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Season 2 of Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! debuted on CBS from September 12, 1970 to October 31, 1970.



Number Title Airdate Suspects Culprits Monsters
1 Nowhere to Hyde September 12, 1970 Helga Dr. Jekyll Ghost of Mr. Hyde
Ghost of Mr. Hyde about to experiment on Shaggy.png
On their way home from the malt shop, the gang encounter the "Ghost of Mr. Hyde", a known jewel thief, sneaking into a spooky house. The house turns out to be the home of Dr. Jekyll, who fears he may be transforming into the Ghost of Mr. Hyde. The gang begin searching the house for clues, pegging the maid as a likely suspect, but are pursued at every turn by the ghost.
2 Mystery Mask Mix-Up September 19, 1970 N/A Mr. Fong and his henchmen Zen Tuo and the Scare Pair
Scare Pair kidnap Daphne.png
Daphne buys a decorative, and purportedly cursed, mask in Chinatown, and is subsequently kidnapped by a pair of ghastly ancient Chinese figures. The rest of the gang trail the kidnappers to the temple of the evil Zen Tuo, who is apparently haunting the temple and wants to do away with the gang.
3 Scooby's Night with a Frozen Fright September 26, 1970 Professor Ingstrom Professor Wayne Caveman
Velma carries the gang away from the Caveman.png
Sea-fishing Shaggy catches, of all things, a caveman frozen in a block of ice, which was lost at sea after sliding off of a ship. The kids take the frozen caveman to Oceanland, the local aquarium. When they come back to the aquarium later that night to retrieve Shaggy's fishing pole, they find that the ice has melted and the caveman is now apparently alive and roaming the grounds.
4 Jeepers, It's the Creeper October 3, 1970 Hermit of the Hills Mr. Carswell Creeper
Shaggy and Scooby meet the Creeper.png
A school dance at a rural barn is disrupted by the Creeper, a zombie-like figure who has been seen robbing banks at night in town. The gang searches the woods and countryside for clues, while being chased by The Creeper, and encountering an eccentric old hermit who wants their company.
5 Haunted House Hang-Up October 10, 1970 Asa Shanks Penrod Stillwall, Asa Shanks Headless Specter, Phony phantom
Headless Specter in a secret passage.png
Mystery Inc. is headed to a rock festival down some deserted back-roads when they run into a farmer who warns them about a haunted mansion up ahead. Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy and Scooby head up to the mansion where a headless specter roams the grounds and the gang must find out who is behind it and why.
6 A Tiki Scare is No Fair October 17, 1970 Old man John Simms and his henchman A witch doctor and Mano Tiki Tia
Witch Doctor appears at the luau.png
Mystery Inc.'s package vacation of Hawaii is interrupted by a witch doctor, who warns the tourists and natives of the coming wrath of the god, Mano Tiki Tia. The gang explore the area for clues, running repeatedly into the Witch Doctor and a fifty-foot stone idol of Mano Tiki Tia.
7 Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Werewolf October 24, 1970 N/A Sheep rustler Werewolf
Werewolf catches Fred and the girls with his map.png
On a camping trip, the gang encounter glowing red eyes staring at them and an eerie wolf howl. Following tracks to an abandoned mill, they get caught up in a smuggling plan and a werewolf!
8 Don't Fool with a Phantom October 31, 1970 Johnny Sands, Mr. Grisby Roger Stevens Wax Phantom
Wax Phantom appears at the dance game show.png
Johnny Sands' dance contest TV show, on which Fred, Daphne, Shaggy, and Scooby-Doo are contestants, is interrupted by a figure identified as the Wax Phantom. The gang trails the Phantom to the local wax museum, hoping to find clues and solve the mystery of the Wax Phantom before he causes more trouble.

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