Scooby's House of Mystery is the second part of the fourth episode of the second season of The Richie Rich/Scooby-Doo Show.


The guys pass by Madame Olga's House of Mystery, and wander on in, where they encounter the Madame herself who has plenty of snips and snails, but no puppy dog tails.


On their way to see the movie "The Chicken That Ate Chicago", the gang passes Madame Olga's House of Mystery. Scooby is scared by a giant spider in the window, as Scrappy observes "all the neat stuff".

In the back of the store, Madame Olga reveals that she has snips and snails, but no puppy dog tails to complete her spell to make herself beautiful. Her raven shows her the dogs in her store, and she hides in her fortune teller machine. (Shaggy: "this one looks 'real' alright; real ugly!") The fortune reads "Beware of those who follow behind; a fool and his tail will soon be parted".

Olga comes out, welcomes them, and soon demands the tails. Scooby, uses his tail as a mustache. ("Rhat rail?") She drops a bar gate trapping them inside, and Scooby is scared by a laughing skull. The raven chases them, Scrappy challenges ("Grow your own tail, witch!") and Scooby grabs him and hides in secret passage behind a bookcase. Scrappy finds lizard paste and splats her with it.

Shaggy disguises as a fortune teller; in his crystal ball, he sees a tall, dark, handsome—Scooby Doo! (Olga: "Vat's eh Scooby Doo?"); Scrappy, challenging: "Let's show her, uncle Scooby!") They next wear nose/mustache glasses, but the raven is wise to them. Scooby drops a box of chattering teeth and one bites his tail, and he runs.

They hide behind the bookcase again, and the raven gives them away again (Scrappy: "You're no raven; you're a stool pigeon!") Scrappy is able to lift the gate, and they escape. Olga, now left without her spell, reads her fortune: "Beauty is only skin deep". She tells the laughing boxes to "Put a lid on it", which the raven does. Shaggy points out that Scooby is not the only one who has "grown attached to" his tail. A set of teeth are still clamped to it.


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Don Messick Scooby-Doo
Casey Kasem Shaggy Rogers


  • According to the nursery rhyme snips, snails, and puppy-dog tails are what "little boys are made of," not a beauty spell.

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