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* Physical appearance; his headgear.
* History.

Scooby-Doo was the "smart dog" prototype at Complex Alpha in Nevada.

Physical appearance

Scooby is a fully grown male Great Dane with brown fur.


He was considered a failure to the smart dog program, because he was too innocently minded compared to the more aggressive dogs to follow, who would bully him. He was soon befriended by the dog handler, Shaggy Rogers, who found out he could use simple word structures, along with having a speech impediment which caused him to put "R"s at the beginning of his sentences, such as "Ruh-roh."

His time after Project Elysium's activation has made him grow into reacting on instinct occasionally to protect other humans he has befriended since, such as Daphne Blake, although can quickly be overcome with fear again.

Although the best friend of Shaggy, they have somewhat gone apart and in different directions, as Shaggy has been more concentrated with his attraction to Daisy Dinkley and then his relationship with Dr. Velma Dinkley, while Scooby has formed a strong bond with the young boy Cliffy.

Powers and abilities

He has cybernetic implants which allowed him to talk and reason in limited capacity. When he was accidentally electrocuted in the Henry Hudson Mall, his implants were given a significant boost that increased his intelligence and now has an overly articulate vocabulary.


  • Emojigoogles: He wears computerized googles, which can express what he feels in the form of emojis more easily than him having to say so.


Early life

Scooby was the first subject used for the research in Smart Dog Program, a project designed to create a highly evolved dog species via cybernetic implants for militaristic purpose. Despite gaining intellect, strength, and ability to speak, he was deemed a failure due to not having developed to his full potential: having the personality of a two years old, and lacking in killing instinct.[1]

Scooby Apocalypse

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