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Scoobypedia is a wiki regarding Scooby-Doo, the gang, and all their adventures, past, present and future in all media.

Aims of Scoobypedia

  • A place where fans or anyone can enjoy creating (editing), discussing and/or reading. Due to category abuse and heavy vandalism the wiki has been blocked from anonymous contributers since July 2012.
  • Give unbiased accounts, facts and any relevant information regarding the films, videos, shows and material from beginning to end.
  • Maintain an easy to read style using info boxes for article's main details.

Explore and meet the rest of the gang (the community)!


The exact start of this wiki was September 25th 2006, 18:24 hrs to be precise by Klaus Baudelaire. Not a long history, but in wiki terms that's light years by comparison. In that time, around one hundred pages were created and in the process many red links (more than four hundred). Some of the material is of high quality, while most are simply headlines that need expansion, along with the odd few that are in need of bringing up to standard.

At some point, poor old Scooby rolled over and played dead, probably due to inactivity, lack of input, and perhaps in need of a 'hippie' image too for fan appeal. Along the way there has been some poor or negative input, which may have added to it's decline.

Scooby-Doo was recently discovered by Piandao, who found a few Scooby Snacks for Scoob, and with the help of The 888th Avatar, encouraged the lovable old dog to get back on his feet. With regular exercise, grooming and a good diet of Scoob's favorite snacks, and pretty much anything that his cast iron, dustbin like tummy can handle, dear old Scoob will be fine.

With the fans help too, this wiki will be in shape and as well as being informative, it will also be fun. Enjoy the wiki and meet the community too.

Short Term Goals

  • Categorize; Characters, Voice Actors, Actors, Monsters, Villains as well as stubs, improvement and images needed
  • Layout:- Characters, villains, Monsters/ghouls WIP (Piandao)
  • Layout:- Series, episodes etc. WIP (Piandao)
  • Side Bar: - more navigation.
  • Templates:
    • Info boxes
    • others?
  • Categories:
  • Disambiguation: reduces the duplication through ambiguous titles.
  • Raise number of regular quality editors
  • Ideas?
  • Links to fansites and free games etc

Mid Term Goals

  • Achieve wiki standards
  • Maintain wiki standards

Long Term Goals

Keep Scooby alive for future generations.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.