SA V4 cover

Scooby Apocalypse: Volume 4 is a trade paperback collecting issues 19-24 of Scooby Apocalypse. It hit the shelves on September 19, 2018 by DC Comics, followed by a digital release on September 25 of the same year.


  1. Child's Play!
  2. Secret Squirrel!: Broken!
  3. A Scooby-Doo Christmas
  4. Secret Squirrel: Deadly Reunion!
  5. Malled!
  6. Secret Squirrel!: Bikini Bloodbath!
  7. Uncivil War!
  8. Secret Squirrel!: Toolbooth Terror!
  9. A Dog and His Boy!
  10. Secret Squirrel: No Noose is Good Noose!
  11. Prelude to Disaster!
  12. Secret Squirrel: Betrayed!


  • The cover is from the variant of issue 21.


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