Scooby-Doo turned into a human after being bitten by a werewolf from Marius Brancusi's circus in Shaggy Rogers' dream.

Physical appearance[]

Human Scooby was a tall Caucasian male, with balding brown hair, whiskers on his chin, and a big nose, slightly resembling his dog form. He wore a brown shirt with Dog Scooby's collar symbol. 


He had a laid-back personality. He asked Shaggy, "Dude, can I borrow your shades?" and when Shaggy yelled "NOOOOO!" (while still in shock), he replied, "Relax, I was just askin'."


Big Top Scooby-Doo![]

Human Scooby appeared in Shaggy's dream after he let his temporary fame go to his head and let a group of fan-girls cater to his ego, while he posed as Scooby's trainer and took credit for all his circus tricks. The dream may reflect Shaggy's guilt about letting his friend down. When Shaggy woke up, he was relieved that Scooby was still a dog, but Scooby was still bitter, and said Shaggy was still a jerk.