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That's not very funny!

Red, after he makes fun of the gang, and then has an immediate accident.

Red Herring was Coolsville's neighborhood bully, and Freddie Jones's prime suspect of any of the town's crimes. Out of the many, many times he was accused, only once did he actually commit the crime, and that was when Fred did not accuse him.[1]

Physical appearance

Red is a short, chubby, young adolescent male, with curly, bushy red hair, and lots of freckles. He wears a green sleeveless jacket with a white tank top underneath, as well as beige pants, and brown boots. He also has a heart and arrow tattoo on his arm.


He tends to make things hard for the neighborhood kids, often making a joke at their expense, only to fall into a trashcan or something, to delight of the gang. He is apparently a loner.


Early life

As an infant, Red once pretended to be a monster on the playground, which Freddie never forgot, and therefore believed every crime and monster scheme would be done by Red.[2]

A Pup Named Scooby-Doo

Season one

Shaggy Rogers' bike had been stolen by a ghost, and Freddie thought Red was the culprit, so they searched his hideout, Weirdo Woods. Red pretended to be a swamp monster in order to scare them. Freddie accused him of stealing it when they found a blue bike, however, Shaggy's was red. It was actually Red's bike, but Freddie didn't believe this and thought he painted it so that they wouldn't recognize it. He used a sandblaster on it in an attempt to reveal that he painted it, but he was wrong and the sandblaster ended up damaging the bike. In retaliation, Red got on the bike and ran him over. The gang were forced to pay for the damages to Red's bike.[3]

When Shaggy and Scooby-Doo attended the Coolsville Comic Book Convention, Red disguised himself as the Eyeball Monster to scare them. He then planned to sneak up on a group of kids and make them cry, only to get laughed at when he got hauled off by a security guard. When Shaggy's first edition of Commander Cool (among many others) was stolen by Dr. Croaker, Shaggy and Scooby questioned several people, including Red. In retaliation, Red accused Shaggy, claiming that his interrogations were just a cover-up. Once the real culprit was caught, Red attempted to steal a comic, but it was booby trapped, exploding in a gummy mess, trapping Red.[4]

When word got out about a Headless Skateboarder abducting dolphins, Red hired the gang to prove that he was not the Headless Skateboarder. Once the culprit was caught, Freddie accused Red anyway. Red reminded him of why he hired them for this case in the first place, after which Freddie apologized for the accusation.

Season two

When Mr. O'Greazy's restaurant was haunted by a Burger Monster, the gang met Red there, where he informed them that it was his favorite place to eat. He offered Scooby a hot dog, but when he tried to eat it, he took it away and told him to get his own. He accidentally walked into a trash can, causing him to spill his food and get covered in garbage. Despite O'Greazy's being Red's favorite restaurant, Freddie still accused him of being the villain, only for Red to show up and point out how little sense it made to do so. According to Velma, he was wrong for the 647th time that month - a new record.[5]

After the Ghost of Zombo was captured, Freddie was unsure of who the culprit was. Red appeared and reminded him that that was the part where he was supposed to accuse him of being the culprit. He did, and Red put a clown nose on him and squeezed it, informing him that he was wrong yet again.[6]

Season three

Red pulled out of his Boogey Biker costume.

He decided to clean and spruce up his aunt's bike, and dressed up as the Boogey Biker to scare the gang away, so they wouldn't ruin his reputation. He was forgiven, and justified Freddie's accusations (and paranoia).[1]

Red challenged Freddie to a wrestling match following the capture of the Ghost of the Hooded Heifer, saying that if Freddie won, Red would take the blame. Freddie lost, prompting Red to refer to him as a "mega-weenie".[7]

Season four

After the gang had captured Nasty-Doo and began speculating on who his true identity was, as always Freddie accused Red Herring of being the were-doo. Among saying that, Red showed up at Doo Manor to congratulate Freddie on the ten-thousandth time he falsely accused Red of being the culprit, and "honored" him with the Golden Wiener plaque, which Freddie was delighted to accept.[8]

Scooby-Doo! Team-Up

Red was one of the culprits behind the giant Scrappy-Doo.

Happy Halloween, Scooby-Doo!

At some point, Red ended up creating his own business selling Halloween-themed accessories. He went with his truck to Elvira's Halloween parade just before the gang tackled the Haunted Scarecrow. His truck was later seen being driven by the Jackal-Lanterns and destroyed afterwards.[9]



Red: I'm gonna whoops you, Freddie! (runs his bike over Freddie)
A Bicycle Built for Boo!


  • In the early episodes of A Pup Named Scooby-Doo, Red being considered a suspect did make some sense, as he was often near the scene of the crime and/or would have some kind of motive to potentially be the culprit, but in later episodes, the Red Herring accusation by Fred doesn't make sense, and is played as a joke.
    • Red's name is a play on the literacy device which puts one on a false trail, based on the old criminal device of drawing a smoked ("red") herring across the scent of a fugitive, in order to divert pursuing hounds.