Randy Dinwiddie is a student at Defries Technical Academy. He is also the brother of young popstars Andy and Mandy Dinwiddie.

Physical appearance

Randy is a young Caucasian male with orange hair and, wears glasses.

His clothing consists of a white shirt with rolled up sleeves with a green sweater vest over it. He also wears brown pants and shoes.


He is bitter because of being neglected by his mother in favor of his pop-star siblings.

Skills and abilities

He is very good with wireless robotics. He also has some knowledge of backstage work, as his mother Susan Dinwiddie asked him to for his siblings' upcoming concert.


Early life

While his siblings and Flash Flannigan formed the Mystery Kids, he was left out because he was "tone deaf." The band eventually retired after Flash stormed off stage once during a performance, never to be seen again.

What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Season one

The Dinwiddie kids were now teens, and their mother planned a big comeback. During this time the band's old van, the Mystery Machine, (which now belonged to the gang) was acting on its own and causing serious trouble. This was believed to be the ghost of Flash, the original owner, who had come back for revenge. When Mystery Inc. investigated, they suspected it to be Randy due to his study at and his resentment at being overlooked by his more talented siblings. It turned out it was Mrs. Dinwiddie who did it for publicity. She was able to remote control the Mystery Machine and make it look like a monster due to the time she spent "helping" with Randy his homework. It turned out Andy and Mandy weren't interested in being musicians anymore, leaving their mother in shock as they apologized to Randy for making him feel left out.


In other languages

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Helge Winther-Larsen Norwegian
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