Rachel is a reporter and Shaggy Rogers's ex-girlfriend.

Physical appearance

Rachel is an adult female, with a long, blonde, ponytail hairstyle. She wears a white shirt with a blue jacket with two, dark blue chest pockets, a blue skirt, blue strap heels, and red lipstick.


She continued talking about Shaggy, for at least a year, showing that she still had feelings for him, even when she started dating J.C. Chasez, which made him jealous and gave him the idea to frame Shaggy and his friends for a crime. When Rachel found out what J.C. did, she actually thought it was sweet that he did it and she loved J.C. all the more for it.


Early life

Shag & Scoob break up with their girlfriends.

Rachel was Shaggy's girlfriend for an unknown period of time, while her dog, Roxanne, was the girlfriend of Shaggy's dog, Scooby-Doo. Shaggy and Scooby broke up with Rachel and Roxanne after they explained that they were going to hit the open road with their friends, and they figured that a long-distance relationship probably wouldn't work out, but hoped they could at least still be friends. When he asked for some of his CDs, she threw the dinner that she had prepared for them at him.

She later began a long-term relationship with J.C. Chasez after winning an online dating contest Win a Date with J.C.

What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Season three

She was a possible suspect to be one of the evil clones in revenge, but she was ultimately proven to be innocent. While Rachel was surprised that J.C. was behind the Lovers Lane kidnappings, she actually found it very sweet that he did that, as he was jealous of Rachel still bragging about him before they smile, much to Shaggy and Scooby's disgust. Later, when the police went to J.C's cabin to find the missing teenagers, Rachel tried to protect him from the mob of teens, who recognized him, but to no avail. Eventually, she and Roxanne were pushed out of the mob, while Shaggy and Scooby watched them jump up and down to get J.C's attention.