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Professor Phantazmo is a circus ringmaster and one of the thirteen demons of the Chest of Demons.

Phyiscal appearance

He appeared to be an ordinary Caucasian male; dressed in a red cutaway tail coat, a red waistcoat, a string ascot, a grey top hat, grey breeches, white gloves and black riding boots.

The illusion (see below) projects him as a robust but middle-aged man. Stripped of the illusion, he appears as an grotesquely old, twisted man.


Professor Phantazmo, in contrast to the other 13 Ghosts, is not menacing or enigmatic, on first appearance. In fact, he’s good-humored and full of showmanship, like a typical ringmaster. He shows a dark and vicious underlying menace on occasion, suggesting that his affable demeanor is just a front to put mortals off guard.

Powers and abilities

Professor Phantazmo seems to be the weakest of the 13 Ghosts whenever it comes to personal powers. In fact, his powers seem limited entirely to the Enchanted Calliope, which both beguiles people and perpetuates the illusion for his Circus. Additionally, the whip he possesses hold powers of its own and can be used by anyone evidenced by Flim Flam using it multiple times. He also has a talent for talking people into doing his bidding, and a virtual army of demons at his command.


The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo

He sets up a free circus near Dooville (where Scooby-Doo's parents live) and then lures its populace into it. In order to hide the true horrors of the circus, he plays hypnotic music throughout the entire area of the circus. It is eventually revealed that he was one of the demons from the Chest of Demons, and he hypnotized Flim-Flam into joining his demonic circus for a short time. When he saw his Enchanted Calliope destroyed, he eventually turned himself into a grotesque, wrinkly, twisted, old man. Not long after, he was sent back into the Chest of Demons.

Professor Phantazmo’s true form.



  • Professor Phantazmo bears more than a few similarities to G.W. Dark, the sinister master of the Cooger and Dark Circus in Ray Bradbury's Something Wicked This Way Comes.