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The Reflector Specter or Mirror Demon is one of the demons from the Chest of Demons. He had the power to trap people in a mirror.

Physical appearance

The Reflector Specter is a large demonic being with green skin, huge red eyes in cavernous black sockets, a fanged mouth, a long ribbon-like tongue and large bat-like ears. The length of his body stretches as he reaches out of his mirror.

While contained in his mirror, he can appear not at all, or his face can appear, or he can make the entire mirror shine with ghostly energy.

Powers and abilities

The Reflector Specter's primary attack is to create a suction in the vicinity facing the mirror. Anything from the mortal world (or anybody) is sucked into the Mirror Dimension. While in the Mirror Dimension, he controls every aspect of the environment -- the floors, gravity, even the sizes of things or people he sees. Presumably, captured mortals are forever trapped in this dimension unless they have the magical means to escape (like Daphne Blake did using the Amulet of Ishkabibble).

The Reflector Specter can also extend partially out of the mirror into the Mortal World. It appears this is the only time he is vulnerable to capture. It's not clear if he must do this to activate the suction power, or if he simply does this to frighten nearby mortals.

The Reflector Specter can also speak and be heard in our dimension, regardless if he is appearing or not. It also appears that he is bound by the mirror and cannot move it unaided; indeed, his primary use of Bogel and Weerd, is simply to relocate and set up the mirror for attack.


The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo

He trapped the gang in a mirror in Marrakesh, but fortunately they had an amulet that let them escape and capture him.


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