Ranger Knudsen was the ranger at Camp Little Moose.

Physical appearance

Ranger Knudsen is an adult Caucasian male who has black hair. He wears gray ranger clothes and a cowboy hat.


At first, he appeared to be a nice guy who took people seriously, no matter what their statements were about. He also took a fancy to Velma Dinkley, calling her "beautiful" and asking her if she would wait for him when he got arrested, which she wouldn't.

His true colours were revealed when he was unmasked as the Fishman and the Woodsman. He turned out to be very ambitious and greedy as he went to great lengths to get the treasure. However, he showed to have some morals as he decided to scare everyone out of Camp Little Moose before blowing the dam instead of just drowning them on the spot.


Scooby-Doo! Camp Scare

Ranger Knudsen unmasked.

He first appeared when the gang first arrived at Camp Little Moose, taking an immediate liking to Velma (much to her annoyance). He later tells the gang it's dangerous to be at camp, after their encounter with the Fishman, and says it's best if they head back home.

Ranger Knudsen dressing up as the Woodsman.

Ranger Knudsen dressing up as the Specter of Shadow Canyon.

He dressed up as the Woodsman, Fishman, and Specter of Shadow Canyon to scare people away from Camp Little Moose and got help from Babyface Boretti. He teamed up with Boretti to find LaRue's Hidden Treasure.


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