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Scooby-Doo! and the Werewolf is a children's book by Scholastic.


When Shaggy finds out a foreign exchange student is gong to come live with him for a month, he and Scooby are delighted! They can't wait to learn all about the food in Romania, the country Andre comes from. But when Andre arrives, the two get a little suspicious. Andre is very hairy, he won't touch anything silver, and he always lets out a long howl on the night of the full moon. Could Shaggy's new roommate be ... a werewolf?


Velma walks in to tell Shaggy and Scooby about the foreign exchange student that is coming to live with with them for a month. As Shaggy and Scooby don't know anything about Romania, Velma brings some books with her so they can learn all about Romania.

Shaggy decides that there's too many books for them to read, so instead settles on a movie instead. However, that movie is about a gypsy cursing a man from Romania, turning him into a werewolf. They were terrified by the movie, but the next day went with the Mystery Gang to pick up Andre from the airport. Shaggy and Scooby were nervous, thinking that Andre might be a werewolf.

Andre then comes out of the airplane, Shaggy and Scooby were terrified by how hairy he was, and jumped to the conclusion that he was a werewolf. For the rest of the day, they worried about how Andre might be a werewolf, staying up all night in terror. At midnight, however, they hear someone open and close the front door, and see Andre sneaking out! This scared them even more, however, wanting to trust Andre, they followed after him. After a short walk, they see him howling at the full moon and how he was covered in hair.

This caused the two of them to race back home and hide under Shaggy's bed, unable to sleep for the rest of the night.

First thing in the morning, Shaggy and Scooby race to the old bookstore to read about how to tell if someone is a werewolf. After reading that wolfsbane drives away werewolves, they bought from the shop in town that sold wolfbane, and raced home to show Andre. When they did, they show it to Andre, who quickly left the room.

Another one of the books Shaggy read said that werewolves didn't like silver, so he took a silver spoon from the kitchen, and hid in a bush until Andre returned from his walk. Shining the silver spoon in his face, Andre turned away and Shaggy and Scooby became convinced that Andre was a werewolf, so they raced to Fred's house, where the rest of Mystery Inc was, being chased by a mysterious figure. They run away, think it's Andre, running through the baseball field, multiple vacant lots, through the park and into the back alleys. They were certain that Andre was right behind them, and gaining on them.

Shaggy pulled Scooby behind some boxes, as the figure walks past them, a man walking his dog. Shaggy and Scooby don't see this however, and run as fast as they can to Fred's house, bursting in and yelling about werewolves. Velma, confused by the remarks, asks what they mean.

Andre walks in, and Shaggy yells that he's a werewolf. Daphne, annoyed by their remark, tells them how they invited him over for dinner. Shaggy then asks why Andre turned furry, ran away from the wolfsbane and turned away from the silver spoon. Andre explained that his furcoat was very old, and often shedded, that he howled at the moon cause he was excited to be spending time in America, that he was very allergic to flowers, and how they had shined the sun into his face.

Shaggy and Scooby felt stupid for blaming Andre. He then commented on how they never asked about what part of Romania he came from, telling them how he was from Transylvania, the home of the werewolf. At first, Shaggy and Scooby were terrified until they realised Andre was just kidding from their friends laughter. They then properly welcomed Andre.


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