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Sandy Duncan is a movie actress.

Physical appearance

The gang first met Sandy as a young woman in her 20s, with short blonde hair and blue eyes, wearing a long, green dress at the time. When the gang met her a second time, she is middle aged and wears a red, high-collared top under a turquoise coat with brown trim, black slacks and red shoes.


She is almost always perky and chipper.


The New Scooby-Doo Movies

Season one

During a visit to Mammoth Studios, Daphne fills in as Sandy Duncan's double when she is plagued by various monsters during production on her new film Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde.

Scooby-Doo and Guess Who?

Season two

Sandy Duncan gets involved in a remake of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde when Mammoth Studios is in danger of closure once again and invites Daphne back as her double. Unfortunately, the production also sees the return of a villainous Mr. Hyde.



  • Sandy was the first non-animated celebrity guest star to appear in both The New Scooby Doo Movies and Scooby Doo and Guess Who?