Rung Ladderton is the heir to a ladder company. Daphne Blake's parents were hoping she would become interested in him, instead of Fred Jones, Jr.

Physical appearance

Ladderton is a tall, thin caucasian male with brown hair and black eyes. A sophisticated dresser, he wears either a green turtleneck sweater paired with green pants or a pink turtleneck sweater paired with brown pants. He completes either ensemble with a purple ascot and a navy double-breasted sport coat with the Ladderton family crest stitched on the pocket. For a brief time, he also wore Fred's orange ascot.


Ladderton is self-absorbed, viewing himself as the epitome of sophistication and a member of society's upper crust. Regularly curt in his interactions with others, he works to give the impression that he knows what is going on in every situation. Ladderton is also a incessant self-promoter and regularly hands out promotional pins for his company as gifts.


Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Rung Ladderton falls out Ghost Truck

Rung is exposed.

Season one

Rung Ladderton was introduced to Daphne by her parents. Though he seemed fairly disinterested in her, her parents hoped she would consider him a more desirable suitor than Fred. Ladderton showed up late for his lone date with Daphne at The Bloody Stake, but was flattered enough by Fred to trade ascots with him. Mystery Incorporated and Mayor Jones were later surprised when Ladderton was revealed to be the operator of the Ghost Rig after it chased the Mystery Machine into City Hall and crashed into Fred's shark tank trap. Ladderton admitted that his ladder company was not in good shape financially and he wanted to find the diamond that George Avocados' father stole and disguised as a crystal doorknob. As he stole doorknobs from around Crystal Cove, he used The Ghost Rig to transport them to and from his hiding place in a cave. Rung was then arrested by Sheriff Bronson Stone and one of his deputies.


In other languages

Actor Language Notes
Charles Emmanuel Brazilian Portuguese
Tommy Karlsen Norwegian
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