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Sammy the Shrimp, also known as Mr. Grizzley, is a professional criminal.

Physical appearance

Sammy is a tall middle-aged male, has brown hair and wears circular glasses. He also has a large nose and a bushy moustache.


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The Scooby-Doo Show

Season one

Sammy the Shrimp unmasked

Sammy the Shrimp unmasked.

He and his unnamed pals dressed up as the Technicolor Phantoms. Sammy was the Vanilla Technicolor Phantom. Their goal was to scare people away from a stolen armored car they hid in the factory.



Sammy the Shrimp: Yeah, if it wasn't for those brats, we would've driven through every roadblock in the city.

In other languages

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Harald Mæle Norwegian
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