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Dr. Rick Spartan is a jungle explorer, who worked for a time as a biology teacher at Crystal Cove High School. His long experience with escaping traps has made him the hero (and somewhat of a role model) of Fred Jones, Jr.

Physical appearance

Rick is a Caucasian male, with a short, blond buzzcut; with his lantern-jaw and muscular body, he looks like the typical man of action. Upon meeting Mystery Inc. he stated that he believes his body bulk is in credit to a devoted to a gluten-free diet. He has tanned skin, suggesting he spends a lot of time out adventuring.


He neglects the safety and comfort of his wife in favor of jungle adventures, which is what led her to create the Headless Horror in the first place, and in the end, briefly leave him.

Skills and abilities

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Early life

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Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

On one mission in the Amazon he found what he thought was an ancient temple with a shrunken head. When he touched the head it spoke, and a Headless Horror appeared to haunt him.

He took a teaching position at Crystal Cove High School only as a break before his next adventure.

He was haunted by the Headless Horror, who turned out to be his wife, Marion, trying to make him quit the adventuring life.[1]

Season two

He showed up with Cachinga to fight the Gluten Demon, telling a story that Marion had been carried away by giant flies. In the end, it turned out they were separated, with Marion living at her mother's house. A phone call from Rick led to the promise of reconciliation for the couple.[2]



Rick: A curse? This day just keeps getting better and better.
Attack of the Headless Horror



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