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Rufus T. Dinkley was a famous businessman, and one of Dr. Velma Dinkley's brothers who corrupted the nanites of Project Elysium, which transformed most of the planet's population into monsters. Some of the monsters made an effigy out of Rufus then trapped him inside and burned it.[3] His wife, Daisy, who joined Velma and her friends,[3] considered him dead.[4] Months later, he was revealed to be alive, but left docile in nature, and recovered by his and Velma's brother Quentin.[5] He survived the nanite plague by injecting himself with an experimental antidote, but due to its instability, it degraded his mind and broke him down at a cellular level.[6] At the time of his death, he apologized to Velma for the way he treated her. In honor of him, she and Shaggy Rogers gave their newborn son the middle name Rufus.

Physical appearance

Rufus is an overly obese Caucasian male, who wears an red toupee that has been parted in the middle. He wears a blue suit, with a white shirt and a red and black tie.

This is in stark contrast to when he recruited Velma to work at Complex Alpha, being slim and had his own hair, which was brown and short.


In middle age, Rufus has become increasingly egotistical and violent. He is very vain, and doesn't like anyone pointing out he wore a toupee. He also doesn't like people speaking out at him, as he finds it disrespectful. He treats his Daisy Dinkley as a trophy wife, and very cruelly at that. He belittles her at every instant, even forcing her to take pills during the monster outbreak that quash any independent thought, making it easier for him to manage her.[3] He can't hold a wife, as Daisy is his seventh or eighth wife.[2]

When hearing complaints gets too much for him, he has violent outbursts, from punching his wife to either locking away or killing his staff.[7]

He has no remorse for turning most of the human population around him into monsters, as he sees them as sheep who need to be controlled, which is justified by them seemingly worshipping him.[2][3] He even mocked his brother, Hugo, when he killed himself from taking part in what had happened. Rufus will only be polite when he wants something for his own personal gain.


Early life

When Velma was a baby, he would sometimes be forced to look after her, as their father was a political campaign manager, while their mother was always having visits at mental hospitals.[1]

After Velma had her own mental breakdown, her brothers convinced her to help them at the Complex, and in turn Project Elysium, which was supposed to benefit humanity. By that point, he was a scientist, but wasn't as good as Velma.[1]

Some time after he recruited Velma and before the Project went terribly wrong, he became a businessman.[7]

After Project Elysium transformed most of the country into mindless, savage mutants, Rufus and Daisy hid in the penthouse of Dinkley Tower.[7]

Scooby Apocalypse

He grew frustrated with his wife fearing the monsters outside the tower, as he waited for one of his scientists to find a way of controlling them. Rufus was actually keeping him against his will (having been tied up to his chair), and when he complained about his work conditions, he punched him in a rage that killed Dr. Mindip Kapoor. This did little to faze him, as he simply went to fetch another one he had locked away somewhere.[7]



  • Rufus T. Dinkley is a parody of the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, whose term of office began while the series was in progress.