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This article is about the Super Nintendo game, for the unrelated Sega Genesis game with the same name, look here.

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Scooby-Doo Mystery, also known as Scooby-Doo, is the name of two video games published by Acclaim Entertainment and distributed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment as a North America exclusive in November 1995, based on the Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! animated series. This one, developed by Argonaut Software for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, is an adventure game with platforming elements. The other title developed by Illusions Gaming Company and released for the Sega Genesis, is a more traditional adventure game with a point-and-click-style interface.

In both games, players take control of Shaggy Rogers (who's followed around by Scooby-Doo), who help solve various mysteries, with other members of Mystery Inc., who serve minor roles during gameplay.


For Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy and their dog Scooby Doo, the mysteries never end. Even on vacation, they can't help but run into their share of mysteries. Ever the budding detectives, the gang runs into several new mysteries that are just waiting to be solved by them.


Stage one

Main article(s): Mystery 1: The Ghost Ship

Stage two

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Stage three

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Stage four

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Main characters:

Supporting characters:


Other characters:





Suspect Motive/reason
Grumper Motive/reason


Culprit Motive/reason
Culprit Motive/reason


  • Sunsoft intended to publish both games themselves, but passed it over to Acclaim due to bankruptcy.

Cultural references

Coloring mistakes and/or technical glitches

  • Daphne's outfit in the game is colored wrong. It's supposed to be her signature purple, but instead, it's a red brown. Possibly due to palette limitations and/or using Shaggy's pallet.
  • Scooby's collar is green.

Inconsistencies/continuities errors and/or goofs oddities

  • None known.



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