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The Scarebear was the disguise of Benson Fuhrman.

Physical appearance

It was a giant, mutated bear.


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Powers and abilities

He had super strength and razor sharp claws that could rip through steel.


Early life

It was said to have been terrorizing campers all summer long.

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season two

Benson Fuhrman unmasked

Benson Fuhrman unmasked.

Scarebear attacked Destroido Corp. and their Benefit for the victims of their products. When Mystery Incorporated said there was a bomb, Scarebear realized he didn't set it and helped get rid of it and it got flung right down on George Avocados's avocado farm. Fred Jones unmasked the Scarebear as the security guard, Benson Fuhrman, they had seen in Destrodio earlier. His real name is Benson Hairmore (he changed it because he believed he would be suspected as the Scarebear) and he was there trying to unmask Destroido for their callous disregard for public safety. One of their products had mutated him, giving him bear-like traits. His "costume" didn't cover his entire body, it was primarily his hands and face that the costume covered. The gang, realizing he had good intentions, decided not to have him arrested, agreeing that Destroido deserved to be exposed.


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