's disguise as Emile Mondavarious

Scrappy first appeared under the guise of Emile Mondavarious, owner of the world famous amusement park Spooky Island.

He released the creatures of the island on all the college students and Mystery Inc. and had their soul ectoplasms replaced with the creatures. He planned to complete a Darkopolypse Ritual with the Daemon Ritus and needed a pure soul to complete the ritual.

Scrappy discovered that his Uncle Scooby had the soul required to complete the ritual and had instructed most of the possessed tenants to obtain him. Since he wished to have the rest of the gang witness his moment of triumph, he decided to invite them as well.

For his time transformed, see Scrappy Rex.

Scrappy locked inside dog cage.

However, Scrappy was thwarted from using the ritual by Mystery Inc. and only grew to a large size through the consumption of many human souls.

Shaggy used the pincer to tear open the Daemon Ritus and remove the souls from his chest, defeating Scrappy. Scrappy regained his normal size, but insisted on fighting. He was then knocked into a wall by Scooby.

He was then taken away in an animal cage and placed in a police helicopter ready to take him away with N' Goo Tuana, Zarkos, and the rest of the henchmen.



  • The fact Scrappy was portrayed as the villain was due in large part to the fact that he was often viewed as a disliked character by some fans who felt his presence "ruined" the Scooby-Doo franchise.
    • Interestingly, Scrappy was not the villain in an earlier draft around March 2000 (that role went to Don Knotts) and the first hint of his involvement in the plot at all did not come until a month later, an interview with James Gunn in April 2000. Other original ideas for the villain included the Old Man Smithers, the villain from the beginning of the film.
    • According to the DVD commentary, choosing the villain of the movie was a problematic part of production, as the makers did not feel comfortable simply giving the role to an "anonymous monster", and that the ending was in "bits and pieces" and the "confinements forced them to be creative."
    • The ultimate decision to have the villain be Scrappy was mainly result of the writer of the script, Gunn, who has stated numerous times that he loathes the character with a burning passion. "There is a Scrappy, because he exists in the cartoon, so we have to acknowledge him", he said in an interview shortly prior to the release of the film. He also said on Scrappy, "I hate Scrappy's guts. We all hate Scrappy's guts. Our whole goal was to destroy Scrappy forever."[1]
    • Despite previously stating he felt that "kids didn't care",[2] he did later note with some dismay on two separate occasions that kids reacted poorly to the development, admitting he did not understand how unpopular it was with five and six year olds.[3] "I still think it was funny that Scrappy was the villain," Gunn explained in an interview with Cinefantastique, "But there are kids out there who were really upset."[4]
  • Velma claimed that Scrappy was not a puppy, but a full grown dog with a gland problem that stunted his growth. However, he still uses his "Puppy power" catchphrase.
  • Scrappy claims he is "as cute as a Powerpuff Girl".
  • While disguised as Mondovarious, Scrappy would sometimes scratch behind his ear like a dog, hinting to his true identity.


Scrappy: Uncle Scooby, let me at 'em, I will scrap 'em!

Scrappy: I'm as cute as a Powerpuff Girl! I'll get my own TV show!