Riva Ras Regas is the sixth episode of the first season of What's New, Scooby-Doo?


The gang goes to Las Vegas, to meet teen pop sensation Lindsay Pagano. But they soon end up trying to uncover the mystery of a deceased magician called Rufus Raucous, whose ghost has risen from the grave to haunt the theater where Lindsay is performing.


The episode begins with Rufus Raucous, a magician, attempting the ultimate escape on Live TV. Unfortunately, the building caves in, and he was presumed dead.

Fred tells the gang that they have arrived in Las Vegas, and Velma also tells them that they can see the Eiffel Tower, the Canals of Venice, and Ancient Rome without going to Europe, and Shaggy tells Scooby that he has never seen so many all-you-can-eat buffets, and he also said, "Viva Las Vegas!". Daphne tells the gang to look at the shops, and Velma also tells them that there's a world-class art collection at the Garageo, and that it was a Broadway-style theater. Shaggy tells the gang to look at the sign that says, "RATS: The Musical," and Fred also tells them that he heard Las Vegas has some of the best Elvis impersonators in the world, before doing (and messing up)his own. Daphne takes away the sunglasses, and he told her that he can't do his impersonation without them, and Daphne said, "Really?" before breaking them.

Velma tells the gang that they have arrived at their destination, Newark Newark, and that it was Las Vegas' first New Jersey-themed resort. She then muses that she's guessing that it was Las Vegas' only New Jersey themed resort. Daphne then tells th Gang that it's also the site of the biggest concert event of the year, and that Lindsay Pagano is making her headlining debut, for which they just have to happen to have backstage passes. Fred asks Shaggy do they really want to go backstage and meet Lindsay, and Shaggy tells him no, and that they want to go backstage to eat the catering spread. Del Stone welcomes them to his resort, and introduces himself, and Velma thanks him for inviting them. Fred was curious, and asked Del what made him decide on a New Jersey theme for his resort, and Del told him that somebody already had a pirate ship hotel, so they went with their second choice, and Fred tells him that it made perfect sense, and Del tells him that it was a joke.

While inside, Del tells them that everything about the theater is state-of-the-art, and Velma tells him, "Except for the name. The Spectacular Spackle Dome," and Del tells her that its a corporate sponsorship, and that Spackle was one of New Jersey's biggest exports, and Fred laughs, and says that was a good joke, and Del tells him that it wasn't a joke, and that they do their best to respect the whole Newark theme, and Shaggy asks Del are creepy black cats part of the theme, and Scooby went after it. When it disappears, Daphne tells them that it vanished under the statue, and Shaggy tells her to make that a floating statue, and Velma tells them that it's a statue of the presumably late, great Rufus Raucous, and that levitating was his signature trick, but no wires. Del tells the gang that Rufus was the greatest showman he has known since Elvis, and Fred tells him that he knew Elvis, and Del tells them that Rufus was supposed to be the Spackle Dome's main attraction, and that the theater was designed specifically to house his show, but sadly, it was not to be. Del tells the gang to go check out rehearsal, and that he needed to see a maintenance man about a vanishing cat. Shaggy tells Scooby that he doesn't think their luck can't get any worse, and when the statue's eyes turned red, Shaggy said that maybe it could, before fleeing away.

At rehearsal, the gang was having fun listening to Lindsay Pagano's song, "Living in De Nile," but then, the ghost of Rufus Raucous appears, and he tells them to get out, and Shaggy says that its part of the show, and that its just a big, scary face on the monitor before realizing that it could shoot fireballs. Velma tells them that it looked like Rufus Raucous, and Daphne tells her, "Or his ghost," and Shaggy says, "On that note, like, good night everybody!" Fred tells the girls that whatever it is, it wasn't a Lindsay Pagano fan, and when the ghost shoot fire on the rope, Fred rushes in to save her. Lindsay tells Fred that was totally weird, and Daphne tells her that it looked like Rufus Raucous' ghost, and Lindsay asks her does she really think its a ghost, and Fred tells her that he doesn't know, and introduces himself and the gang. Lindsay tells Fred that she's the lucky one, and that Fred saved her life, and asks him does he want to grab lunch in a little bit, and Fred tells her no, and that he had a energy bar. Daphne screams, and Shaggy thinks it was the ghost again, and Daphne tells them it's Fate's Fools, and that they're only her favorite boy band in the world, and Lindsay tells her that they're her opening act, and Flapjack tells them that they were trying to kick it chilly willy, and they are bumming their van winkles with all this bogus woofering and tweetering, and Velma asks Lindsay what did he say, and Flapjack tells them that its too noisy out there, and that they're trying to rest their vocal chords for the show, and Lindsay tells him that she'll try to keep it down the next time a ghost tries to kill her, and Flapjack says, "Oh, shiver me timbers."

Del appears, and asks everybody are they all right, and that he heard a disturbance, and Flapjack tells him that Lindsay's all wiggity with the boo-hoo, and it might be funkalicious if he and his boyos headline in her place, and Lindsay tells him nice try, and that she wouldn't give up her first headlining gig in Vegas because of a stupid ghost. Del tells them that there's not going to be any show, and that he's cancelling it until they discover who or what is responsible for the damage. Lindsay couldn't believe that her show is getting cancelled, and Fred tells her that they could help ferret out the ghost, and that they've solved a few mysteries in their day, and Lindsay hugs him, and tells him that that was so generous and brave of him.

When Shaggy and Scooby arrived at the green room, Shaggy tells Scooby that maybe that's where they keep salads and vegetables, and when Shaggy opens the door, they found the ghost of Rufus Raucous, and while Shaggy and Scooby are cornered, the ghost made the hydraulic cables tie them up, and he disappears. Velma and the gang appear, and asks them what's up, and Shaggy tells her they are, and that the ghost brought the hydraulic cables to life, and Velma found a cable that leaks water. Shaggy tells the gang that the ghost was hovering over there near the rack of costumes, and while Scooby was giving his imitation of the ghost, the metal on his collar dropped him to the ground, and Shaggy thinks the ghost got him, and Velma tells him that the floor does, and that the metal on his collar is stuck, and Fred tells them that the floor is magnetized, and Velma tells Fred that the cable that snagged Shaggy and Scooby was hydraulic, and that when water is forced through it, it moves, and she tells the gang to remember that the theater was designed for Rufus Raucous, and that the illusions are probably built right in.

While Daphne was admiring Lindsay's wardrobe, she found the mask the ghost was wearing, and she tells Fred that whoever was wearing it probably ditched it so they could slip out of the theater unnoticed, and Velma tells Lindsay or blend in with the people inside, and Daphne tells them, "like a certain boy band that wanted to steal the top spot from Lindsay, who sometimes let me borrow her clothes?" Lindsay tells her to go for it, and that she has doubles. Fred asks the gang what about Del Stone, and Shaggy asks Fred why would Del want to sabotage his own theater, and Lindsay tells them that Del doesn't own the place, and that he's just the manager, and that he was losing his shirt, and then he sold to a big conglomerate. Velma tells Lindsay that perhaps Mr. Stone wanted to ruin the hotel out of spite, and Fred tells them that there's one sure way to find out, and he also tells them to spilt up, and that he, Shaggy, and Scooby will check out Mr. Stone, and Daphne tells him that she, Lindsay, and Velma will check out some shops.

Meanwhile, Del Stone was sneaking out of his private office before being stopped by Fred, Shaggy, and Scooby. While running after Del, Fred tells Shaggy and Scooby that it looked like Mr. Stone was trying to give them the slip before following him in the steam room. While there, Shaggy said that he has a sudden craving for steamed dumplings, and Fred tells Shaggy and Scooby that Del can't see them, and that if he disguise his voice, he'll pump Del for info. While doing that, Del tells Fred that Vegas has changed, and that he had to sneak away to take a steam bath, and Fred (in his Elvis voice) tells him that he knows what he mean, and they're kicking it old school, and TCB (Taking Care of Business). Fred also asks Del does he know anything about this ghost business with Rufus, and Del tells Fred that that's no ghost, and that Rufus Raucous would have to be dead to be a ghost, and Fred (in his normal voice) said, "What? He's not dead?" Del asks who is that, and when he realized he was wiping himself with Scooby's tail, Del said that dogs aren't allowed in the steam room, and neither are nosy kids, and Del tells Fred that his Engelbert Humperdinck impression stinks.

At the theater, Fred asks the girls did they find anything, and Velma tells him to look what's she got, and that she couldn't resist. Fred tells everyone there she is, Rufus Raucous' former assistant, Phylidia Flanders. Phylidia introduces Mr. Wacky Pants, and he said that he learned magic from his ex-wife, and that she made his bank account, his car, and his disappear. Wacky tells everyone that he needs two volunteers, and those volunteers are Shaggy and Scooby. Shaggy tells Wacky that they hadn't had a bite all day, and Wacky removes his teeth, and tells Shaggy, "Well, here you go, then!" Phylidia brings out the human puzzle box, and Wacky tells Shaggy and Scooby to don't be worried, and that the only thing he ever vanished was his hair, and Shaggy tells Wacky to watch his stomach, and that it's his best feature, and when Wacky shuffled the box, it was revealed that Shaggy and Scooby's bodies are still together. Wacky tells Phylidia that he just got this trick, and that he needs help, and Velma said, "Ugh, so do we." Phylidia shuffles the box, and when it was done, the audience applauds.

At Phylidia's dressing room, she tells the gang that he didn't fake his death, and that Rufus couldn't walk away from the spotlight, that he loved magic too much, and that he wouldn't have left her to scrape out a living with Mr. Wacky Pants. Wacky appears, and says that he resemble that remark, and says, "And what is this? Oh-oh, more kooks who thinks Rufus Raucous is still alive," and he blows a raspberry at them. Phylidia tells the gang that Wacky is jealous, and that once Rufus came to the scene, guys like Wacky went out of fashion pretty quickly. She also tells them that Rufus isn't coming back, and she gives them the footage of Rufus' last stunt.

Backstage, when they see the footage, Fred tells the gang that there's no way Rufus could've got out of there, and Lindsay asks Velma can she play the last part again, and Shaggy asks her what is that, and Velma tells him that it's a little line around computer-generated effects, and Lindsay tells them that sometimes you see it in music videos, and Daphne tells them that then maybe it's not real concrete falling down on Rufus. Velma tells the gang that if it's layered over the original image, she should be able to strip it away, and succeeds. Velma tells them that it was a digital image, and Daphne also tells them that Rufus went through the floor, and that it must have been pre-recorded before the building actually came down, and Velma tells them that they spliced it through the broadcast so it looked like it was happening live. Fred tells the others to remember how Scooby chased that cat, and it just vanished under the statue, and that maybe that's where the trapdoor is, and Velma tells Fred that he may be onto something.

Back at the theater, Shaggy, Scooby, and Fred pushed the statue to reveal the trapdoor, and Fred tells the others to check it out, and that it was dark, spooky tunnel, and when they got down there, Shaggy tells them that no good ever comes from dark and spooky. When they heard a bell clinking, it was revealed to be the black cat that Scooby chased earlier, and he went after it again, this time in a secret room. When Shaggy bumped into something, Velma told them that it was a mannequin of the Great Houdini, the famous illusionist. Fred asks the gang do they see all this magic stuff, and Rufus told Fred to see with his eyes, not with his hands, and that those were priceless. Shaggy thinks it was the ghost of Rufus Raucous, and Velma tells him that it is the real Rufus Raucous. Daphne asks Rufus, "You mean, you're not trying to keep her from performing in your theater," and Rufus tells her that he's not about that kind of stuff, and that's why he left, to get back into street magic, and that he has amazing new tricks in the works. Shaggy asks Rufus if he's real, then who's that, before seeing the ghost of Rufus Raucous. The cat waved at it, and Rufus pulled a sheet from the table, and disappears with the gang. Realizing they're surrounded, Rufus pulls out doves to scare away the ghost, starting a chase scene with "Here I Come Vegas" playing in the background.

Back at the show, Wacky thanks the audience, and tells them that he shall make them disappear for his first illusion, and Rufus tells the gang that he's been after his secrets for years, and Velma tells him that with Phylidia at his side, he might finally have them, and Daphne says that he doesn't always use them, and Lindsay tells Daphne that unless he's saving them for a surprise appearance at the Spackle Dome. Fred tells her that there's one way to find out, and that they'll have to set a trap, and asks Rufus is he up for it, and Rufus tells Fred to count him in.

Outside, Flapjack tells his boyos that someone's gonna pay for this, and Nancy Chang reports the news about Rufus' return, and asks them is this for real, and says that she doesn't know, but she does know she reported it first.

Onstage, Daphne asks Velma is she ready, and Velma tells her that she's not coming out, and Rufus tells her to follow his lead, and that she'll be fine. The announcer tells everyone to welcome Rufus, and the audience boos, and Rufus tells them that he doesn't blame them for doubting it's him, but he intends to prove it the only way he knows how, by astounding them using only a deck of cards, and his bare hands. Rufus intentionally drops the cards, and asks Velma can she pick those up for him, and he tells them that there's nothing up his sleeve, and like he said, using his own hands. Rufus asks Velma can he lend her a hand, and Velma told him no, and that those are hers, and Rufus tells the audience that there's a new face in magic, and it was his.

The ghost appears, and calls Rufus an imposter, and Daphne shines the light at the ghost, blinding him, and Fred tells Shaggy and Scooby to trap him, but to no avail. The ghost brought the sphinx to life, and tries to attack Rufus, and when Scooby's collar is stuck on the floor, Velma saw a switch that said magnetic polarity, and pulls it, releasing Scooby, and ground the ghost. Shaggy said that the ghost is grounded, and Velma tells him thanks to magnets in its shoes, and that those were the same magnets to levitate. Fred tells them to let him out of the box, and when Shaggy opened it, Fred was gone, leaving Shaggy saying where did he go. When he closed it, they hear Fred, and they opened it, and saw that Fred was ok. Fred tells the gang that it was time to bring the curtain down on Wacky Pants' career, and the ghost was revealed to be Phylidia Flanders. Lindsay tells the gang so that's how the ghost knew all of Rufus' tricks, and Velma also tells them that Wacky Pants seemed like a obvious suspect, but he couldn't perform even the simplest magic tricks, and that the biggest clue was Rufus' cat, and Daphne said that it wasn't afraid of it, and Velma tells her that it had to be someone close to Rufus, hence Phylidia.

Rufus asks her why, and Phylidia tells him that after he "disappeared," she was supposed to step into the spotlight, and that she knew all of Rufus' tricks, and she would've made millions, but Del Stone wouldn't hear it, and Fred tells her that she wanted to ruin Del Stone.

At the concert, Del thanks the gang for not only solving the mystery, but luring Rufus out of retirement, and he also said that Rufus agreed to play the Spackle Dome a few times a year, and Rufus tells him, "On my terms." Shaggy tells Scooby that they've found the motherload of backstage grub, and that those are the biggest fruit salads he's ever seen. While Lindsay sings, "Fruit of My Love," she invites Fred to join her, but he said no, so she helped him on stage, and while they're dancing, Shaggy and Scooby appear in the fruit salads, and Daphne tells the others to look at them. Scooby says, "Scooby-Dooby-Doo! Yeah!"


Main characters:

Supporting characters:


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Suspect Motive/reason
Mr. Wacky Pants He wanted Rufus Raucous's secrets.
Del Stone He had to sell the hotel, so he could be sabotaging it for revenge.
Fate's Fools To replace Lindsay Pagano as the main performance.
Rufus Raucous He faked his death.


Culprit Motive/reason
Phylidia Flanders as the Ghost of Rufus Raucous To do Rufus Raucous's magic tricks so she could launch her own career.


Frank Welker Scooby-Doo
Fred Jones
Casey Kasem Shaggy Rogers
Mindy Cohn Velma Dinkley
Grey DeLisle Daphne Blake
Lauren Tom Nancy Chang
Lindsay Pagano Herself
Steve Blum Rufus Raucous
Ghost of Rufus Raucous
Kimberly Brooks Phylidia Flanders
Backup singer 2
Kerrigan Mahan Del Stone
Rip Taylor Mr. Wacky Pants
Jane Wiedlin Backup singer 1
Jason Harris Flapjack
Kerrigan Mahan Del Stone


Song Credits Performed by Character performance by
"Living In De Nile" Written by Rich Dickerson, Gigi Meroni, and Tom Sheppard Lindsay Pagano Lindsay Pagano
"Here I Come Vegas" Written by Rich Dickerson and Gigi Meroni
"Fruit of My Love" Written by Rich Dickerson, Gigi Meroni, and Tom Sheppard

Full credits

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Opening credits

Closing credits

  • Producer: Ed Scharlach
  • Series Story Editors: George Doty IV, Jim Krieg, Ed Scharlach
  • Series Directors: Russell Calabrese, Tim Maltby, Tom Mazzocco, Swinton Scott, Joe Sichta
  • Music By: Gigi Meroni & Rich Dickerson
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  • Casting & Voice Direction: Collette Sunderman
  • Starring the Voices Of: Mindy Cohn as Velma, Grey DeLisle as Daphne, Kimberly Brooks as Phylidia & Backup Singer #2, Steve Blum as Rufus Raucous, Flapjack & Announcer, Kerrigan Mahan as Del Stone, Rip Taylor as Mr. Wacky Pants, Lauren Tom as Nancy Chang and Lindsay Pagano as Herself
  • Based Upon Characters Created By: Hanna-Barbera Productions
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  • Warner Bros. Animation
  • This motion picture is protected under the laws of the United States of America and other countries. Any unauthorized, duplication, copying, distribution, exhibition or use may result in civil and/or criminal prosecution.
  • Dolby Surround
  • ©2002 Hanna-Barbera Cartoons, Inc.
  • All Rights Reserved
  • Country of first publication United States of America
  • Warner Bros. is the author of this film/motion picture for the purposes of Article (15)2 of the Berne Convention and all national laws given effect thereto.
  • Warner Bros. Animation


Cultural references

Animation mistakes and/or technical glitches

  • After Shaggy helped Fred out of the magic cabinet, the latter's eyebrow colors change blonde, and stayed when he unmasked the ghost, and changed back to black in the next scene.

Inconsistencies/continuity errors and/or goofs/oddities

  • Curiously, Daphne is not the least bit jealous of the attraction between Lindsay and Fred, like she has been when an attractive woman shows any interest in him in recent years (starting with Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island). It's possible this is because she doesn't see any danger since having a romantic relationship with a celebrity would be out of the question.
  • When Lindsay is rehearsing, there is a moment where she walks across the stage and the camera pans up to the screen above her head. Then Lindsay on the screen is clearly standing still.
    • Also during this scene, when the gang are watching the rehearsal, Velma's arms are shown to be on her hips. But when the camera zooms in closer, they are now behind her back.
  • When the canoe drops from the ceiling and starts to plummet towards Lindsay, she is standing in front of the stage. But when Fred pushes her out of the way a moment later, she is now on the stage.

In other languages

Language Name Meaning
French Vive Las Vegas Viva Las Vegas
Greek Βίβα Λας Βέγκας Viva Las Vegas
Italian Rufus il mago Rufus the Magician

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Fred: (impersonating Elvis) Thank you, man, thank you very much!

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