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Rufus Carmichael was the corrupt sheriff of Sorghum City in the 1800's.

Physical appearance

He wore a brown coat with a tie and a big cowboy hat. He also had an old-fashioned handlebar-style mustache.


He was so jealous of the praise Dapper Jack Rogers got for all his good deeds, that he set him up as cattle rustler, before fatally shooting him in a stand off. He then impersonated him and went on a crime spree, leading to everyone past and present in Sorghum, including those that knew about him in the Rogers family, to believe he was a no-good outlaw. Sheriff Carmichael even wrote a slandering book about him, called Sinister History of Dapper Jack Rogers. Perhaps due to his own vanity, he also wrote the whole truth in a diary.


Early life

He grew jealous of the praise Dapper Jack's gotten from the townspeople, that he decided to take it from him. He first framed Jack for cattle-rustling, then attempted to arrest him but was unable to, since Jack has amazing skills on horseback. One day, he finally caught up to Jack, and challenged him to a draw. He killed Jack in cold blood, but he didn't stop there. He disguised himself as Jack, and committed crimes in Sorghum City, ruining Jack's reputation, while he'd be remembered as a hero.

Scooby-Doo! Shaggy's Showdown

The tourists come to Sorghum City to hear about the tales of Dapper Jack, the famous outlaw, and how he was taken care of by Rufus. But, when Mystery Inc. found his diary, his "heroic" reputation came to an end. And Sorghum City now tells the real story about Rufus.


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