The Poseidon was a mystery cruise ship.



Scooby-Doo! Pirates Ahoy!

Mystery Inc. were invited to Poseidon by Fred Jones's parents for his birthday. The gang inadvertently ruined much of the cruise by solving the mysteries with little effort, all of whose culprits were Captain Crothers or Sunny St. Cloud. After sailing into the Bermuda Triangle, the ship was besieged by Captain Skunkbeard and his ghostly crew, who damaged several areas of the ship and dropped all of the lifeboats overboard so no-one could escape. The gang commandeered the ship to pursue the pirates, but the Poseidon was fired upon by the pirate ship's cannons, taking major damage and sinking to the bottom of the sea.



  • In the real world, the Poseidon was a cruise ship that was hit by a tidal wave.
  • The activities offered (besides the mysteries) include shuffleboard, aerobics, a bingo tournament, and a magic show following dinner.
  • Skunkbeard's pirate ship sinks the Poseidon quickly after a few salvos. In truth, it would take hours (if not days) and hundreds of salvos for those 18th century cannon batteries to even swamp such a huge ship, let alone sink it.
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