Sarah Jenkins, along with her brother, took care of Funland, where her brother created a robot prototype, Charlie, to run the theme park.

Physical appearance

She is an elderly Caucasian female, with white hair worn in a bun. She wears a light blue shirt with a teal cardigan over the top and a dark blue skirt.


She went to extreme methods of sabotaging Charlie just to prove her point (that kids need human companionship instead of machines), and while she may have intended just to damage an empty park, she didn't stop when Mystery Inc. (kids themselves) got involved.


Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!

Season one

She and Mr. Jenkins disbelieved the gang's claims of the strange going-ons with a robot at Funland, and sent them on their way. After further investigation, they teamed up with Mr. Jenkins to use his huge electromagnet to capture Charlie, but Sarah cut the wire when they weren't looking, letting it escape, but the electromagnetic had already scrambled his circuits. After she was discovered, Sarah explained that she didn't think robots should work where children come to have fun. Mr. Jenkins agreed and rebuilt Charlie, making sure he would be gentle.



  • Sarah's only crime was sabotage of her brother's robot. One of the few episodes where no real crime was committed.
  • She is the first female in the series to be caught as a culprit of a mystery.
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