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* Physical appearance.
* History.

The Red Wizard is the disguise of Chen, who uses it to defend the Dragon's Heart ruby he has sworn to protect.

Physical appearance

He looks like the White Wizard, except he has a set of long hair and his outfit that he wears is red.


He was harsh and commanding that people stay away from the Dragon's Heart. But he also has a protective and compassionate side, as he went out of his way to protect Mystery Inc. from the White Wizard.

Powers and abilities

He could fly (with a jet pack) and cast powerful electrical blasts (with home-made Tesla coils).


Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

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Red Wizard: Do not disturb the Dragon's Heart or you will pay the price! The Dragon's Heart belongs to no one! Whoever tries to claim it will die!

Red Wizard: You have unknowingly brought grave danger to all who are near you!


  • Despite his disguise, he is one of the first costumed characters to be on the side of good.
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