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Rufus Raucous is a famous stage magician.

Physical appearance

Rufus is a tanned adult male, with black hair and a goatee.


Rufus is a very calm and friendly individual, who has a strong passion for performing magic. Phylidia Flanders and Del Stone held him in very high regard, with the former disbelieving that he faked his own death because he loved performing magic too much and the latter saying that Rufus was the greatest celebrity he had ever known next to Elvis Presley.

Despite the Spectacular Spackle Dome being built specifically for him to use, Rufus disliked performing in it, calling it a giant playground, instead preferring to focus on street magic. When he returned to play again for Stone, he would only do it on his terms.

Powers and abilities

He is a highly-skilled stage magician.

  • Levitation


What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Season one

He staged his death during the demolition of the Atomic Lodge. The alleged ghost of Rufus Raucous appeared after his apparent death, but it turned out he was in hiding while working on new tricks, and the ghost was actually his assistant, Phylidia Flanders, who wanted revenge because she knew Raucous' tricks, but Stone wouldn't let her perform them.


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