Season 1 of Scooby-Doo and Guess Who? began streaming on the Boomerang VSOD service from June 27, 2019 to July 2, 2020.



Number Title Airdate Guest stars Suspects Culprits Monsters
1 Revenge of the Swamp Monster! June 27, 2019 Chris Paul Teacher
Burt Friendly
Arthur C. Habberknackles
Hadlee P. Jones
Caddy Swamp Monster
Shaggy becomes the unlikely caddy of celebrity basketball player Chris Paul, when the latter enters a charity golf tournament to help an art school, which is not only on the brink of closing, but also haunted by a swamp monster.
2 A Mystery Solving Gang Divided July 2, 2019 Abraham Lincoln Ebb Jebb Ghost sergeant
Scooby-Doo and the gang travel to a historic battlefield in Pennsylvania to investigate the mysterious appearance of ghost zombie Civil War soldiers and come face to face with a rival mystery-solving gang, learning an important lesson about teamwork.
3 Peebles' Pet Shop of Terrible Terrors! July 11, 2019 Wanda Sykes Arnie Mr. Peebles Fish Monster
The kids stop at Peebles' Pet Supply Mega-Store to cure Scooby of his hunger for Scooby Snacks. The shop owner was attacked by a fish monster just a few minutes before the gang arrived. During the investigation, the gang gets saved by Magilla Gorilla.
4 Elementary, My Dear Shaggy! July 18, 2019 Crackpot Sherlock (Sherlock Holmes) Crackpot Sherlock Security guard
The Beefeater
Screaming Skulls of London
While in London, the Mystery Machine is pushed off the road by a group of screaming, flaming skulls. The Gang end up meeting a man claiming to be Sherlock Holmes, so the Gang decide to solve the mystery with this "Holmes" who they state to be fictional.
5 Ollie Ollie In-Come Free! July 25, 2019 Ricky Gervais Old woman
Antique dealer Cat Mummy
Mystery Inc. are called by British comedian Ricky Gervais to help with the Cat Mummy who is terrorizing him at his home.
6 The Scooby of a Thousand Faces! August 1, 2019 Wonder Woman Janitor Curator Minotaur
The gang and Wonder Woman face-off against a minotaur at a museum in Greece.
7 The Cursed Cabinet of Professor Madds Markson! August 8, 2019 Penn & Teller Demolition boss
Hugo Hauser
Tess Flemmings
Teller as Hugo Hauser Ghost of Madds Markson
The gang hope to win a million dollars by spending a night in the haunted and soon to be demolished Savannah Hotel in Las Vegas, only to find that celebrity magicians Penn & Teller have accepted the same offer in the hopes of seeing the ghost of a famous magician.
8 When Urkel-Bots Go Bad! August 15, 2019 Steve Urkel Museum director
Security guard
Lunch lady
Janitor Technomancer
Mystery Inc. meets Steve Urkel in Chicago when his Urkel-Bot goes haywire upon being reprogrammed by the Technomancer.
9 The Fastest Food Fiend! August 22, 2019 Jim Gaffigan Rick Tally
Old woman
Bill Tally Spectral Speedster
Shaggy and Scooby intend to compete in Doc Tally's food eating contest, which requires participants to road race between restaurants to eat certain items. But the heat is on when food contest champion Jim Gaffigan enters the contest... and it only gets worse when the terrifying Spectral Speedster arrives to stop the race for good.
10 Attack of the Weird Al-Osaurus! August 29, 2019 Weird Al Yankovic Dr. Josephine Tuttle
Pete and Pete
Big Bob McAllister
Pete and Pete Dinosaurs
When the gang travel to parody legend Weird Al Yankovic's accordion camp, they agree to help him get to the bottom of why dinosaurs have emerged from the nearby forest and driven the other campers away.
11 Now You Sia, Now You Don't! September 5, 2019 Sia Sia
Sia's housekeeper
Sia's manager
Sia's trainer Sia Doppelganger
The gang come to the aid of Daphne's friend, music star Sia, who is suspected of a string of jewel thefts after security camera footage reveals the perpetrator looks exactly like her.
12 Quit Clowning! September 12, 2019 Kenan Thompson Contractor
A.J. Dobbs Pazzo the Ghost Clown
Comedian Kenan Thompson and Mystery Inc. hope to save a local TV station in Thompson's home town through a telethon. However, they get more than they bargain for when the station manager doesn't mention that Kenan's favorite childhood memory - Pazzo the Clown - is now a terrifying ghost that haunts the station.
13 What a Night, for a Dark Knight! September 19, 2019 Batman Dr. Kirk Langstrom Joker Man-Bat
The gang go to Gotham City to visit Daphne's uncle, Alfred Pennyworth, but must convince Batman that they're innocent when he finds them at the scene of the crime when Alfred is kidnapped.
14 The Nightmare Ghost of Psychic U! July 2, 2020 Whoopi Goldberg Flavius
Headmaster Williams
Cafeteria lady Nightmare Ghost
While stopping at a school for psychics, Mystery Inc. meet Whoopi Goldberg.
15 The Sword, the Fox and the Scooby-Doo! July 2, 2020 Mark Hamill Kelly Coach Roachner Fox Monster
While in Japan, the gang run into Mark Hamill, who's having a class reunion. A mystery presents itself when a Fox Monster kidnaps one of Hamill's old teachers.
16 One Minute Mysteries! July 2, 2020 The Flash (Barry Allen) N/A Trickster Giant Teddy Bear
Shaggy and Scooby try to find some time to eat with their pal Barry Allen (aka the Flash). But a plot is being hatched to force the Flash to reveal his true identity to the world.
17 Hollywood Knights! July 2, 2020 George Takei Private detective
Sam Sheehan
Darla Darrington
Jimmy Ghost of the Doom Bringer
Mystery Inc. meet George Takei while exploring the Hollywood Hills' most haunted historic building. While there, they also run into a ghostly knight.
18 The New York Underground! July 2, 2020 Halsey Chef
Keeper of Knowledge
Poetry Slam promoter Gator Man Monster
Scooby enters Shaggy in a poetry slam at Central Park, where his competitor is singer-songwriter Halsey.
19 Fear of the Fire Beast! July 2, 2020 Steve Buscemi Tony & Tony Jr.
Old man
Nana Fire Monster of Mount Etna
While in Sicily, the gang meet Steve Buscemi.
20 Too Many Dummies! July 2, 2020 Jeff Dunham & Darci Lynne Farmer Talent agent
Old lady
Old lady's son
Baz Bozzington Crazy Karl
The gang are asked to escort a possessed ventriloquist dummy for a competition, during which they meet two of the judges, Jeff Dunham and Darci Lynne Farmer.
21 Dance Matron of Mayhem! July 2, 2020 Maddie Ziegler Mail carrier
City official
Madame Zobrinsky Ghost of Madame Zobrinsky
The dance studio Maddie Ziegler won in a competition turns out to be haunted by the ghost of its former owner, who died over 30 years ago. Maddie calls in Daphne and the gang to solve the mystery, because if she doesn't open on time she loses ownership.
22 The Wedding Witch of Wainsly Hall! July 2, 2020 Jeff Foxworthy Construction forewoman
Neighbor lady
Food truck chef lady Wedding Witch of Wainsly Hall
The gang solve a mystery with comedian Jeff Foxworthy.
23 A Run Cycle Through Time! July 2, 2020 Malcolm McDowell N/A Malcolm McDowell Chronobeast
Malcolm McDowell has made time travel possible, so he takes the gang along into the past, but an accident causes them to go into a nightmare future.
24 I Put a Hex on You! July 2, 2020 The Hex Girls Lawyer Xander Ghost of Ester Moonkiller
Daphne's makeup vlog gets her the chance to be the prime consultant to the rock band, the Hex Girls, which also gets the gang another mystery in the form of a haunted guitar that can control people's minds.
25 The High School Wolfman's Musical Lament! July 2, 2020 Christian Slater Simone
Drama teacher
Dance teacher
Timmy Thomas
Maryanne Mulrooney
Christian Slater Werewolf
Christian Slater's high school prom is getting a redo because the original one was ruined by a wolfman. But will the wolfman return to spoil this prom. And with so many songs in the episode, will the Gang actually do a song and dance number?
26 Space Station Scooby July 2, 2020 Bill Nye & Neil deGrasse Tyson Olga Jacques Pierre and Pierre Jacques Tardigrade Monster
Bill Nye and the gang have to save Neil deGrasse Tyson, who's trapped on an international space station with a monster.

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