The third season of the second incarnation of Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo aired in 1982 on ABC. It originally aired as part of The Scooby & Scrappy Doo Puppy Hour.


Episode list: 1982

Image Title Airdate
Mackerel skating away Maltese Mackerel September 25, 1982
A suspicious Bruiser suspects posers Dumb Waiter Caper September 25, 1982
Tied up lawmen Yabba's Rustle Hustle September 25, 1982
Catfish Burglar walks by disguised trio Catfish Burglar Caper October 2, 1982
Surrounded by transformed monsters Movie Monster Menace October 2, 1982
Mine car ride Mine Your Own Business October 2, 1982
Super Teen against bully Super Teen Shaggy October 9, 1982
Shieks vs Dunkers Basketball Bumblers October 9, 1982
Yabba-Doodini the magician Tragic Magic October 9, 1982
Shaggy undercover as a woman Beauty Contest Caper October 16, 1982
Haven owner hires undercover detectives Stake-out at the Take-out October 16, 1982
Train robbers fool a depressed kid Runaway Scrappy October 16, 1982
Scooby and Shaggy swapping personalities Who's Scooby-Doo? October 23, 1982
Moose holding cowards on roller coaster Double Trouble Date October 23, 1982
Lawmen watching Slippery Dan Slippery Dan the Escape Man October 23, 1982
Scooby and Shaggy disguised as safecrackers Cable Car Caper October 30, 1982
A boat race between cowards and bullies Muscle Trouble October 30, 1982
Yabba secretly helping Dusty Low-Down Showdown October 30, 1982
Slime Boy traps detectives Comic Book Caper November 6, 1982
Swami Shaggy fortune teller Misfortune Teller November 6, 1982
Count Zarko awakens Vild Vest Vampire November 6, 1982
Malone behind disguised trio A Gem of a Case November 13, 1982
Michelos steals amulet From Bad to Curse November 13, 1982
Horse tug-o-war Tumbleweed Derby November 13, 1982
Pistons amused by a shrunk Scrappy's boldness Disappearing Car Caper November 20, 1982
Scooby kidnapped by genies Scooby-Doo and Genie-Poo November 20, 1982
Director Yabba recording bank robbers Law & Disorder November 20, 1982
Trio face to face with alien scavengers Close Encounter of the Worst Kind November 27, 1982
Trio hangs from flagpole Captain Canine Caper November 27, 1982
Scrappy meeting Zylon Alien Schmalien November 27, 1982
Panther preparing to pounce trio The Incredible Cat Lady Caper December 4, 1982
Tug-o-war face off Picnic Poopers December 4, 1982
Galloping over cars Go East, Young Pardner December 4, 1982
Scrappy trying to stop Wonga from taking Dula One Million Years Before Lunch December 11, 1982
A transformed Scooby preparing to smash Shaggy and Scrappy Where's the Werewolf December 11, 1982
Yabba sneaks behind the distracted pirates raft Up a Crazy River December 11, 1982
An angry Bubba and a terrified Shaggy Hoedown Showdown December 18, 1982
Abominable snowman hitchhikes on snowmobile Snow Job Too Small December 18, 1982
Homer flirts with Yabba unaware of a trap Bride and Gloom December 18, 1982

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