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Queen Morbidia is one of the demons from the Chest of Demons.

Physical appearance

Queen Morbidia is (presumably) a vampire, who appears as a beautiful middle-aged woman. She has black hair with a white streak down the middle, and wears a tight red dress which accentuates her shapely figure. The sleeves of the dress are tattered to resemble the wings of a bat.

She resembles Lilly Munster, the matriarch of the Munster clan in the TV series "The Munsters."


Queen Morbidia is obviously the leader of the assembled monsters. She is bold, arrogant and cruel, but is also a touch oblivious... for instance, she didn't even think to check her bedchamber for the stolen Chest of Demons, even though it was in Befuddle Hall and thus a possible location.

Powers and abilities

  • TBA


The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo

She summoned a large group of monsters to destroy the Chest, but it was stolen and hidden from her by Byron Befuddle and his Shadow Demon.

Queen Morbidia led all of the convention attendee monsters in pursuit of the gang when they retrieved the chest, and the chase lasted all night. When the gang was cornered outside, the gang sang their "last words" in a projected, overlong song to kill time. The ruse worked and the sun arose, which caused Queen Morbidia to turn into a pile of ash, which Flim-Flam then scooped up and dumped into the Chest of Demons.



  • It is unclear if Morbidia was actually destroyed by the sun or not. If she was, dumping the ashes in the Chest was not necessary, as that was the end of her.
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