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Scooby-Doo! Classic Comics: Vol. 1 is a CD-Rom, collecting the first 20 issues of Gold Key Comics' Scooby Doo... Where Are You!. It was released on September 4, 2009, and developed by GIT Media Group for platforms on Windows and Mac.


  1. What a Night for a Knight
  2. Never Ape an Ape-Man
  3. The Galleon Ghost
  4. Phantom of the Castle
  5. One Spook Too Many
  6. Tricky Treats
  7. The Ghostly Sea Diver
  8. The Spooky Space Kook
  9. The Swamp Witch
  10. That's Snow Ghost!
  11. The Ghost of Redbeard
  12. Hand from the Wall
  13. Somebody's Mummy
  14. Night for a Fright
  15. The Phantom Clown
  16. The Ghosts of Grimstone Castle
  17. The Jinxed Jet
  18. The Bewitched Weather of Buccaneer's Bay
  19. The Miniature Haunt
  20. The Way-Out Inn
  21. The Phantom Wolf
  22. Li See Lion
  23. The Trail of the Wailing Ghost
  24. The Watery Ghost of Grimsby Hall
  25. Mystery of the Ghosty Goose
  26. Real Gone Ghosts
  27. The Fiery Hoo-Doo
  28. Unlucky Luck


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