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Sadie-Mae Scroggins is a young woman who lives near the Beauregard Mansion.

Physical appearance

Sadie is a young and attractive Caucasian female with green eyes, cherry-pink lipstick, and blonde hair, which she ties in two pigtails with red bows. She walks barefoot, and wears a patched red bikini-like top and short shorts, giving her a very redneck or hillbilly characterisation.


She’s neighborly and very nice to people. In spite of her kindness, she can resort to physical violence to get her way as shown with her interactions with her older brother Billy-Bob Scroggins.

She was very persistent regarding her romantic interest in Shaggy Rogers, kissing him every chance she got. She even stated she wanted to marry him, despite just meeting him. Sadie continued to pursue him passing off his objections as Shaggy playing hard to get.

Skills and abilities

She is extremely strong, being capable of tying her brother's gun in a knot with ease, which she does multiple times to thwart his attempts on Shaggy's life.


Scooby-Doo Meets the Boo Brothers

She fell for Shaggy at first sight and wanted to marry him, in spite of the feud between her clan and the Beauregards, of whom Shaggy was a relative. There were a couple of instances where Sadie appeared out of nowhere, grabbing Shaggy and repeatedly kissed him until he managed to break away.



  • She has a resemblance to Daisy Mae of Li'l Abner (whose maiden name was "Skragg") and wears similar tattered clothing.
  • The "Sadie" part of her name may be a reference to the "Sadie Hawkins Day Race" from that same comic strip, an event where women can chase men and marry the one they catch. The "May" portion of the name may be inspired by Elly May Clampett of The Beverly Hillbillies.
  • Her extraordinary strength may be a tribute to the fictional character Pippi Longstocking, an uncommonly strong Scandinavian girl who wore her hair in pigtails.