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Randy Warsaw is an artist.

Physical appearance

Randy is an adult Caucasian male, with blond hair, elongated chin, pointy nose, and unfazed blue eyes. He wears a gray suit with old-fashioned white shirt and an orange necktie with a distinct British knot. He also wears coral-red square glasses with a thick frame and blue-tinged lenses.


Randy is very emotional, snobbish, egocentric and a bit dark. He can be rude and offensive sometimes, as he finds a good quality in everyone in the recent Mystery Incorporated except Daphne. When Fred asked if he liked her hair, he said so himself, "I do like that hair... on a pony", probably suggesting that Daphne would look better as a horse, much to her offense.


Early life

The new mayor called him a "highly treasured citizen of Crystal Cove". His graffiti art of various monsters (for example Man-Crab, Ghost Girl, Dead Justice, and Slime Mutant) helped "put the city on the cultural map".

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season two

His creation, Junk, had come to life and was terrorizing him.



  • Randy Warsaw is an obvious parody of American artist Andy Warhol.
    • His surname "Warsaw" is the capital city of Poland.

In other languages

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Marco Vivio Italian
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