Scooby-Dee is Scooby-Doo's movie-star cousin. When Scooby-Dee was remaking a film of a long dead screen star, Milo Booth, it seemed that Booth came back to life to put an end to it.

Physical appearance

Scooby Dee has white fur, blue eyes, a long white tail, and pointy ears. She wears a pink collar with a heart-shaped name tag. During special occasions, she wears a blue fur collar with the same heart-shaped name tag.


Scooby-Dee is very sweet and kind.


The Scooby-Doo Show

Season two

Scooby-Doo, the gang, along with Scooby-Dum, had to escort Scooby-Dee back to Hollywood on a train while the ghost of movie actor Milo Booth made several attempts on her life. He then kidnapped Scooby-Dee and went to Boothville, his former home, where the kids and Scooby-Dum end up searching for her in the graveyard.

Although she was Scooby-Dum and Scooby-Doo's cousin, they were both in love with her; Scooby-Dee kissed them at the end.



In other languages

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Lena Meieran Norwegian

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