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The raccoon is the pet (or companion) of Bayard. They live together in the open forest surrounding WWE City.

Physical appearance

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Like most raccoons, it steals food, and this one is loyal to his master.


Scooby-Doo! WrestleMania Mystery

It ran out in the middle of the road, carrying a fish in its mouth. Fred Jones caught sight of it enough just in time to make a quick swerve, careening into a ditch (as the raccoon just watched, eating its fish). As the gang got help from John Cena, the raccoon went into the back of the Mystery Machine and stole a Scooby Snacks box. Scooby-Doo then chased it until the raccoon snuck round a corner and tripped Scooby, sending him flying down a hill and face first into a tree.


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