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Scrappy-Doo is a Great Dane puppy and the nephew of Scooby-Doo. Scrappy is the most noteworthy of Scooby's relatives. He is noted for being quite headstrong and always wanting to face off in a fight against the various villains (unlike his uncle). Scooby and Shaggy Rogers were present at Scrappy's birth.[3]

Physical appearance[]

For a full list of what Scrappy wears, see Scrappy's outfits and disguises

Scrappy has a light brown coat and black nose. His ears are pointed and slightly bent at the tip. He wears the traditional Doo family collar.


Scrappy idolized his uncle Scooby and would often assist Scooby and his friends in solving mysteries.

With a highly energetic and brave personality, despite his small size, Scrappy was the opposite of his uncle; Scrappy would usually insist on trying to directly fight the various monsters Scooby and his associates encountered. But, there were times when he showed a little cowardice.

When he started traveling with Scooby, he was very naïve on how do deal with danger, but as time goes on, he learned that there's a time to be bold and to retreat.

He feels great sadness when he feels that the people he loves is gone for good as shown when he thought Scooby was taken to Ancient Arabia with genies and when Daphne fell into an eternal slumber and won't wake up.

He's shown an interest in outer space in multiple episodes, stating that he's "always wanted to be an astronaut" in Scooby Saves the World and Way Out Scooby going out to star gaze in Alien Schmalien being quite starry-eyed when finding a bootleg "Star Puppy" video game in The Creature Came from the Chem Lab.

Scrappy could often enjoy combinations that even Shaggy and Scooby seemed to be avoidant of, such as whipped cream on pizza, ketchup on a chocolate vanilla sundae, and ketchup on pancakes with syrup.

He also doesn't like being pushed around, people belittling his uncle, and being regarded as cute, often reacting with annoyance or wanting to prove whom wrong.

He's very affectionate to his friends and family, always willing to help the gang, and really liked to give hugs to Scooby and get hugs back.

Powers and abilities[]

He has the ability to speak in English like many members of his family.

He's also very strong, as he can run while holding Shaggy and Scooby, despite his small size.

He's very smart when he figured out the clues Shaggy's uncle left for him to solve.

He mostly walks in his hind legs, rarely seen on all fours.


Early life[]

Scrappy and his mother.

Scrappy was born at St. Bernard's Memorial Hospital to Scooby-Doo's sister Ruby-Doo.

The doctor who delivered him commented that he was a "scrappy little tyke", after giving him the apgar score and Scrappy became angry as he thought the doctor was swatting him.

Minutes after he was born, he took off looking for action, unknowingly followed by Shaggy and Scooby. He went back to his mother after being unable to find anyone to play with.

They saw Shaggy and Scooby being chased by a hot-tempered orderly, and he decided to join in on the action. He grew attached to his Uncle Scooby, and wanted to travel with him when he grows up. In response, Scrappy's mother simply says "we'll see".[3]

taking it as a 'yes', he gleefully runs and tells them, by now themselves bandaged patients, though he would go on to grow up in New York before officially joining them.

Scrappy originally lived in New York City with his old gang, Duke and Annie, before joining with Mystery Inc.[4]

Originally as shown in the introduction of the series, Scrappy met his Uncle Scooby as a puppy. As revealed in the vignette accompanying the series theme-tune, Scooby was waiting for his nephew's train to arrive one stormy night. Scrappy popped out of a box-car in a cardboard box, surprising Scooby. They went on to encounter a bedsheet caught on a tree branch which Scrappy thought was a ghost and wanted to fight. The two returned to the railway station and encountered a mummy. Scrappy stayed back and unraveled the mummy. Scooby encountered and was scared by a scarecrow at which point Scrappy caught up and knocked over the scarecrow. Scooby passed out from all the excitement (Scrappy accidentally moving the scarecrow's jack-o-lantern head as he emerged from its remains being the last straw) and Scrappy carried him the rest of the way to the station.

Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo (first series)[]

Scrappy is with the rest of the gang at the malt shop. Shaggy is reading to him the latest Blue Scarab - Scrappy enjoys the comic and enjoys being read to - and Scrappy is the only gang member to wholeheartedly believe that the Scarab has come to life. The rest of the gang is more skeptical and Daphne gently tells him it is probably just a publicity stunt. He drags Scooby to meet his hero and the others, eager for a mystery, are amused at Scrappy's eagerness and naivete soon follow. Later on, Scrappy, Scooby and Shaggy are becoming quite disturbed that the comic superhero is now committing crimes and Scrappy is quite eager to capture the Scarab. His first try results in him capturing the scarab and dragging him back by the leg, but the Scarab is out of costume causing everybody, Scrappy included, to dismiss this suspect and let him go. After the incident he is left outside while everyone else investigates the museum. He wanders off to set a trap for the scarab but accidentally catches Scooby (who was covered by a bed sheet at the time). Finally, in the newspaper factory, the Scarab manages to send him, Shaggy and Scooby on a conveyor belt to the newspaper chopper. Scooby finds a rope for the three to hang onto. Scrappy then swings it down towards where the Scarab is menacing Fred, Velma and Daphne, dropping down onto his shoulders and covering the man's eyes with his paws. Shaggy and Scooby, meanwhile, crash into a stack of newspaper rolls, paving the way for the Scarab's incapacitation.[5] (The Scarab Lives!)

Scrappy accompanies the other five to Wonderworld, a clear copy of Westworld, where Velma is going to fulfill her dream of solving a mystery with Sherlock Holmes (represented by a robot). Scrappy does not seem to quite grasp that it is not real and needs a gentle, but a firm reminder from Fred to let Velma have the center stage. After the titular night ghoul begins menacing the group for real, Scrappy runs after it, and knocks over a suspect but not the Night Ghoul itself. He, Scooby, and Shaggy investigate up in a clock tower intended to replicate Big Ben. The night ghoul is there and chases Shaggy and Scooby out to the landing. Scrappy sees, and grabs the night ghoul by his cape, tussling with him like this while Shaggy and Scooby scramble back inside. Scrappy then lands on a clock hand, causing Shaggy and Scooby to worry about his safety (Scrappy is having a jolly good time and oblivious to their concern for him) they manage to get him back into Big Ben, where Scrappy sees the night ghoul on one of the clock's gears and spins the gear, capturing the night ghoul and allowing the others to wrap up the mystery.(The Night Ghoul of Wonderworld)

Scrappy was quite excited that an actual alien might be around, quite literally rushing Scooby out in the middle of the older Doo packing to make a hasty exit. He gets a suspect's boot and sets a trap for the alien if it enters the barricaded cabin. But he caught Fred, Velma, and Daphne instead. After that is dealt with, and Fred, Velma, and Daphne are released, the six resume hunting for clues, setting a trap for the alien. Scrappy, who thinks it’s exciting to be the bait, volunteers himself, Shaggy, and Scooby. When the spaceship lands, Scrappy rushes inside to fight the alien, and along with Shaggy and Scooby, gets trapped in the alien's prop spaceship. Mistakenly believing themselves to be on 'Planet X', the three cook up a plan using Italian restaurant disguises (with Scrappy hiding in Scooby's chef's hat). After they get back to the others, he, Shaggy, and Scooby learned that they never actually departed earth.[6] (Strange Encounters of a Scooby Kind)

For some reason, the gang has Scrappy in charge of the directions to get to a movie premiere. But they end up somewhere else instead. Luckily, most of the gang finds that the band Nightmare is playing and go to check it out with the extra time they have for going to the theater. Scrappy begins to dance and sing nonsense words from where they are seated. Is it at this point that the Neon Phantom attacks. Scrappy is impressed by the Neon Phantom's entrance (and equally so when he believes that Shaggy and Scooby immediately diving under some bleachers was an investigation maneuver) After some investigating and mishaps, they reach the roller disco in question at which point Scrappy, ever eager, grabs the DJ, Joey Cassette, and rushes him to the gobsmacked gang, swivel chair and all. At the end, he makes a springboard and has Scooby help, but ends up catapulting Scooby into the air instead, which gets the phantom.(The Neon Phantom of the Roller Disco!)

Scrappy is with the rest of the gang while they vacation in Haiti. He does not really care much about curses, treating it as another adversary to fight. He catches the monster twice (the first time did not stick because his current companions were too terrified to think straight and whisked him away from where it was in his secure clutches) the second time sticks, allowing for Velma to explain the clues before pulling the monster's mask off. (Shiver and Shake, That Demon's a Snake)

Scrappy enjoys being bounced around by the bumpy road the mystery machine drives over. Eager to solve the mystery as usual, he urges Shaggy and Scooby to and assumes that hiding in the tower is an investigation strategy. When Shaggy accidentally gets slammed by Fred opening a door, Scooby drinks the water that Scrappy brings back to splash on Shaggy's face, prompting Scrappy to immediately run offscreen and back for another glass and splash it on Shaggy himself. Later, walking through the empty Sky Circus airport, they see a man's shadow vanish around a corner. Scrappy runs after it and "walks" the shadow back into view, who turns out to be reporter Eddie Drake. When Velma notes that Drake has tiny pieces of white "confetti" in his hand, Drake drops them and Scrappy solemnly catches them. Later, the three investigate an airplane hangar, and -Scrappy is confused about why Shaggy and Scooby brought him in the place that's not where he saw the monster. The Skeleton then attacks, telling them that he will fix Shaggy, Scooby, and Scrappy for meddling, but Scrappy doesn't understand why the Skeleton once to "fix" them since they're not broken. When the sky skeleton swings down, Scrappy grabs his feet but gets cast off by the skeleton and lands on a propeller, prompting Shaggy and Scooby to take refuge in a wind tunnel at his warning. Scrappy tries searching for them in a pile of parachute boxes, but can't so makes a Scrappy trap. He is as usual chastened to see that Shaggy and Scooby are in the trap instead, though regains his spirits when Shaggy and Scooby accidentally discover an abandoned mine, willingly jumping in after the two land in a a minecart. The resulting ride carries the three underground. When Shaggy gets knocked out of the mine cart, Scrappy leaps out, hitting a lever that causes the cart to double back around and get Shaggy back in. The cart ultimately ends up where where Fred, Velma, and Daphne have driven as they chased the skeleton's biplane. The next day the skeleton begins menacing Wendy and the gang, knocking Shaggy and Scooby into the skeleton's biplane. Scrappy, eager for action, jumps into the plane to tag along. While the plane is on autopilot, the skeleton advances on Shaggy and Scooby on the wings. Scrappy jumps up and down excitedly, which accidentally shakes the skeleton off the plan and onto a windmill. At the end he shows his paper airplane, which Scooby catches but is pulled into a ride! (The Scary Sky Skeleton)

The gang and Scrappy have gone to Japan. Waiting for their luggage at the baggage carousel, Scrappy has decided this process takes to long and jumps onto the baggage carousel and into the place where the luggage is ejected, with the intention of making the machine "cough up our luggage" Scooby goes in after him, and a bit while later the dogs pop out of a woman's hatbox and a suit case. Scrappy is quite shocked to land on someone's head as a result, but is not disheartened for long and assures a bemused and exasperated Shaggy that he'll get the luggage on his next try. Reunited for Fred, Velma, and Daphne, they go to the Baseball Game championship only to get pulled into the mystery, which of course Scrappy reacts positively. Scrappy is chastened when he catches Scooby and Shaggy in his scrappy trap by accident instead of the ghost. When Velma explains the bad guy's plot, Scrappy opts to ride on Scooby's back as he listens. The trap is to use a pitching machine to drive the monsters into the gang's nets-and Scrappy is to shoot the machine! At the end, Scooby and Scrappy each get a firework. They set it off. Scooby's is in his own likeness, Scrappy's is a dragon that scares Scooby's firework being. (The Demon of the Dugout)

The gang is vacationing and visiting the grand canyon. Scrappy is sharing a burro with Scooby and has it go faster, frightening Scooby. Everyone gets down in one piece. Later Scooby’s head gets stuck in the crack of an old wall at an excavation site, at which the devil bear. Scrappy decides to put this to rights by using a jackhammer to join the “fight”. Everyone but him sees the blind spot in this plan and while Scrappy keeps away from the jackhammers for the rest of the trip. (The Hairy Scare of the Devil Bear)

Scrappy is with the gang in Acapulco to watch the cliff diving show. However, they encounter the Sea Beast of the Aztecs, which scares the divers off and haunts a bay.  Scrappy makes an impressive replica of the monster (and is indignant when pulled away from his creation). They find out that a suspect ensured himself first in line in the cliff diving contest by adding a second #1 slip to the container to pin on his “number one Uncle”. At the end of the episode, he uses Scooby as a model and shows it off to Velma. Scooby sneezes after Velma asks how it is so lifelike. Scooby then grabs Scrappy affectionately, and the two happily say their catchphrases. (Twenty Thousand Screams Under the Sea)

Scrappy's super strength is on full display. While the villain does successfully catch him in a box-within-a-box that confuses him, he does frequently grab suspects and bring them back to the gang. He is unusually hyper in this episode, grabbing the tour guide and Daphne, believing himself to have found the vampire. He, Shaggy, and Scooby mistakenly believe Daphne to be a vampire, but are proven wrong in the end. She was just disappearing because she was not feeling well. Scrappy asks if she is feeling better, and she says she is, and then pats his head. (I Left My Neck in San Francisco)

Scrappy helps Shaggy and Scooby fix a flat tire, using his super strength to crank the van up. Scrappy is accidentally catapulted into the air, and though initially startled, he finds it quite fun, though Shaggy and Scooby are thoroughly afraid. He lands in the arms of a Star Creature along with Scooby, and they are rescued by Shaggy disguising himself as a maid. Scrappy gets in a fight with a baby bear (somehow mistaking it for the star creature) and Scooby is quite taken with his find until the Mama Bear comes along. Scrappy scraps with the Star Creature a bit later and gets a clue. He is present for the unmasking. At the end, Scrappy asks if stars really fall, but Shaggy says it is just an expression. Just then, a giant rock falls to the ground, causing the three to lose balance. (When You Wish Upon a Star Creature)

Scrappy, as well as Scooby and Shaggy, are attacked by a ghoul, the shadow creature, and Frankenstein's woman, (though only the Shadow creature is of concern, as the other two are actors who unmask willingly since their beef is with the mansion's owner.). Shaggy and the dogs are again chased by the Shadow Creature, Scrappy catches him in the revolving bookshelf and sends him flying back onto the pool table. Velma sums everything up, and with the mystery solved, the gang plays a movie in the projection room. After a few hijinks with the projector, Scooby and Scrappy say their catchphrases. (The Ghoul, the Bat and the Ugly)

The gang is on vacation at Pratt's Peak Lodge, where they meet the ski instructor, who thinks Scrappy is very cute, which Scrappy is quite indignant about. While he, Shaggy, and Scooby are getting their room ready, they find Jeremiah Pratt's ghost. Scrappy, Scooby, and Shaggy encounter the ghost again while skiing. At the end, Scrappy goes skiing with Scooby, though, this time they use a parachute. (Rocky Mountain Yiiiii!)

Scrappy is with the gang at a magic show on an Atlantic City boardwalk and is excited at the idea of volunteers. Later, he and his two caretakers went to a taffy stand. Scooby nabbed Shaggy’s taffy, but before he could enjoy it Scrappy  grabbed it from a merry-go-round. When the ghost appeared, Scrappy went after him and threw a sheet over sheet at him. But when the gang appeared the ghost was gone. Later, at the fair, Scrappy played a knock-down game (he liked the monster theme) and encountered the ghost again. Just as Scrappy tried to grab the ghost, he went right through him and the ghost disappeared just like before. Scrappy also grabbed Lorraine, who was trying to find out how Morgan did the vanishing tiger trick. Just as the gang got the ghost in their grasp, Scrappy messed up and had himself trapped in the cage which was for the ghost. While Shaggy and Scooby got the pearl back, Scrappy slipped between the cage’s bars and tossed the pearl up high. This distracted the bad guy long enough for Shaggy and Scooby long enough to chain him up. (The Sorcerer's a Menace)

The gang arrives on Helos Island for vacation and they see the residents being scared off by the Minotaur. Scrappy is more than happy to splat the minotaur, but before he can he wants to know what, exactly, a minotaur is, to which Velma explains for him. He finds a mysterious coin near the Minotaur's throne, and later Scrappy sets a trap to capture Minotaur, but captures Petros instead. Scrappy shows the silver coin that he found, which turns out not to be one at all, and later is used as a clue to solve the mystery. (Lock the Door, It's a Minotaur!)

Scrappy is clearly excited to revisit his old neighborhood in New York City, and introduced his Uncle Scooby to his old pals Duke and Annie. After alerting them of his presence with a secret whistle, (which they are delighted to hear but is hard on Scooby and Shaggy's ears) After Shaggy and Scooby are kidnapped by two shady men, Scrappy is distressed and the three all go off to try and save them, getting into hijinks on the way. They chase after the kidnappers through New York, inadvertently making it more difficult to escape. Eventually, the three get netted, and Scrappy decides to wait until Shaggy and Scooby crash into the thieves, decommissioning said kidnappers. Scrappy crawls out of the net with his friends and gives Scooby a big hug. Oddly and somewhat soberinglly, none of the pups' parents are seen and it never once occurs to them to get outside assistance.[7] (The Ransom of Scooby Chief)

Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo (second series)[]

Season one[]

Scrappy wants to stay up late, proclaiming himself not to be tired. A second later, he falls asleep. Scooby gently tucks Scrappy in and then goes to sleep himself. Scrappy is woken up by Scooby after the latter awakes to see Shaggy be kidnapped by aliens. After the two stow away onto the ship, they attempt to reunite with Shaggy. Scrappy does note the peculiarity of the situation and calls the aliens "horse thieves" despite there being no horse insight, which confuses Scooby. They ultimately reunite with Shaggy, and Scrappy along with Shaggy are present as Scooby bumbles his way through navigating the alien ship back to earth and then flee. Scrappy and Shaggy both insist after such an experience, they will be too keyed-up to sleep, and both he and Shaggy immediately fall asleep right after saying so. Scooby tucks both of them in. (A Close Encounter with a Strange Kind)

Scrappy, Scooby, and Shaggy are driving down the road in the mystery machine one rainy night, but they get flat tires and have to approach the castle. When they find a coffin, Scrappy does not know what it is and needs explaining. He catches the bat in a bag and carefully releases him, only for Sylvester to return, and Scrappy to chase off again, this time by making small puffs of bug spray in the bat's direction. After he and Shaggy and Scooby evade the vampire, Scrappy expresses delight that they can use the giant donuts they cooked to replace the flat tire. Shaggy tells him to stick with him and Scooby, and he'll learn. (A Fit Night Out for Bats)

Scrappy tags along as Shaggy and Scooby get jobs as security guards at the eponymous factory, as free food is the payment, as their is a burglar that has to be caught. A criminal is in the factory. Scooby and Shaggy accidentally wear the head of a statue, which scares the burglar, and he counterattacks with a large pot of spaghetti, but Scrappy uses a strand to lasso him and the safe. The owner rewards them with a meal and praises Scrappy's thinking. Scrappy merely answers he says he was just using his "noodle" like his uncle would have done. (The Chinese Food Factory)

A magician randomly decides to use the three as guinea pigs for his testing subjects. At one point, he enchants a rope to move like a snake. Scrappy tackles it from behind, is surprised to reveal that it is a rope. In the end, they escape the magician, who accidentally turned himself into a monkey. (Scooby's Desert Dilemma)

Scrappy, Scooby, and Shaggy encounter an unusual man and his cat. Scrappy, who attempts to challenge the cat to a fight, but the cat, who is non-anthropomorphic, is uninterested and just glances down at him passively. However, after the man shrinks the three to be living toys for his cat, the cat is substantially more threatening (though Scrappy still is not deterred). The three escape on a paper airplane, and Scrappy throws grapes on the ground, slipping up the ground so that that cat man does not follow. They turn back to normal at the end of the short. (The Old Cat and Mouse Game)

When Scrappy, Scooby, and Shaggy are trying to find a seafood restaurant but accidentally board a ship, Scrappy takes it in good cheer, like usual, and does not seem to understand that there has been a mix-up, which results in him fishing and landing a shark before Shaggy and Scooby reorient things. The three have to sneak off before they get in trouble. (Stow-Aways)

Scooby, Scrappy, and Shaggy are driving through the Egyptian desert and enter a pyramid, following Scrappy, who then tries on a pharaoh's head, scaring the others. When they are attacked by crocodiles in an indoor lake, Scrappy takes care of them by jumping on their mouths and shutting them. When a persistent mummy finds them again, Scrappy merely unravels its bandages, though they still have to outrun it. It is now an invisible spirit. (Mummy's the Word)

When faced with the problem of getting down a cliff to the beach, Scrappy's primary solution is to convince an extremely reluctant Shaggy and Scooby to rent a hang glider. They do, and a wild ride ensues. Scrappy has fun and seems oblivious to Shaggy and Scooby's fear. (Hang in There, Scooby-Doo)

The three friends are roped into doing movie stunts, but Scrappy does not understand that it is not really real, which causes most of the problems. (Stuntman Scooby)

The guys attend a circus, but cannot afford admission, so they get jobs selling peanuts and hot dogs. Scrappy has problems with an elephant trying to get his stock. When the ringmaster finds out that Shaggy and Scooby ate their stock, he assumes Scrappy did the same, and Scrappy cannot get a word in edgewise. (Scooby's Three Ding-a-Ling Circus)

Scrappy enjoys fishing and is more disappointed that a fish he hooked got away then being dragged through a storm and being pulled on a wild ride by said fish. Shaggy and Scooby are more pleased by Scrappy finding a banana tree then a fish that got away. When Shaggy notices how prehistoric the island looks, Scrappy finds this to be exciting, which Shaggy disagrees with and chases after Scrappy, whose dashed ahead in his excitement. Scrappy enjoys encountering the dinosaurs they find, not because the dinosaurs want to fight but because they are large the guys can climb around on them. He tries to fight the cave man, but Scooby doesn't want him to. When they accidentally show the cave man the power of round wheels as opposed to square ones, Scrappy thinks Shaggy and Scooby were operating intentionally and praises them for it. When the caveman offers Shaggy his ugly daughter's hand in marriage as a reward for giving him a round wheel, Shaggy in response makes a break for it, with Scrappy and Scooby following. As they flee together, Scrappy mischievously asks Shaggy if he doesn't like marriage, and Scooby equally mischievously laughs at this. (Scooby's Fantastic Island)

Scrappy spots a real pirate while the trio is out collecting shells. When Shaggy asks if they're supposed to be "illegal", Scrappy is outraged and rushes the pirate and tries to overwhelm him with a lot of kicked up sand. The pirate holds him "captive" until Scrappy realizes that he is allowed to help, (a little bit after Shaggy and Scooby come to rescue him) him and promptly grabs a cannonball and swings into the pirate, defeating him. (Long John Scrappy)

Scrappy sees an ad for a bullfight and runs off to participate, leaving Shaggy and Scooby scrambling after him. The rest of the short has Scrappy attempting to fight the bull, and Scooby and Shaggy averting it. Somehow Scrappy is oblivious to their attempts to stop the bull from fighting him. In the end, Scrappy and the bull disappear out of the arena and into a small room. An off-screen commotion ensues, which Shaggy and Scooby are certain means Scrappy is being clobbered. They quietly mourn Scrappy's apparent demise, until Scrappy emerges, unharmed, while the bull has taken quite a beating. The crowd cheers the three for the show they gave. (Scooby's Bull Fright)

A miscommunication between Scrappy and Shaggy results in Scrappy applying the brakes on the train while it is passing through a western ghost town. This forces Shaggy and Scooby to follow him. Shaggy scolds him for causing them to lose their ride and the three are forced to take shelter in a haunted hotel. In the end, they leave, not due to being frightened off, but because the ghosts were annoyed with how they behaved due to being oblivious to their presence. (Scooby Ghosts West)

Scrappy is deeply enthusiastic about going on a butterfly hunt, and, according to Shaggy and Scooby, talks them into coming as well. When Scrappy hears a lion roar, he assumes that can only mean that a huge butterfly is near, and is surprised to catch a lion with his butterfly net! They flee and meet a jungle man who chases them. At the end of the short, the butterfly they were searching for is found on Scooby's nose. After instructing Scooby not to move, Scrappy places the net over Scooby's head, catching the butterfly and surprising Scooby, who says his catchphrase. (A Bungle in the Jungle)

Shaggy and the gang head to an amusement pier for games and food, but Scooby upsets the strongman "Killer Krunch" after Scrappy tries to hype up Scooby to the strongman when he hits him with a baseball, and they are soon on the run. Scrappy takes it in stride and seems oblivious that Shaggy and Scooby are not having as much fun as he is. (Scooby's Fun Zone)

A witch lures Shaggy, Scooby, and Scrappy, who had been riding a boat in the nearby swamp. First Scrappy follows the goblin she sent to lure people, then Shaggy and Scooby arrive at his rescue. Scooby grabs Scrappy and runs to the front door. Scooby and Scrappy are running away when they discover the witch turned Shaggy into a frog! The two cook up a plan to get the witch's wand. Scrappy uses the wand to turn Shaggy back, though Scooby's disguise falls off at a critical moment, causing the witch to start sending spells at them, one of which is reflected back on her. Shaggy, Scooby, and Scrappy complete their escape on the broom. (Swamp Witch)

The trio are riding bicycles in Scotland, and after a series of hijinks end up at a castle, which they mistake for their hotel. The knight owning the hotel is angry and chases them. Scrappy comes to the conclusion that the knight is the recreation director and that they're playing hide-and-seek. They hide in a closet, only to find a talking skeleton in pajamas and run back upstairs. When the knight acts in a way that does not align with hiding and seek, Scrappy accuses the knight of cheating and catapults himself over a flagpole and drops the flag on the knight. The three make their escape while the knight gets fish in his armor. As they bicycle on, Shaggy remarks “the old fish in the pants trick” works every time, and when Scrappy asked Scooby how he did that, all he said was "Scooby-Dooby-Doo!" (Sir Scooby and the Black Knight)

Scrappy, Scooby, and Shaggy in London, Scrappy runs off in pursuit of a dropped coin and follows it into a wax museum. The wax master finds them and declares his intent to make them wax statues. Scrappy wants to fight, but they disguise themselves. Each time, Scrappy gives them away by not using his indoor voice, talking back to the wax master's taunt, etc. Finally, Shaggy has enough of this and shushes him, but Scrappy wants to tell him three little words before he hushes up: "He's behind you". Scrappy 'splats' the wax master by pushing him into some wax. With the wax master encased and grumbling unhappily and muffled, the three end the episode. (Waxworld)

Snugly tucked under some blankets in the mystery machine, Scrappy and Scooby listen as Shaggy reads them Alice in Wonderland as a bedtime story. Scrappy only appears at the beginning and the end, as most of it takes place in Scooby's dream, where Scooby dreams of Scrappy being the hare running away from him. When Scooby wakes up at the end, he notes that Scooby has been thrashing in his sleep. (Scooby in Wonderland)

It is Scrappy's birthday, and to celebrate the three have found a green field to park the mystery machine. Shaggy begins telling Scrappy the story of his birth. Most of the episode flashes back to that day, and at the end, when Shaggy is finished telling his story, Scrappy blows out his three birthday cake candles (from the cake Scooby just brought out), yet blows icing all over Shaggy and Scooby. Scooby licks it off. (Scrappy's Birthday)

The guys are hula dancing in Hawaii when they're attacked by a lava monster which crawled out of a volcano. Scrappy wants to fight it but is discouraged from this by his well-meaning caretakers as usual. In the end, Shaggy wishes that someone would stick the lava monster back in the volcano from where it came from. Scrappy responds, asking why they did not say so in the first place. Without any further ado, he turns around and charges the monster dead on, tripping him up and causing him to fall over. Scrappy then picks up the rock lava golem, runs back to the volcano, chucks back in, and runs back, where Shaggy and Scooby have been watching speechlessly. "How was that, guys?" He asks. "Like, not bad for a pup." Shaggy gasps, before passing put in shock along with Scooby. (South Seas Scare)

Scrappy is present as Shaggy and Scooby attempt to hook Scooby up with a cute, flirty poodle. It turns out she intends to marry Scooby, which frightens Scooby at her fast pace to the point where he wishes to back out. Scrappy calls "Puppy power" and carries in the bulldog who was menacing Scooby to marry her. The poodle quips that as long as her man can’t get away from her, she’s happy with whomever. (Scooby's Swiss Miss)

The guys are prospecting for gold in Alaska, and as they are digging they uncover a prehistoric creature, who Scrappy thinks is a "claim jumper" trying to steal their fortune. Scrappy is excited about finding gold but remains chipper throughout the short. He sets a trap for the creature, which ends up getting Scooby and Shaggy instead, but in the end, manages to refreeze the beast with some well-timed sluice water. (Alaskan King Coward)

Scrappy is the designated pizza picker when they drive through Italy. He happily dubs his pizza toppings choice "The Scrappy-Doo Special": chocolate-covered pepperoni pizza with anchovies, garlic, and whipped cream. Shaggy and Scooby are appetized until Scrappy brings up whipped cream, which disgusts them. Though they still eat it. It is loosely implied that the time traveling to the past was a result of a mass hallucination from said bizarre food combo. (Et Tu, Scoob?)

While fishing in a swamp with Shaggy and Scooby, Scrappy hooks a swamp monster and successfully lands it. However, from there the swamp creature puts up a fight, leading to them landing on the derelict riverboat. But, all they can find is a can of creamed broccoli. Obliviously they use the monster’s teeth as a can opener. The monster attacks in response, and Scrappy attacks the monster in retaliation to that. The chase continues and leads out onto the paddle-wheel. Shaggy and Scooby get off the wheel, they pry it off, and the creature treads himself away. Scrappy finds another can of creamed broccoli, which nobody is happy about. (Soggy Bog Scooby)

Scrappy and Scooby are not allowed in a restaurant due to a "No Dogs Allowed" rule. The two manage to avert this by wearing mustaches, but the cranky cook sees through it eventually. Scrappy finds some stick dough and drops it on the cook's head after a scuffle ensues. The chef likes the taste, calls a truce, and lets them employees. (Scooby Gumbo)

Scrappy is quite pleased to visit NASA, as he dreams of being an astronaut. Shaggy, Scooby, and Scrappy accidentally sent to Mars, though the complications that ensue only translate into harmless cartoonish distortion for the three, which Shaggy and Scooby dislike, but Scrappy finds exciting. They end up on mars. When Scooby gets caught in a bottle, Scrappy finds him. Later Scrappy gets into a fight with the Mars robot, which breaks it. He fixes it by the time they get back to earth, but now it says "Ta-Ta-Ta-Ta-Ta. Robot Power." Shaggy and Scooby find that to be funny. (Way Out Scooby)

Scrappy, as usual, makes it his imperative mission that the gruff, antisocial muscular type knows how outclassed he is by Scooby. Scooby, as usual, does not find it to be as much of a favor as Scrappy does. At one point, Scooby shrinks to Scrappy's size (because he got caught in the steam bath) causing some mild confusion from Scrappy. Ultimately the bulldog is chased off by an angry shark. (Strongman Scooby)

The gang head to Shaggy's ancestral home in Austria, "Moonlight Castle". But when they get there, Adolf the butler gives Shaggy the Moonlight Medallion, and when the moon shines full, Shaggy turns into a werewolf. Scrappy nor his uncle figure out that Shaggy and the werewolf were one and the same. At one point Scrappy defeats werewolf Shaggy, only to be confused when Shaggy turns back to normal without full moon exposure. (Moonlight Madness)

While visiting an army base, Scrappy, along with Scooby and Shaggy, take a short cut through the registration office and are mistaken for new recruits by a very angry drill sergeant. Scrappy thinks that the boot camp should be safer and removes the intended challenges, angering the sergeant further. In the end, they get away. (Dog Tag Scooby)

Scrappy, Scooby, and Shaggy are going into Badcarl Cavern. They get harassed by two rock monsters. Later, he tries to warn Scooby and Shaggy about a giant bat that is right behind him. He defeats the two rock monsters and the bat, shrinking the latter two with water and quipping about keeping them as his pet rocks. (Scooby at the Center of the World)

Scooby joins Shaggy and Scrappy in the Mystery Machine, the former with snacks. The latter two are watching The Wizard of Oz in the Mystery Machine and call in Scooby to join them, but he trips and hits his head. When he wakes up, he is in Oz as the Lion, Shaggy the Scarecrow, and Scrappy as the Tin Woodsman. (Scooby's Trip to Ahz)

Scrappy, along with Scooby and Shaggy, fall into a sewer in Paris. They land in a bathtub beneath the sewer. Scrappy reads that people get lost in the famous underground sewers. When Scooby climbs on the shower nozzle, being afraid of the phantom of the sewers, the water accidentally comes on. Scrappy pulls the plug to drain out the water, but because the tub is already floating in the water, it sinks. Scrappy finds a secret passage as they are chased. While trying to get out, the phantom catches up to them. They disguise themselves as vaudeville dancers, but the phantom is not fooled. While Shaggy and Scooby run, Scrappy gets launched into the theater's fly system. He sends several doors down to the doors and eventually catches the phantom by dropping a cage on him. When Shaggy asks which way to the Eiffel Tower, Scrappy lowers the scenery of the tower and Shaggy and Scooby flee into the painting. (A Fright at the Opera)

Scrappy, Scooby, and Shaggy sight-see at robot ranch, a place entirely run by robots, though the fun ends when it turns out the supervisor wants to turn them into robots as well. Scrappy at one point challenge a robot to a "draw", but it turns out that he meant a game where you have to take turns adding upon a chalk drawing until someone runs out of ideas. At the end, Scrappy catches the remote control, ending the conflict, and sticking the robot to a train. (Robot Ranch)

Scrappy and Scooby and Shaggy are randomly recruited to deliver a decoy package across San Francisco. After some hi-jinks, Scrappy gets the crook to run into an abandoned prison cell and slam the door. He proudly tells everyone about his Uncle Scooby's involvement, "Scooby Courage Doo" which pleases Scooby. (Surprised Spies)

An alien aim to clone earthlings and take over the world and clones Scooby, Shaggy and Scrappy, going to the That's Impossible TV show. The clones are to eliminate the real gang. Inside the studio, Shaggy and Scooby are looking for Scrappy, when they see the Scrappy clone charging straight for them. They jumped out of the way, leaving the clone to knock a hole in the wall. Scrappy's clone demonstrates the same superpowers he does, but Scooby and Shaggy, confused, remark that they should probably cut down on his vitamins. Scooby puts the Scrappy clone in a film vault, and Shaggy instructs him to put a cabinet to cover the hole. Later, the real Scrappy asked Shaggy who made the hole, with Shaggy telling him the former made it much to his confusion. Scrappy suddenly heard the Scrappy clone from inside the film vault, upon opening it Shaggy was shocked at how there were two Scrappys. Scrappy defeats all three at the end by throwing some film reels at them, which, also due to a falling piano, prompts them to look for another planet to conquer. (The Invasion of the Scooby Snatchers)

While visiting the Taj Mahal, the guys disturb a guard and break a statue, and now the guards want them gone before they ruin anything else, Scrappy gets an elephant to sneeze, helping the other two evade the guard temporarily, but the guys soon make a discovery (the long lost ruins of the rajas, which seems to be fictional) that puts him back in the guard's good graces. (Scooby Dooby Guru)

Scrappy once again displays his unusual eating habits - even by the standards of Shaggy and Scooby! When asking Scooby to pass the ketchup to put on his pancakes at a local truck stop cafe, Scooby accidentally squirts ketchup on Bandit, a local thug. Scrappy challenges Bandit, who prepares to squash him with his fist, but Scrappy neatly sidesteps, causing Bandit to get a faceful of cake. The guys then take off but soon discover they hopped into Bandit's Master Mover van, an exact replica of the Mystery Machine. He wants to fight bandit. At the end of the short, when Bandit and Wilbur have the three cornered in a train car, he gets his wish. The train goes through a tunnel, and there is a lot of commotion Shaggy and Scooby begging him not to, and the train goes through a tunnel for the duration of the actual fight. When it ends though, Shaggy, Scooby, and Scrappy are unharmed, and a very irritated Wilbur and Bandit have been shoved up the train's smokestack, with Bandit grumbling and Wilbur pondering. Relieved, the three happily make their escape. (Scooby and the Bandit)

Season two[]

Scrappy is excited to see Pinocchio. The real Scrappy does not appear since most of the short take place in Scooby's dream, though at the end of the short he, Shaggy, and Scooby are seen leaving, as Scrappy remarks how much he would hate to have a long nose. While Shaggy tells him that all he has to do is not fib. (Scooby-Nocchio)

Scrappy's premature celebrating at tricking a pesky lighthouse ghost repeatedly foil his and Shaggy and Scooby's disguise. He cheers when Scooby frightens the lighthouse keeper for good, and this time it sticks. (Lighthouse Keeper Scooby)

On a visit to Grandpa Scooby, the guys discover his house is haunted and Grandpa is ready to pack up and leave. Scrappy soon confronts the ghost, and he is revealed as someone they love. The ghost realizes who Scrappy is, and delightedly grabs him into a hug, saying, "Come here, sonny!" Which surprises Scrappy. Scrappy soon becomes the object of affection for the ghost, once he realizes that he and Scrappy are both the odd ones out when it comes to being brave and confronting their foes dead on. (Scooby's Roots)

The guys are tanning aboard a cruise ship, when it hits a storm and they are washed overboard and sucked down to Atlantis, where they meet a half-man half-horse called a centaur, who says no one ever leaves Atlantis. Scrappy attempts to fight him, but the guys manage to escape without a direct confrontation. In the end, back on the ship, Scooby and Shaggy are exhausted from their adventure, and sleepily bid Scrappy goodbye as the energetic young pup goes to check out a costume party. (Scooby's Escape from Atlantis)

The guys get mixed up with a wizard who is desperate to pull an enchanted sword out of a stone, but cannot. Scrappy gets eaten by a frog, alarming Scooby, and gets the frog to spit him up unharmed. Scrappy finds a pillory and locks himself in it, and calls over to Scooby and Shaggy about the new toy he found. When a skeleton lifts up the pillory, Scrappy notes with some dismay that it is broken now, and he and the skeleton scuffle. Scrappy wins. Later Scrappy pulls the sword out of the stone, unwittingly. Scrappy takes it in stride and cheerily decides to abdicate to Scooby after a few seconds, citing the latter Doo as the better ruler. Scooby does not agree, and quickly abdicates to the frog, while the others make their escape. (Excalibur Scooby)

Yet again Scrappy is excited and tells them that he always dreams of being an astronaut, while the three guys work as shuttle cleaners, and yet again the three get launched into space by accident. Scrappy takes this in stride. Scrappy tussles with the alien at one point, and wins. (Scooby Saves the World)

While Shaggy and Scooby took a steam bath in Al's Health Spa, he left the machine on too long causing Shaggy and Scooby to turn into babies. Blaming himself, he promised to take care of them till they grew up. While the babies played in the park, he expressed how rough babysitting was. While giving them a bath after they played in the mud, Shaggy and Scooby made way too much bubble bath, causing them to float away in a big bubble. Scrappy in a panicked state, caught them just in time when the bubble popped. They rolled into a baby show where the judge named Shaggy and Scooby instant winners. Just then, they grew back to their rightful age, with no idea what happened, much to Scrappy's relief, who passed out and won the baby show, instead. (Scooby Dooby Goo)

In China, Scrappy is riding a rickshaw with Shaggy and Scooby pulling. Scrappy is more happy with the arrangement then they are, but he helps when they take a wheel, running at top speed after Scooby rolls after it while Shaggy hitches a ride by hooking his finger around his collar so as to pick up speed. Then Shaggy picks up Scrappy, then after a bit of that Scrappy hops out and they both just run, with Scrappy and Shaggy both shouting words of assurance to Scooby, who's still rolling. When Scooby finally stops, they've found an ancient underground space. Scooby finds a scary dragon statue, which Scrappy crawls into the mouth of, remarking on how neat it is. Scrappy reads allowed some words that give the dragon life. Later, he notices the dragon following them and casually asks Shaggy and Scooby, "What's eight feet tall, breathes fire, and looks really mean?" Shaggy and Scooby are scared, but Scrappy is delighted and exclaims that the words worked! He doesn't seem to get why Shaggy and Scooby would be afraid. To get out of the dragon's grip, they disguise as waiters and then Scrappy disguises as a jack-in-the-box. He helps when Shaggy gets the idea to disguise as a female dragon to woo the dragon and get him off their backs. The dragon blows the disguise off easily, too which Scrappy challenges the dragon to a fight, which Scooby pulls him away from. Then the three disguise as fire fighters. Scrappy climbs up a ladder to the dragon's mouth, but he and the latter get knocked down, and Shaggy and Scooby catch with life net. They pump water for Scooby to douse the fire with, and with one last extra-powered pump from Scrappy, the resulting hosing brings them victory. Afterwards, they have the dragon they doused pull the rickshaw with all three of them inside, with Shaggy happily remarking that now then they can get back to the tour of the great wall. (Rickshaw Scooby)

Scrappy is out camping with Shaggy and Scooby. It is late, and Scrappy is reading about Irish lore and legends and has set a Scrappy trap for a leprechaun. Scrappy catches a leprechaun named Pat O'Wiley, in his Scrappy trap, the leprechaun refuses to tell them where his pot of gold is. In the end, it turns out to be fool's gold. Undaunted, Scrappy and the others all decide to end the gold hunt before Pat O'Wiley pulls anything else on them, and end the episode in high spirits from the adventure. (Scooby's Luck of the Irish)

Scrappy accidentally makes Marvo the magician disappear when the gang mistakenly ends up backstage when he throws Marvo's magic curtain over him. The gang has to cover for him until this is reversed. (Backstage Scooby)

Scrappy is quite interested in seeing the movie, The Chicken Who Ate Philadelphia. On the way, they run into a witch, who wants Scooby's and Scrappy's tails for her potion. Scrappy squirts lizard paste on the witch, which blinds her temporarily, though this only hinders her. (Scooby's House of Mystery)

As a result of the three being locked in a museum after hours, the three have to spend the night inside. Scrappy's dream shows him as being a pilot in the army, with Scooby as the camp bugler and Shaggy giving him his mission briefing. The rest of the dream has him fighting an enemy plane. (Sweet Dreams Scooby)

The three are cleaning a clock face, which Shaggy and Scooby are not enthusiastic about, as the job is not as easy as they'd hoped. Scrappy sings "This is the way we wash our face" to raise morale, and the three are soon jettisoned in the future via spinning clock hands. Scrappy wants to fight the giant gorilla robot in the futuristic mall they end up in, but no luck, Shaggy and Scooby pull him away before he can. He finds a toy Scooby doll and shows it to Scooby. Later Scrappy acts like a robot after they return, alarming Shaggy and Scooby. A contrite Scrappy explains that he was joking, and the episode ends. (Scooby-Doo 2000)

Scrappy's alien doppelganger (not helped by the fact that he is wearing a Devo hat similar to said doppelganger's helmet) believes Scrappy to be one of his own species kidnapped by Shaggy and Scooby. And the end of the episode, it is finally figured out why the alien was chasing them, and Scrappy explains that Shaggy and Scooby are his friend and uncle respectively. Scrappy gets irritated when the alien, wanting an uncle as well, uses his ray gun to bring their trophy to life and fly off with it, but Shaggy tells him to let it go. (Punk Rock Scooby)

The guys have jobs as typists for Werner Wolf, a newspaper science editor, who is working on an experiment when he is accidentally transformed into a real wolf. Scrappy once again demonstrates a total lack of stealth aptitude by repeatedly foiling the hiding spot by trying to fight Werner Wolf, who has gone savage. At the end of the episode, Scrappy turns into a werewolf as well, and seems to lose his ability to speak, but nonetheless does not turn on Shaggy and Scooby, winning intimidation standoff with the much larger Werner Wolf Werewolf and standing still while Shaggy and Scooby try to take off what they think was a mask. They run when they realize it is not a mask. Scrappy changes back, immediately afterward, confused about why they are running from him. (Canine to Five)

Scrappy has trouble turning a gear until he shouts puppy power, saying that it works every time, despite using his super strength without saying it. (Hard Hat Scooby)

Scrappy's part of the Three S Gardening Services along with Scooby and Shaggy and encounter a strange customer who hires them to feed his hungry plants with their own lives. Scrappy rescues Shaggy and Scooby after the two eat two month and swings in from above to kick two plants. At the end, he and his caretakers escape by feeding the plants fruit, which sickens the gardener. (Hothouse Scooby)

When a football team does not show, Scrappy eagerly drags Scooby, Shaggy, and himself to rise to the occasion and fill in. While this is accepted by everyone else, Shaggy and Scooby are not interested but do their best with disguises. In the end, they win. Scrappy visits Scooby and Shaggy in the hospital to tell them that they got tickets for the next season. (Pigskin Scooby)

Scrappy and the others have a run-in with Baron Lundwaft at an air show. Things really heat up when they show up the Baron, after the airplane they are in takes off. (Sopwith Scooby)

Scrappy, as well as Scooby and Shaggy, are on a camping trip, for Camp Kickapoo. Scrappy is excited to earn his hiking badge. Things get complicated when Bigfoot eats the food, and his Uncle Scooby is accused by Shaggy of being the perpetrator. Scrappy notable does not take a side and anxiously watches from the sidelines. He patches up Scooby when he falls in poison ivy. Then Bigfoot attacks! Scrappy wants to fight him, but as usual, is pulled away. They escape on their canoe. But then, they go over a waterfall! Bigfoot leaves, having been shrunken by the water. Shaggy apologizes to Scooby for doubting him. But then, Shaggy realizes that Scrappy is missing, and they have not seen him since before they went over the waterfall! Scooby gets scared but soon spots Scrappy looking dazed and floating over on the overturned canoe. He picks up Scrappy, relieved, and gives him a big, happy cuddle. Cut to being back at camp, where Scrappy is disappointed about not earning the hiking badge. Shaggy reminds him of the other badges they learned from the misadventures, and Scrappy cheers up. They conclude by applauding Scooby, who blushes. (Tenderbigfoot)

Scrappy, Scooby, and Shaggy are hungry and pick beans, but, when a heavy rain comes, they drop the beans. A stalk grows in the place where the beans were dropped, carrying them up to a giant's house where they find "food heaven". At one point, they find a giant, and Shaggy and Scooby try to tell food jokes, but are distracted by being disgusted by Scrappy suggesting topping a vanilla sundae topped with chocolate sauce with ketchup. Scrappy tries to fight the giant they find. When they escape, Scrappy goes back to free the bird that was locked up in a cage. (Scooby and the Beanstalk)

Season three[]

Scrappy, Scooby and Shaggy now work for Shaggy's Uncle Fearless Shagaford; of the three, only Scrappy seems really excited about it. They go to retrieve the Maltese Mackerel, a bronzed fish. Scrappy locks the criminals in a fish crate at the end, and then the three have to find the mackerel, which has been buried under the other fish. (Maltese Mackerel)

It's late in the night, and Shaggy, Scooby, and Scrappy have chosen to bunk down in the Fearless Detective Agency's office,  but Scrappy can't sleep. Eyes wide open and fixed on their phone, Scrappy remarks that he wishes that they had an exciting case and that he hates sleeping on the job. He soon gets his wish, as Shaggy's Uncle Fearless wishes for them to infiltrate a party thrown by a notorious gangsters. To sneak into the party The gang of three disguise as gangsters. Shaggy, Scooby, and Scrappy all give the names for their gangster disguises-Scrappy's is "The Little Scrappy From Chicago-got it?" The bouncer, Bruiser, is immediately suspicious of the group and they soon find themselves on the run. Scrappy doesn't break his cover for once, though he can be seen smiling as Shaggy runs with him tucked under his arm. After Scooby finds the diamonds in the freezer while looking for food, Scrappy is pumped: "Now, we fight our way our of here!" Shaggy quickly introduces his safer plan. Scrappy tries to get the punch back physically, but Bruiser manages to finagle the punch bowl so that Scrappy falls in. they disguise themselves as waiters, Scrappy diverts Bugsy by offering him cake, and after a couple misfires manage to get the diamonds. On the run from Bugsy and Bruiser, Scooby creates a diversion with cleverly trimmed hedges and Scrappy says it's time for the finishing touch. He grabs a hose and Scooby bounds after him. Together, they tie up Bugsy and Bruiser, recovering the diamonds and closing the case. (Dumb Waiter Caper)

The trio is cleaning up the office, with Scrappy's contribution as a large duster tied to his tail. When Scooby's sneeze undoes some of his work, he looks alarmed at having to redust the table again. Scrappy eagerly accepts the case of the catfish burglar, and when Shaggy, thinking quickly, tells them that they'll use their secret plan to get the burglar, Scrappy eagerly asks what that plan is-Shaggy doesn't know either, though. It's a secret. By the time when they're scheduled to bag the burglar, they've decided to disguise themselves as part of a painting, with Shaggy and Scrappy as fishermen, though they bumble on their first try. Scrappy cries out in dismay that the catfish burglar is escaping, and Scooby slides on soapy water to nearly get the jewels...and then fly over board. Scrappy throws an inflatable life-boat at Scooby, but it goes into Scooby's mouth. When it fills with her, Scooby floats up with it and back onto the ship, with the jewels safe in paw! But the catfish burglar turns out the lights and snatches them back with in an instant. Scrappy charges after, crying "Puppy Power!" and gives chase, with Scooby and Shaggy scrambling after him. Shaggy laments that the cat burglar has gotten away, and Scrappy agrees-"And we're going after them!" They don't have a sail, Shaggy points out. However, Scrappy catches Scooby's eye. The two nod, and Scooby reaches up Shaggy's pants leg to produce a one piece pajama suit, which they combine with a surf board to use as a sail. Scrappy tries to use a fishing line as a weapon to hook in the crooks, but they catch the line and put the hook in a rock that's sticking up, continuing the chase to another beach, this time with a brick lighthouse-with the crooks at the top! Shaggy, finding the door locked, happily gives up and prepares to go home, but Scrappy has a pole, a plan, and a resolve. "We can't let the little guy down, can we Scoob?" They promptly pole vault straight to the top of the light house and grab back the jewels! But now to get the thieves. Shaggy gets the idea to make a rope out of a huge pile of kelp and have Scrappy lasso the thieves.(Catfish Burglar Caper)

Scrappy, Scooby, and Shaggy get parts in a horror movie-it turns out that the director wants live footage of monsters getting victims, and has actually obtained a ray to make his cast of monsters actually transform into real monsters. It is now up to them to escape. (Movie Monster Menace)

Scooby and Scrappy are waiting outside for Shaggy to come with his outfit for a costume party. They both cannot help but snicker at the sight of Shaggy dressed as super teen, which annoys Shaggy. After Shaggy hits his head on a bell, he believes that actually is super teen! When 'Super Teen' goes to stop a car with a single finger, Scooby and Scrappy go off to save him from himself. Shaggy in the end defeats the bullies. (Super Teen Shaggy)

Scrappy is presenting a basketball game between Shaggy's team, the Shaggy Sheiks, and the Slam Dunkers. Scrappy cheers the Sheiks on. At a Teen Center, a basketball game is being held against the Shaggy's Sheiks and the Slam Dunkers. The Sheiks are not sure if they can beat the muscular Dunkers and the Dunkers have a secret weapon. They're wearing electronic sneakers that are being controlled by Big Ed in the basement with a video game. Scooby and Scrappy know something is wrong and they and Shaggy head for the Sheikh's locker room to come up with a plan. Scooby reports to Shaggy and Scrappy that the Dunkers are cheating. When they disguise themselves with janitor paraphernalia, Scrappy hides in the cart. They see Big Ed gloating about his video game controller and they get an idea with janitor supplies. Shaggy tells Scrappy to grab the machine while he distracts Big Ed. Shaggy starts using Scooby like a mop, but Big Ed sees through their trick, but Scrappy slams a bucket on his head and runs with the machine. The machine is broken in half-Big Ed with one, and Scrappy with the other. In the second half, Big Ed uses his half of the video game to run circles around the Sheiks, but Scrappy uses his half to control Shaggy and Scooby now wearing their own electronic sneakers and they make two points. When the Dunkers get the ball, Scrappy controls Scooby who blocks their shot and flies with the ball to the Sheiks goal and repeatedly dives into the goal-scoring until the score is tied. Unfortunately, Scrappy's half short-circuits, rendering the sneakers useless, but Shaggy and Scooby manage to win without it. The Dunkers could not believe they lost and Scrappy tells them cheaters never prosper. The three all cheer. (Basketball Bumblers)

When contestants turn up missing at the Miss Earth Beauty Contest, the Fearless Detective Agency is hired, and Shaggy goes undercover as Miss Antarctica to find out what happened. Scooby and Scrappy have fun dressing him up. When they find out that the person who sent them was behind the elimination, Scrappy takes a moment to call her a traitor. He later points out to Scooby that they can use soap bubbles to float up and pop and free the contestants. (Beauty Contest Caper)

After Shaggy and Scooby use their eating prowess to determine which burger joint the special sauce found at the crime scene of a gold coin theft was in, they and Scrappy go there as their new mission from Shaggy's Uncle Fearless. Shaggy cooks the burgers, Scrappy puts on the toppings and the bottom bun, and Scooby puts on the top bun. When the owners find them crouched behind a box while the conveyor belt spits burgers willy-nilly, Scrappy shouts, as explanation, "We're under attack!" When the guys realize they need to get into the locked room where the owners are carrying out a secret business, Scrappy volunteers to be put in a take out bag. Shaggy thinks this is a good idea, and packages Scrappy up. Scrappy spies on the thieves, and tries to tell Shaggy and Scooby by hopping his bag out quietly. Unfortunately, the thieves notice and one tries to tackle Scrappy. Scrappy dodges him and shoves a bag on his head, quipping, "That bags another bully!" as he does. The thieves catch up to him again a short time later, and Scrappy puts up his paws and prepares to fight, but Shaggy and Scooby chuck hamburger at the thieves, backing Scrappy up in their own way. The three try to arrest the crooks at the airport, but the crooks take off in the plane. Scrappy encourages Scooby to grab onto the plane's tail. Scooby grabs on to the tail and accidentally steers the plane into an airport restaurant, nearly Shaggy, and finally, a hole. After Scooby emerges from the hole, Scrappy, having found a bulldozer, drives up and stuffs the hole with a rock. With the thieves trapped, Shaggy and Scooby and Scrappy take the gold coins home. When a man comes to collect the coins, Scrappy directs the man to Scooby and Shaggy, who clean the burger of the coins in their particular fashion.(Stake-out at the Take-out)

Scrappy, along with Scooby and Shaggy, attends a science fair, entering a pizza making machine! But Shaggy and Scooby, through a series of misunderstandings and misfortune, switch bodies! Shaggy and Scooby give up hope when the device that can switch them back is stolen, but Scrappy tells them they cannot give up yet. The three launch a daring plan to steal it back, and a massive chase ensues, as Scrappy repeatedly tries to get them back, but due to the ruckus, keeps mixing up with the four bullies and Scooby and Shaggy. In the end, all's well that ends well. (Who's Scooby-Doo?)

When Shaggy needs to arrange a date for his date's friend, Lucy, all he can find on short notice is Scooby, disguising him as a human to do so. Scrappy compliments Scooby's disguise and accompanies the shenanigans. Scrappy is eager to go on the scary roller coaster, when Scooby's date's brother, Moose, begins to suspect something, and menacing the group, Scrappy helps and eventually corners him on a roller coaster. Scrappy warns him to not harrass his friends, but Moose doesn't listen, and as Moose gets incapacitated by the roller coaster, Scrappy turns the audience and says, with a shrug, "I tried to warn him." and by then his suspenders are tied to the roller coaster tracks. Scrappy tells the audience, "I tried to warn him." Later, when Shaggy, Scooby, and their dates go get hotdogs, Scrappy holds his hotdog like a watermelon and bites out of the middle, again, like a slice of watermelon. Despite his fondness for ketchup on other foods, he doesn't hesitate to start eating the hotdog plain, before being handed a ketchup bottle. When the group gets to the dunk tank and Shaggy and Scooby get inside, Scrappy, in an attempt to be reassuring, tells them that Lucy, the girl who's throwing, can't score a dunk without her glasses. (Double Trouble Date)

The police enlists the fearless detective agency to arrest someone who's been stealing cable cars. Shaggy and Scooby don't like the sound of that, but Scrappy, confidently stating that they can solve anything, is eager to go. To find the thief, they hide on the last unstolen cable car in town in hopes that the thief will take it to their hide out. The plan works, and, while hiding from the mastermind, Vendetta, they plan to arrest her and her goon, Bruno, and recover the secret fortune they were stealing cable cars to obtain. Scrappy suggests that if one of them were the hired (and in absentia) safe cracker, they could catch the crooks, and they plan to disguise Scooby as the safe cracker, Shaggy as Scooby's assistant, to give Scrappy time pretending to work at cracking the safe. The safe is accidentally cracked to soon, and when Scrappy drops onto the scene he has no visible target, and when Vendetta resurfaces from the pile of gold bars the spilled out of the safe, he states the group's intentions to arrest Vendetta. They run away to an abandoned Ice Cream parlor, and again Shaggy and Scooby create a distraction for Scrappy to temporarily incapacitate Bruno, who's now after them. Scrappy, fired up, helps Shaggy and Scooby to trick Bruno and Vendetta one last time. Back at the agency, Scrappy finishes regluing the last plate that got broken at the beginning of the episode. But not for long when Scooby comes out with some cake... (Cable Car Caper)

When Shaggy accidentally gets in trouble with Muscles Malone, Scrappy urges him and Scooby to stand up to him in a boating contest. The three work together to prevail. (Muscle Trouble)

The Fearless Detective Agency is hired to guard a valuable comic book. Scrappy declares that they will guard it with their lives, which alarms Scooby a bit. It is soon stolen. Scrappy came up with a plan to lower down Scooby to snatch the comic. This nearly backfired because the adult Great Dane was captured by Slime Boy, but they quickly bounce from this misstep. However, when they hide in the Comic Exhibit, they were spotted and stuffed into the trash can by the monster and grab the comic "back". Scrappy declared they catch him and followed his slimy footprint to the janitor's closet. Shaggy's offers to flip a coin to whoever confronts Slime Boy. The dog flips it instead and lost the coinflip. Scooby later musters up his courage and begins to whale on Slime Boy's empty costume, getting so into it even Scrappy is startled. In the end, Scrappy corners the thief and then flees by jumping out the window and riding off on Shaggy and Scooby (who are still dressed as a horse) to call the police. (Comic Book Caper)

Scrappy and Scooby lend Shaggy a paw at faking being psychic and telling fortunes-as they have been instructed to only say nice things about the customers' futures. After a big guy named Arby tells Shaggy that he'll beat him up if the prediction about winning every carnival game does not come true, he and Scooby help Shaggy ensure that he'll win. Scrappy has fun on the ensuing misadventures, liking being launched into the air. In the end, Scooby suddenly displays actual telekinetic ability, stunning Shaggy. But Scrappy just cheerily says that nothing is impossible with Swami Scooby. (Misfortune Teller)

Shaggy, Scooby, and Scrappy go to fight Fingers Malone. They get tied up with a Bear, whom Scrappy wants to fight, but Shaggy has them sing it a lullaby instead. Later Fingers Malone locks them in a room and Scrappy calls after him that they'll never give up, which causes Fingers Malone to decide to murder them via conveyor belt to log cutter instead. Shaggy scolds Scrappy for his role in the current predicament, and a worried Scrappy hopes Scooby will think of something-Scooby starts crying, but then spots a button and uses his tail to stop them. Then the three chew through the ropes and run off after Malone. (A Gem of a Case)

Uncle Fearless has sent Scrappy, along with Shaggy and Scooby, to a gypsy camp to retrieve a powerful amulet, which has been stolen. Hijinks ensue and the three combine their abilities to pursue. In the end, the three are trapped by a 10,000-foot drop and he changes the gang into "their true selves"; the animals that match their character. The cowering Shaggy and Scooby are "chicken-hearted", but what he did not count on, was that Scrappy was "lion-hearted", resulting in Scrappy growing the mane, claws, and teeth of a lion! He chases the gypsy, and Shaggy and Scooby help him by flying with a log, which they trap him with, and Scrappy grabs the amulet. He remarks it is good to be back after the gypsy queen turns them back to normal. (From Bad to Curse)

A thief, Pistons McGee, is stealing cars by shrinking them and making off with them. Shaggy, Scooby, and Scrappy go after him undercover and get shrunk. Shaggy and Scooby immediately give up and bemoan their apparent doom, but Scrappy is not ready to throw in the towel and gets them to keep working at it as mini-sized detectives. Mini-Scrappy tries to challenge him, and the villain remarks at Scrappy's big words from one so small, though Scooby grabs him before anything more can come from it. After running into a tunnel, they find a giant rat, which Scrappy also wants to fight, but again is pulled back before he can. Using Springs to get to McGee, the gang bumbles their way into setting the stage for victory. Scrappy squirts some lube oil to cause the thief to slip and fall and the crew waste no time tying up the fiend and going to the police. (Disappearing Car Caper)

He and Shaggy tried to stop Genie-Poo from taking Scooby back to ancient Arabia with Jasmine the Genie, blowing their three wishes by mistake in the process. He was devastated when it seemed like Scooby went with to Arabia with them. But, were overjoyed when they learned that Scooby escaped the genies just in time. (Scooby-Doo and Genie-Poo)

The gang are having a picnic while Scrappy is reading about flying saucers, which he is fascinated by, Shaggy is disbelieving of, and Scooby cares more about the food. Scrappy spots a flying saucer, but he is the only one who does. The aliens steal from the group! To stop them from causing any more chaos, Scrappy has Scooby dress up as Shaggy's girlfriend. Scrappy sticks gum into their ray guns, which temporarily incapacitates them. After some more hijinks, they kidnap Scooby. Shaggy and Scrappy follow, but Shaggy yells when Scooby bites him by accident because the freezing cold made his teeth chatter. Shaggy uses the frozen Scooby to knock the aliens over, while Scrappy throws a net over them. The aliens surrender and Scrappy, Scooby, and Shaggy return to earth. (Close Encounter of the Worst Kind)

The three get a call from a TV show producer, whose star, Captain Canine, has been kidnapped! Serendipitously, he looks identical to Scooby, which allows them to let the show go on. (And rescue the real Captain Canine in the process) Scooby briefly borrows Scrappy's catchphrase using 'tail' instead of 'puppy'. (Captain Canine Caper)

Scrappy devised a plan to take the bracelet the Cat Lady uses to control her kitty minions. First, he lures the lion away by snatching away his steak with the fishing line. Shaggy devises this part, and declares that it "requires a large dog". Scooby does not want to, and as a last resort says Scrappy's catchphrase, but replacing 'Scrappy' with 'puppy', while holding up Scrappy and trying to stretch him larger. Scrappy takes this serenely, and Shaggy is not even slightly dissuaded. Scooby manages to get the bracelet off the Cat Lady's wrist, but she grabs the phony lion's tail tassel, and puts her cats on the attack! The little cat goes for Scooby, and the black panther on Shaggy and Scrappy. In the kitchen, the three use sacks of dry milk and create a flood of milk. Scrappy uses the bracelet to instruct the kitties to lick their former mistress, and Scooby triumphantly ends the episode. (The Incredible Cat Lady Caper)

At a picnic, Scrappy signs himself and Shaggy and Scooby up for a series of races. The guys hide in a sack that turns out to be part of the race, but Scrappy hops them along anyway. Everyone else except the gang falls into the booby traps, and Scooby and Shaggy accidentally snap into first place at the last minute by resisting forward. Scrappy catches Buster and Bull cheating, and Shaggy and Scooby win thanks to him foiling their underhanded trick. Shaggy and Scooby, worried about the bullies' threat to tie them in a knot if they lose want to lose, but Scrappy says "We didn't come this far to lose". At the end of the episode, they are racing and have to swing over a ravine. Scrappy ties the gang with the rope, but the bullies get tangled up with them too. Cutting one rope will send Scooby and Shaggy plummeting down, and vice versa for Buster and Bull. Bull prepares cut Shaggy and Scooby's rope, Scrappy convinces them to cut their own rope, saving Shaggy and Scooby a trip to the hospital, and winning the match. Buster and Bull go to the hospital instead. (Picnic Poopers)

The guys accidentally go back in time, once again by spinning. They meet a girl named Dula, and she and her dinosaur take them home, but while the hosts and Scrappy have a good time in the den, Shaggy and Scooby have to do dirty chores. The caveman, Wonga comes in and snatches Dula, and takes off with her on a pterodactyl to his cave where she is caged. The three go after her and try to sneak her away from Wonga. He attacks Scrappy with a club and Scrappy "puts his foot down", which causes Wonga to howl with pain, while the others escape with Dula. After having Wonga apologize to Dula, they return to the present. (One Million Years Before Lunch)

While house sitting, Scrappy needs to revive a passed out Scooby, after spooking him with a werewolf mask, but mistakenly gives him a potion that turns him into a werewolf (he turns back when the full moon is not shining on him). He and Shaggy must now have a series of hijinks to figure out to cure him while informing Scooby of the plight. (Where's the Werewolf)

Shaggy, Scooby, and Scrappy are on a trip to Shaggy's country cousin's hoedown. However, Bubba Mcgurk is being nasty to the Shagbillies, because Betty Lou Shagbilly turned him down for a date with him since he smelled bad. The McGurks send some bees after Shaggy and Scooby, but Scrappy gets rid of the bees by tossing the hive, which lands on the McGurks. The three try to stop the feuding by getting Bubba to take a bath (which he hates) After Shaggy and Scooby's 'moo juice' disguise fails, the three make a 'bikeacopter'. Shaggy is hesitant, but Scrappy encourages them to not give up, and the three peddle airborne. The plan fails but Bubba still gets accidentally cleaned when he lands in Betty Lou's washing pail. She decides that Bubba's handsome when he is clean, and the gang end on a happy note. (Hoedown Showdown)

The gang gets a job delivering a boy named Wilbur to a chalet. Scrappy is the only one who does not comment on Wilbur's bad attitude, but it is clear from his expressions that he is just as sick of it as the others. Wilbur is quite nasty, and insults the gang and enjoys playing mean tricks on Scooby. After a snow creature attacks, Shaggy and Scooby must evade. Scrappy realizes he is no snow creature because he has left sneaker prints. They run after him, and now Scooby turns into a snowball that captures Shaggy and Scrappy and crashes them into a fence. The fence planks become skis for them, and then a jump for the snowman and Scrappy, who lands on them. Shaggy and Scooby now slide in the snow manage to free both Scrappy and Wilbur. They make it and Wilbur decides he likes them after they save his life a couple of times, and is delighted because now they can drive him back too, which Scrappy, along with Scooby and Shaggy, shout in dismay, while Wilbur smiles innocently. (Snow Job Too Small)

Scrappy & Yabba-Doo[]

Scrappy wishes to learn all the ways of the west. When a call comes in, Scrappy takes the responsibility of answering the phone. In the resulting job, he helped Yabba-Doo and Deputy Dusty capture cattle rustlers at the McKay Ranch.  (Yabba's Rustle Hustle)

Yabba reaches into his PO box to get the mail, but the guy on the other side will not let him take it out until he pays a fee. Scrappy declares that he and Dusty will get Yabba loose, and after yanking Yabba out of the recalcitrant man's grip, it cuts to the outside, where they learn that Yabba has inherited a mine with gold! Scrappy and Yabba are excited, and Dusty is nervous. When claim jumpers steal the map, Yabba and Scrappy are determined to find it. The two canines use the old touchdown trick to tag team man in a bear costume, and though the gold it turns out to be fool's gold, they still laugh about it. (Mine Your Own Business)

Scrappy is helping Dusty and Yabba guard a bank, but acouple thieves-Mysto and Grimes- try to distract them with a magic act. All three are skeptical but Yabba and Dusty are strong armed into participating. After making Yabba and Dusty "disappear" into a sewer, Scrappy angrily asks what Mysto did, fists cocked, so Mysto blinds and bewilders him by dropping a magic hat ontop of him. After reuniting with Scrappy, the three race off after Mysto. The plan they make is to have Yabba disguise himself as Mysto to capture Grimes while Dusty takes care of the real one. After Scrappy, acting as a rabbit in Yabba's hat, ties up Grimes, Mysto, having escaped Dusty, rescues Grimes and they fly off in a biplane. Scrappy admits that it seems as though the villains have won, but when Yabba uses his own trick to pull the thieves into captivity, he is elated and describes it as the great trick in the whole world. (Tragic Magic)

Scrappy got scolded when he squashed Dusty's new hat while trying to catch a mosquito that's been bothering them. Later at night, he overheard Dusty and Yabba expressing how annoying the mosquito was, thinking they're talking about him. Deeply saddened, he ran away on his own. He met up with train robbers who tricked him into getting a shipment of silver from the train. Afterwards he's sent on his own again. He helped Yabba and Dusty (who went looking for him after discovering he was gone and got captured by the robbers) escape from the ghost town jail. He helped them stop the robbers from escaping, and Yabba and Dusty made up with him afterwards. (Runaway Scrappy)

Scrappy, Dusty, and Yabba have just bagged Slippery Dan, a notorious outlaw, but Dan quickly escapes and incapacitates all three before they even realize it. After Yabba cuts the ropes free, Dusty's clothes and Scrappy and Yabba have their hair fall off, which they quickly put back on. Yabba is ready to tangle with Dan again, and Scrappy concurs, telling him to bust down the door. Dusty, more wisely, not wanting to "rush in and get hog tied again" for once musters up enough moxie to command both his friends to stop in their tracks. They instead stealthily tie up Dan's entire hideout house, planning to hall that off to the state pen, but Dan pulls another trick and they end up with a smashed chopper instead of a trapped Dan. Dusty is distraught over his chopper, but Scrappy and Yabba both offer to help him fix it, and while they do a pretty poor job, it's functional again. Next they bust into their hotel, where Yabba and Dusty disguise as room service, and Scrappy as a lobster. After Dan escapes again, they have one last trick up their sleeves-a hall of mirrors, Dan's one and only weakness. Scrappy is in awe and wants to be just like Yabba when he grows up. Dusty grumbles that having two of Yabba is the last thing he needs. (Slippery Dan the Escape Man)

Dusty is terrified of being hounded by an outlaw he imprisoned. It is now up to Scrappy and Yabba to pull some strings to scare off Bucko without letting the town find out that the Sheriff is a coward. (Low-Down Showdown)

The three are digging for fence posts when they unearth a coffin. While Dusty is appropriately put off by it, Scrappy and Yabba both seem to be full of eager curiosity, and want to open it so they might see what is inside, and ignore as Dusty begs them not to. There is a vampire inside the coffin! The rest of the episode is about the trio trying to catch the vampire and reverse the brainwashing spell he put on the townsfolk (and, later on, Yabba). In the plan that actually works, Scrappy's role is to disguise himself as a rooster and crow, trying to convince Count Zarko that it's sunrise earlier then it really is. (Vild Vest Vampire)

He rode on Wildfire in the Tumbleweed Derby when Slade and Snooky tried to stop him such as taking down a bridge or knocking him off Wildfire. Scrappy does his best to hold onto Wildfire, and Dusty and Yabba are right there at every turn to foil the cheating Slade and Snooky and get Scrappy back on the horse when the two knock him off. (Tumbleweed Derby)

Scrappy delightedly declares that they must have put up a million posters to help Dusty get re-elected as sheriff. When Dusty gets framed for a jewel robbery by his running opponent, Scrappy and Yabba accompany him into prison, and then into exile when Yabba enlists a burro that ends up dragging the entire jail out into the desert. The villains give chase, and they finally evade them-by going over a cliff. Scrappy remarks that nobody would follow them here. Unfortunately, now, to go back to Tumbleweed to prove their innocence, they have a long, harsh trek through Scorch Valley. Scrappy is confused about the name until Dusty gets the bottom of his pants burnt clean off from sitting on a rock. After a deceptive mirage and a conveniently timed Geyser, Scrappy, Dusty, and Yabba find themselves blasted clear into the air, destined for Tumbleweed. Scrappy eagerly asks what the next part of the plan is, and is told that the three will burrow under the bank to film the crooks who framed Dusty in action. Yabba does the filming, and Scrappy and Dusty bag a crook each. Then they take their evidence to the mayor, secure Dusty's innocence and show Dusty's running mate for who he really is. (Law & Disorder)

While stargazing, Scrappy sees a space ship, and after it lands, he befriends the alien on board. They fight off a ringmaster and his henchman to prevent them from using the pup's new extraterrestrial friend as their new attraction.(Alien Schmalien)

Scrappy is excited to go to the big city, and when someone calls the police about a phantom jewel thief, he agrees with Yabba to go right away without telling are  the chief first. He is the first to spot the phantom thief climbing up the empire state building, and are tossed into the opposite building in pursuit. Scrappy tells Yabba and Dusty about how they can use the elevator. When Yabba rides a horse from central park at top speed into a department store, Scrappy has an absolute blast. After catching the thief and reporting back to the chief, Scrappy asks if the papers the chief holds are their commendation papers. While the chief IS a bit impressed by the capture, the papers are, rather, the bills for the damage that a single day with Yabba in the city totalled to. (Go East, Young Pardner)

Dusty is kidnapped by an ornery old outlaw lady and her sidekicks, with a 10,000 dollar ransom. Yabba pretends to bring the money, but he really is setting up a decoy while the real Yabba attacks from behind. Dusty, who isn't in on the plan, hugs the balloon-decoy of Yabba too tightly, which Scrappy too late tries to warn him. Both dogs were nearly came close to fall off a waterfall while being tied up and riding on the rubber bot, Yabba notice a tree and tells Scrappy to start jumping to the lowest tree branch. They managed to escape the waterfall and were freed by some hungry young birds. Yabba next directs Scrappy as the two barrage the outlaw's hide out with onions, but the outlaws use a tablecloth to bounce the onions-and a watermelon-back into their net, incapacitating them. Next thing we see is the two locked in a room filling with water. As Scrappy asks what they ought to do, Yabba picks up Scrappy and places him out on his shoulders, away from the rising water. He uses his hat to plug up the pipe. As Scrappy realizes, "Something's gotta give!" and they blast right out of that cave dungeon and paddle after Dusty! Yabba tries to hook the pirate's post into theirs, but hooks his and Scrappy's boat instead. Luckily, the boat flies right over Dusty and the pirates, and Dusty is able to grab ahold and be reunited. Scrappy is in high spirits after they decide to use their busted boat to arrest the outlaws. (Up a Crazy River)

When Horrible Homer threatens to destroy Tumbleweed if he doesn't get a wife, Scrappy and Dusty's role is to try to trap Homer while Yabba (disguise as a woman) tries to woo him. (Bride and Gloom)

The New Scooby and Scrappy-Doo Show[]

Scrappy tries to fight a Viking. Despite earlier in the episode shown playing around with full-sized Viking armor, he only tries a little to slip out of his collar, before he abruptly loses confidence and suddenly declares that maybe he will not. He and Daphne later escape, meet up with Shaggy and Scooby. He goes to untie the ship for the gang, but the Viking grabs him and Scooby wastes no time to save him. (Scooby the Barbarian)

Scrappy accompanies the rest of the gang to Scareruba Island to interview Prince Ruba and Cowabunga Carlyle. They encounter a shark, which Scrappy is eager to investigate as ever. (No Sharking Zone)

Scrappy, along with Shaggy and Scooby, accompanies Daphne to a "haunted house", which Daphne does not believe is haunted, and seeks to spend the night there to prove it, and then write an article about it. Once inside the haunted house, Daphne picks up the diary and offers to read it out loud to Scrappy. Scrappy, who accepts, is chasing a floating candlestick (which he does not register as a sign of haunting). Daphne reads about a floating candlestick, a face in the fireplace, stuffed animal heads which come to life at midnight, and paintings of the sea that spout sea-water. Daphne is Scrappy's main caretaker and finds a place for them to sleep. When Shaggy and Scooby accidentally take pictures of themselves, Scrappy thinks the result is neat. At the end, he is not sure what happened, but he had fun. (Scoobygeist)

Scrappy's Uncle Scooby is accused of being a hound who steals sheep, not helping that, unbeknownst to him or anyone else, he has being hypnotized to disappear at suspect moments. Shaggy and Daphne plan to use an empty grave to trap the real hound and split-up to find some heather to cover it with. Scooby is left by himself and gets himself in a trance by the same ring again and wanders off. Scrappy goes out to find him and runs straight into the real hound, although he tries to stand up to him, he once again abruptly loses face and runs in the opposite direction. Meanwhile, the mob of shepherds finds Scooby who snaps out of his trance and runs away when they come after him. He runs the other way after running into the real hound and gets caught in a net by Mr. Barkerville. Scrappy shows up and points out that Scooby cannot be the hound, because the hound's over there! It turns out it was Bentley the Butler. Bentley says that the stolen sheep are in a nearby shed, Scrappy opens the door and all the sheep ran out. As the gang prepares to leave, Mr. Barkerville thanks them for solving the mystery, but Shaggy and Daphne wonder how Bentley got Scooby in that trance, he answers the question by showing them the super-sonic ring accidentally hypnotizing Scooby one more time. (Hound of the Scoobyvilles)

The group is going to Sulphur Springs to help investigate a rash of earthquakes. Scooby grabs Scrappy back when the pup tries to fight a monster. Later, after more investigating, Scrappy finds a bison costume runs to Shaggy and Scooby with it, which startles Shaggy and Scooby. The four later hide under it to evade the monster long enough to unmask it, after Scrappy wants to fight him and Scooby pulls him back.

Scrappy, Daphne, Shaggy, and Scooby tries to find an archaeologist, who seems to have been kidnapped by a dinosaur. They rent a parasailor to investigate.

The gang of four arrived at the Hillside High School to investigate the titular creature. While looking around the gym, the trio discovered the creature, who tries to catch them. He grabs Scooby, but Scrappy, wanting the monster to let Scooby go, chucks a basketball at the monster from the court, and hit the monster in the risers, successfully freeing Scooby. The creature then chased them into the laundry room, where Scrappy pushes a laundry cart into the creature, sending it out the window. Daphne shows up afterwards, where she reveals that the creature's skin is really painted foam rubber. They also found a computer disk the creature dropped. Meanwhile, Daphne and Scrappy found that the disk is a Star Puppy video game. Scrappy is delighted and forgets about everything else, and when Daphne comments she begins to understand, Scrappy thinks the monster wanted to play Star Puppy. With the mystery solved, the school dance went back on schedule. Jennifer thanked the four.

The gang goes to Blake Manor for a vacation, and gets there in time for the costume party, where Mr. Blake will be auctioning off a valuable stamp worth millions. Scrappy is excited about the party and disappointed when the only costume that fits him is a pink bunny. Scrappy thinks he looks ridiculous but wears it so that he'll have a costume for the costume party. Scooby goes missing when the Manx crashes the party, and Shaggy falls over and gets incapacitated because of his heavy suit of armor, so Scrappy has to carry him around. He, Shaggy, and Daphne find the control room and Scrappy begins pushing buttons, to stop the commotion and ends up retracting the dance floor. Shaggy exits the room and spills bubble bath into the pool too, causing Scooby to float up in a bubble and accidentally catch the monster.

Scrappy, along with Scooby, is put in a trance frequently by the villain's whistle, which they both find uncomfortable. Later, Randarr takes Daphne and runs off with her, and Scrappy grabs Shaggy and Scooby and gives chase while holding them. He and the others get grabbed when they're caught trying to free Daphne. When they decide to use the whistle to activate a stampede, Scrappy, anticipating the uncomfortable trance, covers his ears along with Scooby. He carries all three others out when the house begins to collapse, and at the end of the episode, after Randarr is unmasked, he calls the true villain, who was poaching animals, a meanie.

The gang, including Scrappy, is on vacation to a place called Paradise Island, and a man at the gas station tells them that the hotel's owners are turning people into zombies. When Shaggy accidentally lets slip what Barney says and tries to backspace by asking the rest of the group if he said zombies, Scrappy misses the deeper meaning and blithely mentions Barney. The hotel owners brush it off as Barney making up lies to steal land. Later, Scrappy and Daphne decide to investigate the empty hotel, cannot find any zombies or guests. They find that Barney has been seemingly turned into a zombie, but soon learn that he is just pretending to learn more and find his missing sister, who she thinks has really been turned into a zombie. The four find a cave, and find people working in a mine with Cyclops and his assistant. Barney runs after Amy, and Scrappy gets fired up too, and both get turned into Zombies as a result of their impulsiveness. He gets freed along with everyone else by the normalizing ray that Scooby bumped into. When Cyclops loses his eye, Scrappy charges to nab it and uses it on him, incapacitating him. Scrappy names Scooby, "Scooby Courage Doo".

Scrappy, as well as Shaggy and Scooby, are accompanying Daphne to Australia. He is helping to carry Daphne's camera for her down the bumpy road. When a kangaroo bounces on Scooby, he goes to fight for Scooby's honor, he gets nabbed by a Roo, who thinks he is one of them. Scrappy is surprised, but when he falls out of the pouch, Scooby catches him and tells Scooby to fight in his honor. Scooby does but just bumps into the Neanderthal man instead. Later, Scrappy eats the food that Shaggy and Scooby are stockpiling, causing Shaggy to laughingly call him a "growing pup" to Scooby, as they go get more. Lastly, Scrappy gets attacked by a group of sheep. The Neanderthal man opened a gate and sent the sheep charging at him all at once. Daphne was worried for his wellbeing, Scrappy did not waste a moment to grab a whistle and get them to turn them around back into the pen-to the surprised of the shepherd who was the villain in the mask!

Scrappy, Shaggy, and Scooby are joining Daphne to cover the Olympics! But the chameleon escapes from prison. And impersonates Scooby. He calls Scrappy "kid" and makes Scrappy suspicious, though crook's cover is not blown until Worcestershire sauce. He goes undercover with Shaggy and Scooby as athletes and manages to lift a heavy dumbbell, but quickly drops it.

Scrappy is by far the most excited to play in Wizards and Warlocks convention hall. Putting them in the game and appointing Scrappy as the game's Seeker. Scrappy serves as the group's mage and resident expert on the various encounters. He is fully invested in the game and nets them a win.

A 'phantom of the soaps' kidnaps the star of 'Genuine Hospital', Victria Sensible, and Daphne brings Shaggy, and Scooby, and Scrappy all along to help her get the scoop. Daphne and Scrappy interview another star named Danny Divine, and Scrappy takes his picture. While Scooby disguises himself as "Scoobsie", Scrappy and Daphne see the phantom and sneak after him to snoop, but the phantom sneaks away and begins menacing Shaggy and Scooby! Scrappy hoses the phantom off the catwalk, and while "Scoobsie", still in character, pretends to get huffy when "she" is discovered to be a dog, Daphne announces to have solved the mystery.

Scrappy, along with the other three, attends a show at the California festival, El Sabueso, a heroic hound who helps the poor. Scooby has a dream with him as 'El Scoobo', and Scrappy as his faithful sidekick 'El Scrapito'. Scrappy is seen when Scooby wakes up and is seen to be dreaming by Daphne, Shaggy, and Scrappy.

Shaggy and Daphne are visiting a school carnival at their old high school. Scrappy plays pop goes the weasel and unintentionally scares Scooby in the process. When the principal, Mr. McDabble, has his turn in the dunk tank, Scrappy dunks him with his first try, but McDabble disappears after disappearing within the dunk tank! Now holding the box that the principal entrusted him, a chase ensues with a clown that has suddenly appeared! The clown decides to pick on Scooby, who joined a pie-eating contest, Scrappy hits the villain with a pie. All four then flee and eventually find McDabble tied up and gagged in a shed. He wants the box he gave them, but Scrappy, who suspects McDabble, refuses because he thinks it is stolen property. It turns out that Jerry, a student assistant, was the clown, and all is settled.

Scooby, Shaggy, Daphne, and Scrappy are visiting Greece. When Scooby and Shaggy get scared when they hear about the minotaur and jump into a trunk, Scrappy pushes said trunk outside, to search for the minotaur. They get separated from Scrappy and have some hijinks. When Scrappy and Daphne find them, they discover a map to a labyrinth. When they encounter the minotaur, Scooby tries to flee, Scrappy carries him back in, earnestly declaring his intention to help Scooby mash the minotaur. Scrappy threatens to get the minotaur with a left hook, but then gets hooked by the minotaur's horn. Scrappy softly acknowledges that perhaps he will not, and Daphne grabs him off the horn. After Scooby has some shenanigans that lead to the monster's incapacitation, Scrappy is present when the mystery is summed up.

Scrappy, Scooby, Daphne, and Shaggy are at a baseball game when the ghost of the 'Late Great Casey O'Riley' makes an appearance. Scrappy goes after the ghost, but the ghost vanishes before he can get him. On the field practicing, the team is messing up from being "spooked". The ghost makes another appearance and kidnaps Sally Star, the new pitcher, Scrappy volunteers Scooby to be Sally's substitute. Later, he helps Daphne try finding Sally, The ghost locks them in a suspect's room, and they crawl through a vent towards Sally's voice. Scrappy, Daphne, and Sally, after uniting, find a secret passage leading directly to the pitcher's mound. Scrappy is present when the mystery is summed up.

Daphne is taking Scooby, Shaggy, and Scrappy to get the scoop on an action film that is being made. Scrappy is quite happy when Mogul, a bit of a loose cannon, hires the three adults to be stuntpeople for his movie. There are a few gremlin/stunt hijinks, and at one point, Scrappy, riding in the helicopter with the director and cameraman, accidentally releases a hook that causes Scooby to fall a few feet (Scooby still panics). Afterward, they separate and poke around for clues, with Scrappy and Daphne to ask about the secret special effects finale. Scrappy is present when the gremlin is caught.

The Scooby Coupe: Scooby, Shaggy, Daphne, and Scrappy are heading to a car show for dirt on the XYZ Sports Car. When the Sports Spectre causes a car to move by itself, Scrappy decides to splat said car, but quickly changes his mind. Later, Scrappy and Daphne find clues. The specter nearly crashes the car in him, Scrappy, and Daphne, and there is a narrow escape. When the specter kidnaps Shaggy and Daphne, Scrappy rides along with Scooby as the latter tries to drive a garbage truck, and end up cleaning the entire town as they race after their two companions. Scrappy is there when Mr. Pitt is revealed.

Daphne does not believe in Frankenstein, but Scrappy remarks that they are driving where all the monsters live. They go to babysit at Frankenstein's castle, to investigate reports of Frankenstein's monster returning and terrorizing the town. Shaggy and Scooby opt to babysit, telling the others that monster hunting requires courage, quick reflexes, and tremendous strength, and wish the two happy hunting, while they have their own adventure babysitting a werewolf baby. Meanwhile, Scrappy falls through a trapdoor and tells Daphne he sees Frankenstein! They end up in the lab, where Shaggy and Scooby have ended up as well after some hijinks. The Draculas need their brains to give Frankenstein so he can babysit. Scrappy, Scooby, and Shaggy watch as Daphne, thinking quickly, uses her compact mirror to redirect the beam from Shaggy and Scooby to a duck, and Scrappy and the rest all go to town and watch the duck push the bassinet around.

Daphne is taking Shaggy, Scooby, and Scrappy to cover a French cooking school's 200th anniversary. When the ghost of the school founder crashes their arrival, Shaggy, Scooby, Scrappy don waiter disguises and dump food atop him, but the person covered with food is a student. When Shaggy, Scooby, and Scrappy are looking for clues, Scrappy finds a dumbwaiter and rides it down, instructing Shaggy and Scooby to yank him back up when he gives the signal. They think they get the signal, but it is actually the ghost. They note that who they think is Scrappy sounds strange and has put on weight, but quickly and frightenedly realize their mistake when they see the ghost. The ghost got the jump on Scrappy and locked him in a room, and he calls out in confusion, which is how Daphne finds him. The two now find Pierre's missing coat, with a set of plans for the banquet room, along with phosphorous paint. Scrappy and the rest learn it was Chef Gustave all along.

Scrappy, Scooby, Shaggy, and Daphne are sent four paid train tickets to ride the express. The sender is anonymous, but they take upon it, treating it as a vacation. The train boards and the mummy rises out of a mummy case in the baggage compartment. When unpacking, Daphne sees that they do not have Scooby's bag with his snacks. It seems he switched bags with the lady in the train station. Scooby plays a game of pretend with Scrappy where Scrappy gives him a 'mission' to find his snacks, and Scrappy happily watches him go. Scooby is soon taking way too long, and then someone gives a message that Scooby's in danger! All three are worried, but Scrappy is insistent on wasting no time combing the train asking where Scooby could be. When they find Beatrice Whimsey, the first suspect, Scrappy immediately hops up and starts babbling nonsense questions, presumably out of worry for Scooby, and Shaggy and Daphne have to pull him back and explain to Whimsey what they want. Scrappy grabs Daphne and Shaggy, wanting to get to the next suspect ASAP. The mummy shows up, and Scrappy goes after the mummy into the next car and interrogates the next suspect. The trio entered the storage cabinet, were locked in, and manage to find Scooby. Scrappy, Daphne and Shaggy are all happy and relieved to see him! All three are overjoyed. Scrappy runs up to him, and Shaggy and Daphne are right behind him, wanting to hear everything. (Where's Scooby-Doo?)

Along with Daphne, Scooby, and Shaggy, Scrappy is attending the wedding of Shaggy's sister, Maggie Rogers. He naively wants to check out the presents, and Scooby has to rein him in. Scrappy his easygoing but squirmy self. He also runs away from Shaggy's identical ancestor, McBaggy Rogers, the ghost who is haunting the place. He helps Daphne set a trap. But they catch the officiant instead. The families are having lunch, but Scrappy grabs Shaggy and Scooby and carries them away. While exploring the basement with Scooby, Shaggy, and Daphne, Scrappy finds a plastic lid and realizes that the pilgrims do not have plastic which means that someone has been here much more recently, and a panel opens up, revealing the ghost. Everyone runs except Scrappy, who tries to fight with him until the ghost picks him up and blasts him with his breath he decides not to duel Shaggy's identical ancestor and kicks himself free from the ghost's grip. Scrappy and the other three main heroes rejoin with the rest of the gathering, and everyone runs through a tent, which Scrappy tries to collapse onto the ghost, but traps the photographer instead, Alex Anders. Scrappy thinks he has caught the ghost in a sack, but it is only everyone else. (Wedding Bell Boos!)

The New Scooby-Doo Mysteries[]

Shaggy, Daphne, and Scrappy are in cahoots planning a surprise birthday celebration for Scooby. Scrappy tells Scooby to not look in the mystery machine's oven. Scooby, thinking that this means that his birthday cake is in the oven, goes and opens it. It is not cake, but Scrappy was making a new kind of rubber and needed to use the oven to finish it, and the rubber spilled out and caused a delay. Later, when they get to the party, and Scooby passes out because he is embarrassed by all they have done in his honor, passes out, and they all try to awaken him by asking what he would revive for, but fail until Scrappy brings in his birthday cake, which perks Scooby right back up. Later, Scrappy notices that someone is loosening a lighting fixture to fall on Scooby, and calls out to him, having Scooby dodge just in time. Scrappy runs off looking for the culprit while Scooby reunites with NASA Apprentice Velma Dinkley and aspiring writer Fred Jones. While Scooby and his old friends reminisce, Scrappy and Daphne discover that someone was trying to squish Scooby and unscrew the screws. When the Red Skull appears and tries to kill Scooby by having him fall from a high up sandbag, Scrappy gets his crazy rubber to pull out from underneath him just in the nick of time. When Fred is framed, he and everybody else cannot really find any holes in the story against Fred. Then Scrappy sees Scooby, Shaggy, and the Red Skull on top of the building, and he points out that the Red Skull must be someone else. Scrappy trips the real villain, again expressing anger about Scooby's birthday celebration being ruined. This results in Scooby having a series of hijinks that incapacitates the crook. When the Red Skull is unmasked as the producer, who excuses himself by saying he was just trying to liven things up, but Daphne and he, respectively, point out that he tried to actually frame Fred and "squish" Scooby, which results in the producer being unmasked again as a former butler. (Happy Birthday, Scooby-Doo)

Scrappy, Daphne, Scooby, and Shaggy go to spy on a retired actress named Norma Deathman. Scrappy is a fan of Norma Deathman's old horror flicks, While Shaggy and Scooby disguise themselves as cooks, Scrappy and Daphne disguise themselves as caterers. He and Daphne notice that the maid set the table incorrectly, Scrappy rushes to get a camera but is revealed when the camera flash goes off at the pet werewolf. Scrappy hides with the others and disguises himself when Scooby sneezes and reveals himself. Later, when it is revealed that Norma Deathman is a vampire! She has not aged a day since her last movie! Scrappy and the others flee. (Scooby's Peep-Hole Pandemonium)

Shaggy, Scrappy, Scooby, and Daphne are driving to a pizza parlor. He, Scooby, and Shaggy are discussing toppings, with Scrappy's suggestion being meatballs and onions. After seeing a possible mystery, Daphne and Scrappy want to look inside and do so. Scrappy is nearly grabbed by one of the levitating robotic hands of horror, but the hand is distracted by a pizza delivery. The chaos continues, with the bickering twin inventors of the hand being joined by a third twin! When it is realized that one of the twins is an imposter, Scrappy sniffs out the real one and boldly leaps up to unmask him. Scrappy gets the remote, but is grabbed by a hand, and passes it to Shaggy. Scrappy gets on Scooby and rides him, but the hand gets Scooby and pins everyone else to a wall. Shaggy cannot use his remote because his hands are pinned. Scrappy runs up and grabs the remote out of Ratfield's hands, a move so audacious that Ratfield can only gawp as the pugnacious puppy flees and uses the hands to get the crook! Everyone cheers for Scrappy, and then the pizza comes and Scrappy uses the hand to grab it. (The Hand of Horror)

They are on tour in Denmark and get to stay in Hamlet Hotel, where rumor is there are scary ghosts. Scrappy thinks that it is a neat place to stay because of this, but Shaggy disagrees with him. Sea-Creature-Monster Sightings Ensue, and Scrappy expresses a wish to get his hands on them. He delightedly exclaims his wish came true when the monster blasts in. Later, after more hijinks. Scrappy uses a gadget to spot an oil rig in the fog. Scrappy throws a net over the first sea-creature. (Scoo-Be or Not Scoo-Be?)

Scrappy and Daphne describe Medusa, and her mask, to Shaggy and Scooby. They're in Greece, and they're all going to check her out to do a scary story on her. Later, Shaggy and Scooby flee at the idea of seeing the fortress of cyclops, Scrappy grabs them and runs back to Daphne and the others so the four can explore with the others. Scrappy also has a wrist translator, which he uses to translate some Greek. When they find the supposedly petrified professor Mikos, Scrappy carries him around for rest of the episode, saying they cannot forget about him. [This turns out to be in vain as Mikos was the villain, the mask of Medusa was real, that was a statue.] Scrappy is forced to use the statue to break a brick wall when the gang is on the run from the cyclops. Scrappy tries to dropkick Thaddeus Blimp, but Blimp is too overweight and he just bounces off. Scooby and Scrappy use a costume in disguise to catch the crooks. (The Stoney Glare Stare)

Scrappy narrates throughout the episode. They need to stop Mastermind from activating the transponder beam. While investigating the statue of liberty, Scrappy and Daphne note that Cecil, the tour guide, said that the torch was off-limits, even though Cecil himself was just in there! Daphne and he learn that the transponder beam is in the torch. Scrappy spots Shaggy and Scooby, whom they are separated from, on a monitor. Later, to get to the torch, Scrappy hooks a rappel for Scooby to walk up, and then he and the others encourage Scooby at his task. Daphne tries to get Cecil to open, and Scrappy pulls the rappel to smash the transponder.(Template:TNSDMysteries14a)

Scooby and Scrappy are watching a parody of the A-Team in the back of the mystery machine, and Scrappy, calling his uncle ‘Mr. Doo’, states that he is just like the Mr. T parody they just watched, which pleases Scooby. They are going to a honey farm, and Scrappy declares that Scooby will splat the bees, which Scooby is afraid of. When Shaggy quips at Scooby's cowardice, Scrappy takes it at face value and declares that Scooby is Mr. Doo, and they are The Bee Team. Later, when they are solving the mystery of the giant bees menacing the honey farm, Scrappy chastises one of the giant bees for messing with “Mr. Doo”, which prompts some courage from Scooby, only to become cowardly again when he sees the bee preparing to sting him. He grabs Scrappy and finds a place to hide. Scrappy once again builds up Scooby's confidence by putting a Mr. T-esque hairpiece on him and reminding him that this is a job for the Bee Team. Soon after, Scooby saves the day in his typical goofy fashion. (The Bee Team)

Daphne, Scooby, Shaggy, and Scrappy are going undercover to rid a hotel of a ghost Shaggy and Scooby's attempt to get out of ghost hunting duty is foiled by Scrappy, who picks them up and carries them back to Daphne, reminding them blithely that the front door is that way. Scrappy is a kitchen hand along with Shaggy and his uncle, while Daphne is a maid. They create a sandwich for an invisible dog, and then Scrappy picks up a call from another customer. With the ghost on the loose, Scrappy, who suspects a guest, runs up to him from behind and slams his back, knocking him over on his stomach with Scrappy sitting on his back. The others make Scrappy let Sheldon go, and later, when they find a clue pointing to Sheldon, Scrappy repeats his claim that Sheldon is the bad guy. He is present when Sheldon tries to contribute by holding a seance, which the ghost attends. Scrappy and Daphne immediately continue hunting for the truth after the seance finishes. It turns out Sheldon was not the ghost but wants to write a book about the adventures. He affably agrees when Scrappy wants to be in the book too, forgiving Scrappy for tackling him earlier. (Doom Service)

Scrappy, along with Shaggy and Scooby, are accompanying Daphne to trade in a busted toaster, but before they can, a trap door opens up beneath them. They need the help of regular people to retrieve a secret decoder that's in the department store and assign the gang phrases, one of which Myrtle will respond to. Scrappy's is, "Go on, call the police, I dare ya!" and the others are equally strange and attention-grabbing. They begin talking to appliances, hoping to find Myrtle. Scrappy unknowingly repeatedly dares a salesman to call the police with his phrase by reading it to appliances in the salesman's presence, which predictably gets the police involved. When Codefinger reveals himself and begins chasing the gang (and Myrtle, who is discovered to be a fan, Scrappy disguises himself as a toy, and manages to fool the detective. Scrappy and Daphne chase Codefinger, and Daphne instructs Scrappy to release the gumballs, which leads to Codefinger's capture and Myrtle's retrieval.

The gang is going to the black forest toy company. Scrappy has listed all the toys he wants on his computer, and the list fills the back of the Mystery Machine. Shaggy, Scooby, and Scrappy happily rush into the shop and find a toy train to ride and crash. Scrappy is found by the head of the stuffed toys department. She finds him to be adorable, which he hates and is sickened by, especially when she begins putting ribbons on him. Later, he helps Daphne find a lab report with the Head of stuffed toys. Scrappy remembers with disgust the incident with the ribbons. Scrappy and Daphne look for the Evil Elf upstairs, while Daphne drops a box of Scooby Snacks for Scooby and Shaggy to chase to the basement, where they will look for clues. Scrappy runs to splat them, but the elevator door closes in his face. Scrappy and Daphne find Shaggy and Scooby trapped in Jack-In-The-Boxes and find a clue beneath the boxes, before winding the boxes to free Shaggy and Scooby. Scrappy leaps up into a toy plane and buzzes the little elves, but is caught by the Evil Elf. The Evil Elf is Catarina Cobalt. Scrappy triumphantly remarked that he never trusted her ever since she tried to put ribbons on him. They figure out that there is treasure in the foundation.

Scooby, Shaggy, Daphne, and Scrappy are investigating a research camp whose work has been sabotaged by an "evil force." Scrappy takes a peek inside the vault but gets locked in, and a clue is revealed when someone who thought did not know the combo frees him. Daphne gives some Scooby snacks cooked by Scrappy to investigate the sea lions. Scrappy helps Daphne interrogate the researchers at the camp. Later they see a floating truck, Scrappy opens it and sees it is floating because of the helium tanks. Scrappy interrogates the driver confrontationally and comes to the conclusion that the driver is the culprit. He is proven wrong at the end after some more hijinks.

Scooby and Scrappy, along with Shaggy and Daphne, are now visiting Scooby's cousin Dixie, whose show is interrupted by a ghost. While on the case, Scrappy fights someone who's steaming up the room. Later, Scrappy is looking for Shaggy and Scooby. He finds them fleeing from the ghost and they grab him. They toss the necklace around to keep it from the ghost. Scrappy mans the boat's controls, which sends the ghost, Shaggy Scooby flying, which allows the mystery to be wrapped up, and it is explained that the necklace that a villain used to trick to lovers apart was hidden on the ship, which the fake spirit was after. Scrappy is present at dinner with the others, where they see the two real ghosts are put to rest.

With Shaggy and Daphne, Scooby and Scrappy meet their cousin Dooby Doo to watch him sing, and soon the four discover he is the target of a kidnapping plot. They plan to use Scooby as a decoy and pose as Dooby, then track him to see where he goes. Scooby proves to be a poor singer, and Scrappy and Shaggy help by having him lip-sync to keep the plan to protect Dooby going. Scrappy helps track Scooby after the kidnappers take the bait, everyone discovers that the kidnappers are actually government agents who are trying to confiscate a weapon that the real crooks hid in Dooby's collar. The crooks show up and chaos breaks out, at one point Scrappy takes the collar and though managing to do damage, has the weapon taken from him by a crook who was not incapacitated, causing them to go on the run. A few disguises later, and the gang meets a dead end. He and the others manage to escape thanks to Daphne weaponizing Scooby's awful singing to defeat the bad guys. Scooby and Scrappy are brought on stage to be thanked by Dooby.

Scooby, Shaggy, Velma, Fred, Daphne, and Scrappy have been invited by Velma's archaeologist uncle, Cosmo, to go on an expedition to South America. Scrappy is seen playing shuffleboard with Shaggy and Scooby. After they reach land, while Daphne works on pushing Shaggy to continue the scary mission, Scrappy uses his backpack to carry Scooby. He, his uncle, and Shaggy get trapped in a cave in. Later, when he and the other two find the orb, he cannot reach it, and Scooby must be goaded into retrieving it. Scrappy is indignant when zombies push him around, but Shaggy stops him and tells him to never criticize a zombie. When all six get trapped with cobras, Scooby and Scrappy work together to stop them; Scooby plays the violin and Scrappy leads the cobras in a square dance, eventually convincing them to dance away and stop menacing the party. Later, Scrappy attempts to bludgeon some piranhas, but they eat his bludgeon out of his hands. Later, Scrappy's usual schtick is used as bait for a trap, he taunts some zombies into following him over a net. Later, Scrappy finds an old computer, and which Scooby messes with and manages to awaken the ghosts of the aliens. The astronauts reappear to the entire party-Fred, Velma, Daphne, Scooby, and Shaggy, and Scrappy, and Cosmo-deliver the villains harassing them, at their hands, and return home.

On Halloween, Shaggy, Scooby, Scrappy, and Daphne are preparing for their celebrations, and are surprised by Fred and Velma while buying costumes. Scrappy is again distressed that a bunny costume is the only one for him, and miffed when Velma teases that a carrot would find him scary. He imitates bugs bunny when ending up in a magician's hat. He ends up in a closing-wall-trap with Shaggy and Scooby later. The six discover the monsters are real, much to Scrappy's excitement, and he participates in Mystery Inc's effort to help the monsters rid them of a mysterious threat, only for the monsters to later turn against them when it is over.

Shaggy, Scooby, Scrappy, and Daphne are invited by Velma to the white house to share her NASA findings. Scooby and Shaggy make their way into Velma's interview, setting up Scooby's mother and Scrappy's grandmother to be aware of the events at the Whitehouse and later be involved. When the ghosts of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln haunt the place, the gang gets separated, which is when Scrappy, Daphne and Velma, find a tiny eagle statue. Scrappy tries to catch the ghost but gets Scooby instead, leading to Scooby being accused of being the ghost; when Scooby cries out for his mother and Scrappy's grandmother on TV, his Mumsy sees and is eager, along with Scooby's father, to bring him his galoshes for some reason. After the president pardons Scooby and lets them continue investigating, Shaggy and Scooby must be convinced to let go of their concern for their blood pressure and accept the mission. Scrappy and Velma are sent in the guise of pest control to search a senator's rooms. Scrappy begins to suspect those two senators, who later turn out to be innocent, and in the meanwhile, Daphne chastises him to stick to the clues. After Shaggy, Scooby, and Daphne fall through a hole in the floor and are clinging to the edge, Scrappy helps Velma save them by acting as a catapult. Later, the party of five-Scooby, Shaggy, Daphne, Velma, and Scrappy find a secret room. When Shaggy and Scooby get trapped on a helicopter, Daphne, Velma, Scrappy, and Mr. President has to chase on another helicopter, and then get out and run after them when Scooby falls. Scooby's parents/Scrappy's grandparents save the day by accidentally dropping galoshes on the ghosts’ heads.

Shaggy, Scooby, Daphne, Fred, and Scrappy have traveled to London to take part in The Mystery Solver's Club, and get separated from Shaggy and Scooby on the way, which Scrappy reacts to by quietly but diligently searching the contest supervisor's room, including lifting up said contest supervisor and checking underneath him, to which the supervisor, flustered, explains to him that the contest has not started yet. Scrappy finds Shaggy and Scooby, who have found their way to the supervisor's chimney, Scrappy explains that they are caught in the dumbwaiter. Later, while on the case, Shaggy and Scrappy gobble down Scooby's all but one fish and chips before the elder Doo can get a bite in edgewise. Scrappy grabs Scooby. Scrappy boldly leaps up and grabs the mask of a gargoyle leering at Shaggy and Scooby in the graveyard the five are investigating, the ghost of Sherlock Holmes, who leads them to another clue. Scrappy has to be quiet along with the other four as they go to a club where absolute silence is required. Later, when Scrappy is obliviously standing the way of the glass chandelier, Daphne grabs him before he gets hit by it. Later, Scrappy is put under arrest by the rest police along with the rest of the gang. Scrappy runs his cup against the bars, and Fred and Daphne trick a guard into freeing them and locking himself up, and Scrappy gives the guard his cup for him to run up and down the bars. Then they free Shaggy and Scooby and go back on the move. Scrappy wants Shaggy to step on it, Shaggy responds by quipping he has a nice place in mind at this time of year. Scrappy is employed as a distraction, to get into the palace. Later, when the gang is under arrest, Scrappy gets indignant when Scooby is referred to as a “blarney” and challenges the Buckingham guard in a fight, the guard throws the coronation dress over him. Meanwhile, Scooby and Shaggy go through hijinks, Scrappy cheers when Scooby's hijinks wrap up the case. Scooby later laughs at a pun with “take the rap” / “Rappy” while holding up Scrappy happily.

The gang goes on a Hollywood tour of Bananatoons Studios, where Scrappy's favorite cartoon, Hero Hound, is created. While there they run into a mystery and are hired by Buster Banana, the studio head, to find out why the evil Monster Mutt is stealing all the films in the studio. Shaggy and Daphne comment on how excited Scrappy is, and when a mystery comes calling, Scrappy calls up from a phone right behind Buster Banana and takes the cartoon that the gang makes while working on the mystery most seriously. It is a stick figure man with a triangle head and a stretchy neck. Buster Banana watches all of it encourages Scrappy.

Scrappy is part of the group of four who heads over to the Experimental Institute for Evolutionary Improvement of Organisms to help old MacDonald, the head overseer. Scrappy does not believe that the genetically engineered lamb is a fighter until it manages to beat him up! Daphne sends Shaggy and Scooby to follow a suspect, and while Scrappy and herself check the rest. Scrappy likes the chocolate milk cow. He is present when the real MacDonald is revealed to be tied up. The one they have been following is an imposter.

Scrappy, Shaggy, Daphne, and Scooby, and Fred are volunteering at a children's home. There's a modified song about the gang's contribution's (Daphne dressing up as Santa, Fred singing carols, Shaggy setting up the stage for the pageant, Scooby "enjoying the weather" and Scrappy juggling for them). He is also seen helping Tiny Tina swipe candy canes the Fred is decorating the tree with to snack on. Fred is surprised but lets the two take savor their loot and continues decorating the tree. When Winslow Nickleby comes to buy out the place, Scrappy, along with everybody else, shuts him down and denies his offer. Snowball, Nickleby's anthropomorphic cat, sneaks up behind Scrappy, but Scrappy fights back and still manage to throw the kitty hard enough to knock him and Nickleby out of the building. Scrappy is dismayed to be cast as a Sugarplum fairy, but reluctantly goes through with it. While rehearsing for the pageant, the ghost comes, when Scrappy has pulled away, he remarks he thought that the show must go on. Scrappy volunteers himself, Shaggy, and Scooby to infiltrate Nickleby's place and snap a picture of a clue. While Shaggy and Scooby have Nickleby distracted, Scrappy snaps the picture. Finding a secret message under a microscope, they go to recover the hidden emerald to pacify Nickleby. However. the ghost arrives as well. Shaggy and Scooby hanging off a window ledge and Fred and Daphne rescuing them, Scrappy recovers the emerald from the ghost. They put on the pageant for the kids, and Scrappy crashes into Shaggy, another Sugarplum fairy, due to Daphne not quite having the hang of the suspension lines, and the ghost crashes the show. Scrappy recover the emerald when it goes into the snow, and it turns out the Nickleby, who had a change of heart, was not the ghost.

The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo[]

Scooby, Shaggy, Daphne, and Scrappy are going on vacation to Hawaii. When Scooby accidentally causes them to land in the Himalayas instead, Scrappy wonders who moved Hawaii, before it is revealed that Scooby misnavigated. Later, when Scrappy finds out that there's wolfbane in the drinks, he anxiously tells Daphne that that is what turns people into werewolves. She, skeptical of that myth, shrugs it off, Shaggy gets scared when he hears a wolf howl, and he, Scooby, and Flim Flam, who pulls Scrappy away, leave. Scrappy and Flim Flam are separated from Shaggy and Scooby and are later revealed to have ended up in the sewers, which is when they open a manhole for Shaggy and Scooby. Scrappy, who has been slowly been coming to terms with his uncle's fallibility over the course of his run, gets worried when Vincent Van Ghoul says that only an idiot would open the Chest of Demons. He and Daphne run fearfully to stop them and calls out to his Uncle to not open the chest, and when he sees that it is too late, only says, "never mind". Scrappy invites Flim Flam, who has befriended him, along, and Flim Flam accepts. (To All the Ghouls I've Loved Before)

The gang is trying to catch Maldor, an evil Warlock. The entire forest is evil, and when a rabbit turns into a dragon, the show suddenly breaks away to a fourth wall breaking segment called 'The Scooby-Doo News' Where a media watchdog wants to cut the dragon from the scene. Special correspondent Scrappy-Doo stands up for the crying dragon actor, who according to Scrappy, might have a family. Returning to the main story, the gang escapes the dragon, and later, Maldor catches the gang and brings them to trial, Flim Flam and Scrappy suddenly burst in with suits and began using lawyer rhetoric which bewilders Maldor and stalls a little bit, but they still end up imprisoned. Scrappy carelessly tugs on a wizard's beard. The wizard shrugs it off, and they all escape, but get separated. Daphne gets put to an enchanted sleep. Scrappy asks her to wake up and cries. Later, he watches Scooby flee from Maldor with Flim Flam from where they're in the castle. In the end, he sits silently and mournfully as Shaggy laments that they could not save Daphne. But then he and Shaggy get excited that Scooby may qualify as a great Danish prince, and they are all happy when Scooby's kiss succeeds. (Scoobra Kadoobra)

Scooby, Shaggy, Daphne, Scrappy, and Flim Flam are traveling along. Scrappy notices something on a specter-detecting device, and the gang travels into a mine as a result. Upon realizing that they've lost the chest, he engages with the others in frantically tossing the ball to each other in a circle, until Flim Flam breaks it to call Vincent. Scrappy does remark that getting in was easy until it is revealed that they're walking into a trap. Shaggy and Scooby get separated from the others, and the episode alternates between the two perspectives until they reunite. Scrappy tells Flim Flam about what it is like back home as they look for a way out, accompanied by Scrappy getting buried under a pile of junk when looking in a closet (just like at home! he says) and, imitating what Scooby does when the elder Doo tries to fix the TV and strikes the ball, which actually causes a power surge while the still glitching ball creates a train illusion that creates a hole in the room. He joins the gang in creating a filibuster song to catch the ghost. (Me and My Shadow Demon)

Scooby, Shaggy, Daphne, Scrappy, and Flim Flam are going to a paranormal convention. Scrappy is keyed up and raring to capture the ghost. Scrappy and Flim Flam are seen teaming up twice-first to disguise themselves as detectives to ‘arrest’ the others (really get them away from where they are being falsely accused) and then, when Scooby, Shaggy, and Daphne get sucked into a mirror, and Scrappy and Flim Flam are seen disguised as cleaning girls to vacuum up the ghost. He is last seen singing with the others in a spontaneous diegetic music number. (Reflections in a Ghoulish Eye)

Scooby, Shaggy, Daphne, Scrappy, and Flim Flam are watching a movie at the gang's house. Scrappy and the others get sucked into the TV and Frankenstein and Igor give Scooby and Scrappy, respectively, their roles. Scrappy encourages Scooby along with the others throughout the movie. (That's Monstertainment)

Shaggy, Daphne, Scrappy, and Flim Flam are trying to book a cruise as Scooby has had a nervous breakdown. This additional jumpiness clues in even Scrappy on seeing Scooby as scared, and wholeheartedly helps with the effort to have Scooby relax as a result. (Ship of Ghouls)

While Shaggy and Scooby spy on the latest ghost, Scrappy cries out his catchphrase and leads Daphne and Flim Flam ahead. When Scooby is too winded to speak, he mimes what is going on, which Scrappy interprets for the others. When they see Vincent caught in her entrancing spell, Scrappy suggests they wreck the date, which the others all heartily agree to and work to ruin the date by interrupting at the most inconvenient moments, etc. It fails and Vincent is going to marry Nekara later that evening and kiss her, too, and her kiss will drain him of the power, the gang work to stop that. Daphne is seen calling Scrappy over the phone with a code. Shaggy and Scooby are scared and not paying attention. They disguise themselves as Vincent's “family” with him, Scooby, and Shaggy as the ‘triplets’ and Flim Flam as another son. They barely manage to hold off the kiss in time, after which Vincent comes out of his trance. (A Spooky Little Ghoul Like You)

Scooby, Shaggy, Daphne, Scrappy, and Flim Flam all disgust Vincent Van Ghoul with their table manners. He is present when Vincent reveals that another ghost has been detected. The gang is distracting this demon's bumbling minions, and Scrappy and Flim Flam are doing their part by selling toilet water, which disgusts the minions. Scrappy lets Flim Flam do the talking for this one. He accompanies the gang as they travel around the world at top speed, and disguises himself as a witch with the others to distract the minions just long enough to free Vincent and trap the demon. (When You Witch Upon a Star)

Scooby, Shaggy, Daphne, Scrappy, and Flim Flam are chasing Time-Slime, who has a scepter that can manipulate time-flow. He has sped up the time in Cuckoosburg, specifically, which is how the time slime knows where to find him. Flim Flam apologizes after Scrappy gets peeved when the former carelessly remarks that the place has more ticks than a dog. He was sad when Scooby quit the gang after being scared too much. Flim Flam suggests replacing him, and he and the others go through the motions of when they get caught by Time-Slime again and put in a death trap, Scrappy is last seen insisting that Scooby would show time-slime a thing or three. In the future, Time-Slime appears to have kept him as a child, and Scrappy is cold and angry now, bitterly remarking he thought Scooby was a hero until Scooby abandoned him and Time-Slime twisted him and Flim Flam to be his enforcers, and, to Scooby's horror, declares that Time-Slime is his hero now. He and Flim Flam are prepared to run Scooby and Van Ghoul, but Vincent uses his scepter to freeze time and move on. Future Scrappy is last seen circling around Future Shaggy along with Future Time Slime, Future Daphne, Future Flim Flam. By then Scooby's had quite enough and saved the gang from being sliced in half. Back in the present, Scrappy's faith in Scooby has not dislodged, and he cheers when Scooby stops Time Slime's death trap. (It's a Wonderful Scoob)

Scrappy is present with the gang as they comb the US for their next ghost. In the end he and Flim Flam offer the ghost shelter from the light in the form of the chest which they are seeking to return him to, which said ghost actually accepts. (Coast-to-Ghost)

Scrappy acts as his uncle's literal cheerleader when Scooby gets a hero's welcome, asking to give him a "Doo", and "vi", and "lle". Flim Flam convinces Scrappy to sneak into the circus, but when the two discover it is free, Flim Flam runs out from under Scrappy, prompting the latter to quip that he has lost his better half. Scrappy is briefly seen woozily saying that the enchanting Calliope music is out of this world. When everyone except Flim Flam discovers that the circus is enchanted, Daphne thinks that Scrappy is crying along with the others, but he says that he is not sniffling, he is sniffing for Flim Flam, who has vanished. They go back to get him. Later, Phantazmo wants the chest, Scrappy says it is protected by Puppy Power, as he and Daphne run. Daphne trips and she and Scrappy get separated. Scooby finds Scrappy with the chest, though Scrappy does not recognize the former in clown disguise at first, but soon calms down and the two hug before going on the run. (The Ghouliest Show on Earth)

Scooby, Shaggy, Daphne, Scrappy, and Flim Flam are going to capture a demon by using the chest and air as bait. They go through some shenanigans, and Scrappy tosses Shaggy and Scooby into a crypt, cheerfully eager to see Scooby be a hero. They discover that the horoscope woman was Zimbulu, and Scrappy makes a "lion"/"lyin'" pun regarding Simbulu's relationship with the truth. (Horror-Scope Scoob)

Scooby-Doo Meets the Boo Brothers[]

He went with Shaggy and Scooby when the former inherited his plantation and treasure. Scrappy was the one who found and figured out most of the clues to the treasure Shaggy's uncle left for him. During the hunt, they called for the Boo Brothers to get rid of the ghosts, and had several encounters with an escaped gorilla, Billy-Bob Scroggins and the ghosts haunting the mansion.

Scrappy accompanies Shaggy and Scooby to visit Shaggy's late Uncle Beauregard's mansion to carry out his will and find his hidden treasure stash. Scooby grabs him and runs out with Shaggy, as he is still asleep. He is delighted to learn that the mansion might be haunted. When Shaggy is scared by the ghosts late at night, Scrappy parses the phone book for ghost hunters. Scrappy is excited that the ghost hunters are ghosts themselves, as the Boo Brothers say it takes a ghost to catch a ghost. Scrappy suggests they look for the clues Shaggy's late uncle left him. Scrappy solves this clue after a brick falls on his head. Later, after some more hijinks, Scrappy gets chasing a skeleton, and sees someone hiding in the pain. Believing it to be the skeleton, he stomps on the keys in an attempt to flush it out-but it is a very irritated Shaggy and Scooby who angrily ask him what the big idea is, to which Scrappy is speechless, though he manages to tell them that he was not the one who broke the piano key. This leads them to realize what the next clue in their hunt is, and the hunt resumes. Scrappy figures two clues.

Farquaad, the butler, who wants the treasure for himself, grabs Scrappy from behind, covering his mouth and pulling him away. A few moments later canine growling and human yelling are heard. Farquad reappears fleeing in terror with a furious Scrappy on his heels. Whatever occurred, now causes Farquaad to accuse Scrappy of being a vicious beast. Scrappy gets separated from Shaggy and Scooby, but he does not realize it. The ape begins following Scrappy. Scrappy has an epiphany and begins to realize that the ape that has been menacing them is suffering from loneliness. The ape is touched by Scrappy's realization, though Scrappy still does not realize. Shaggy scolds Scrappy for frightening Farquaad, though the pup defends himself by saying Farquaad has been trying to steal the diamonds. Scrappy realizes that a mechanical horse is an answer to the next clue. After Shaggy quips at the next clue, involving using stones as hats Scrappy figures out the next clue means the graveyard. The next clue states that they need to think about when they're not sick. Scrappy decides that this means they need to go the well. Shaggy happily asks Scrappy where he learned to be so clever, and Scrappy answers from Scooby. Shaggy is confused, but Scooby smugly asks, "Who else?" Scrappy and Scooby back Shaggy when he wants to fire the boo brothers for inviting their ghost relatives to a party at the house and bringing creepy food. However, the Boo Brothers' orphan story is enough to move the three to tears, and they rehire, telling them to get busy. The gorilla steals the next clue, but Scrappy negotiates it back by letting the ape ride on the mechanical horse. The next clue leads them to Bear Cave, where Scrappy, along with Scooby and Shaggy, get attacked by Billy Bob again.

The non-boo-brother ghosts turned out to be Sheriff Rufus Buzby's black sheep brother, who was after the treasure. They left the plantation for the Boo Brothers to haunt forever, and gave all the treasure away to the Beauregard Trust Fund for Orphans.[8]

Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School[]

Scrappy accompanies Shaggy and Scooby to Shaggy's gym teacher job at ''Miss Grimwood's Finishing School for Girls'' (later revealed to be Miss Grimwood's Finishing School for ''Ghouls'') He does not seem really bothered that the girls are ghouls, and asks Phanty if she knows any rock and roll, and is eager to help Tanis win the trophy for a mummy case, and fits in well with the other kids. He does not seem very happy about having to wear a tutu for Shaggy's ballet class. When Shaggy thinks that they have fourteen hundred hours, it turns out to be only an hour away, as Scrappy explains. Scrappy happily takes the position of referee for Calloway vs. Grimwood Volleyball.

When Shaggy and Scooby flee the parents, dragging Scrappy around, who wants to meet the parents and has been hyped up about it by Sibella. Scrappy tries to rescue Scooby and Shaggy but loses his grip. He decides to go down swinging but takes Sibella up on her offer to try swinging with her, and thanks to her. When the Calloway Cadets help their van, Scrappy tells them what is happening to the Calloway Cadets, setting the stage for the Calloway Cadets to drop in the nick of time later (though the boys initially refuse, prompting Scrappy to quip about them being sticks in the mud). Scrappy encourages Shaggy and Scooby to go to their rescue. He and Matches use a catapult to get the four of them-him, Matches, Shaggy, and Scooby to the castle. He and Matches go off in one direction, and Shaggy and Scooby go in the other. He and Matches encounter an evil shapeshifter in Shaggy's likeness, and Scrappy puts a bucket over his head. Scrappy is quite peeved when he sees Scooby being mistreated and dropped in with a monster. However, Scrappy finds a rubber ball and uses it to pacify the monster, saving them from getting eaten.

Scooby-Doo and the Reluctant Werewolf[]

Scrappy, Scooby, and Shaggy are race car drivers. Scrappy is seen helping Shaggy and Scooby in the 'Funny Car Race', taunting other racers and helping them stay out of the line of fire. Shaggy wins the race! Meanwhile, Dracula is trying to turn Shaggy into a werewolf for his own petty purposes in his annual monster road rally (and then stay a werewolf forever). Scrappy is present as the hijinks to transform Shaggy ensue, and, along with Shaggy and Googie, remain mostly oblivious to it. The trio and Shaggy's girlfriend, Googie, are kidnapped along with the transformed Shaggy to Dracula's castle. Scrappy most persistently searches for ways to escape. When one escape attempt brings them to Dracula's party, Scrappy gets angry at a door knob when it berates Shaggy for when the latter was trying to use it. But a with spots him, finds him cute, and begins dancing around with him. Scooby laughs at this before another witch makes her his partner. He is Shaggy's pit crew with Googie during all the actual race. When Dracula shrinks Shaggy an Scooby, it is Scrappy's idea (pumping their mini-size car full of air) that works, an he diligently does so even as Vanna Pira and Dracula laugh at his work. In the end, when Dracula is trying to make them lose, he nearly succeeds by feeding Shaggy and Scooby to the schlock ness monster. But Scrappy has Googie press the button to send him flying so he can shake a pepper can on the beast's nose to sneeze them out. It works, and Googie catches Scrappy as he lands.

Scooby-Doo! and the Curse of the 13th Ghost[]

When Mystery Inc. returned to the Himayalas to retrieve the Chest of Demons, they reunited with Flim-Flam, who asked them on the whereabouts of Scrappy, only for Velma Dinkley to reply with a rather unusual "What's a Scrappy?"[9]

Scooby-Doo (Archie Comics)[]

While on the swamp ride, Scrappy fell overboard during an attack by the swamp monster and was dragged underwater with it. Scooby showed no hesitation to save him and finds him tied up with a couple. (Monster of a Time)

He was heartbroken when he thought that Scooby had turned bad, but was immediately reassured when he said he's just undercover. (Birddog of Alcatraz)

He was embarrassed that he went undercover disguised as a little girl under the name of "Bubbles" and was outraged when Alice thought he was ugly. He attracted the attention of Major Minor annoying him. He let his act get into his head that he was angered when they had to leave. (When Scooby Comes Marching Home)

Cartoon Network Presents[]

While Shaggy & Scooby snooze, Scrappy allies himself with a pizza deliveryman to solve a mystery. The pizza boy is skeptical of Scrappy at first, but they solve the mystery together an reach understandding. (Puppy Power!)

Scooby-Doo! Team-Up[]

A collaboration between Vincent Van Ghoul, the Hex Girls, Flim-Flam, Robi, and Red Herring operated a giant version of Scrappy in revenge for not being as famous as the Mystery Incs. in their universes. After they were unmasked, the real Scrappy and two of his alternate counterparts appeared and chased after the group as revenger for being impersonated. (Crisis of Infinity Scoobys)


Appearances in other media[]

Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law[]

After the Old Man Bakov case was solved, Scrappy jumped in and exclaimed, "Puppy power!" only for Avenger to fly in and viciously take him away, as he screamed. Nobody cared, in fact, they all laughed.[10]

Scrappy suddenly popped up in Harvey Birdman's office, only to be shot by from an energy blast from him, after taking an addictive tanning crème.[11]

Having quit his job, Avenger packed his belongings, which included the corpses of Bandit and Scrappy.[12]

The crocodile that fought Phil Ken Sebben left his office with a whining Scrappy in its mouth.[13]

The corpses of Bandit and Scrappy lay across Avenger's nest he built outside of Harvey's office.[14]

As Avenger ate from its bowl like a dog, the corpse of Scrappy was also laid across. There's also a missing poster on Javalux's news board, although it also gave the notice, "Please don't call us."[15]

His corpse popped up in Harvey's suitcase as a packed away for his high school reunion.[16]

After Harvey woke up after two days of being unconscious from Birdgirl's amnesiac spray, he found that Blue Falcone had taken over his office. Falcone handed over to Harvey a box of his belongings, which included Scrappy's corpse.[17]

Avenger flew a German plane with eight Scrappy's face painted on in reference to the previous eight time he had been victimized.[18]

Peter Potamus got rid of a racy photo of him by putting it through a shredder, which Scrappy's corpse was already caught in.[19]

Harvey Birdman: Attorney General[]

His corpse is in the sewers of Washington, D.C.[20]

Behind the scenes[]

Scrappy-Doo (Scott Innes)

Scrappy in Scooby-Doo: The Movie.

Scrappy-Doo was created by Joe Barbera[21] and was added to the cast of Scooby-Doo to save the show's ratings, which by 1979 had begun to sink to the point of cancellation threats from ABC. The final slot was to either go to Scooby-Doo and a pilot from Ruby-Spears enterprises[22], both penned by Mark Evanier. The latter was the first to be written, and the other was written after Evanier was hired to try his hand at writing Scrappy. After his addition to the show proved to be a ratings success, Hanna-Barbera restructured the show in 1980. The original format of four teenagers and their dog(s) solving supernatural mysteries for a half-hour was eschewed for simpler, more comedic adventures which involved real supernatural villains, opposed to regular humans in disguise.

Scrappy remained an integral part of the Scooby-Doo franchise, on both TV and in Scooby-related licensed products and merchandising, through the early 1990s. He was also briefly the star of his own seven minute shorts — the Scrappy & Yabba Doo segments of Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo. Teamed with his uncle Yabba-Doo and Deputy Dusty, he helped maintain law and order in Tumbleweed(Yabba's Rustle Hustle)(Low-Down Showdown), a small town in the American west.


Scrappy's cameo in Scooby-Doo! and the Goblin King.

In later years, the presence of Scrappy-Doo has often been criticized as having had a negative impact on the various Scooby-Doo series of the 1980s, Mark Evanier perceived why Scrappy didn't mesh well, because Scooby didn't talk the way Scrappy did. creating an imbalance. He hasn't had a positive role in animated form since Scooby-Doo and the Reluctant Werewolf. When A Pup Named Scooby-Doo was created, the premis of the younger gang, naturally taking place before Scrappy was born, led to his retirement from the series. By the time of Scooby's Arabian Nights, where Shaggy and Scooby are grown again, the thinking had apparently changed, and Scrappy was not brought back. Scrappy was not completely forgotten and during the 1990's, he was the co-star of a video game and featured prominently in Archie Comics' run, until the last few issues, possibly as a result of Turner being bought by Time Warner. This is more evident when DC Comics took over and shied away from Scrappy, with one of the newsletters even telling the reader(s) not to bring him up (although they made the last issue of Cartoon Network Presents about him, putting him in a positive light, although still somewhat tongue in the cheek), and Cartoon Network making bumpers, which mocked Scrappy with every chance they got, as well as making a cruel intended game on their official website. The de facto landslide of negativity against Scrappy was personified in Scooby-Doo: The Movie, which depicted him as the main antagonist, because the writer, James Gunn, vehemently despised him, and he hasn't really recovered since. He appears as a corpse throughout Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law, appears as multiple stuffed dogs being knocked into in the DTV Scooby-Doo! and the Goblin King, Fred and Daphne are critical of him in Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated, and appears as a projectile in the Wacky Races reboot episode Double Trouble.

Seemingly because of this, DVD and VHS covers of the three 80s movies Scrappy starred in had not carried him on the front, until 2015, with the surprising release of Scooby-Doo! and Scrappy-Doo!: The Complete Season 1.


  • Lennie Weinrib provided his voice for one season in 1979; from 1980 onwards, it was performed by Don Messick, also the voice of Scooby-Doo.
  • Scrappy has a mother, Ruby-Doo, but no father has ever shown up, not even for his birth.[23] The role of his father figure has been filled by mostly Scooby.
  • His catchphrase(s) are (besides "Puppy power"): "Let me at him, let me at him!", "Put em' up, put em' up!" and "Uncle Scooby, let me at 'em, I will splat 'em!" Most of these are different in some way depending on the scene.
  • Scrappy is unique amongst television characters in that, in an ironic twist of fate, he both saved the franchise and was the result of its eventual decline. This is however, not proven, although the fact that he disappeared after the 80's makes one wonder.
  • Scrappy is depicted as a bit of a child prodigy in The New Scooby-Doo Mysteries, as he constantly uses new inventions that he supposedly created such as crazy rubber and his watch computer.
  • Scrappy makes a cameo in the Supernatural crossover episode Scoobynatural. He appears in the Scooby-Dooby doors gag during the chase song.
  • Scrappy's owner was originally Daphne's niece, but this character was dropped in the development process.[24]

In other languages[]

Actor Language Notes
Håvard Bakke Norwegian The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo
Mieczysław Gajda Polish VHS release of Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo


See also[]


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