The pizza guy is a young man who was led on a mystery by Scrappy-Doo. He never provides his name and is only ever referred to by Scrappy, who calls him "Pizza-Face", "Pizza Guy" and "Pizza".

Physical appearance

A lanky teen with shaggy blue hair. Both of his ears have dual piercings and in a few panels he is shown to have slight acne on his face.

He is only seen wearing his pizza delivery outfit, which consists of a red hat (similar in style to a fast food restaurant employee's paper hat), red and white vertically striped button down shirt, white undershirt and jeans.

Additionally, Scrappy suggests that he's a member of Generation X.


Predominantly acts cowardly in the face of danger, which may explain why he idolizes Shaggy and Scooby-Doo, and is adept at decoding clues. He may also be a bit absentminded, as he forgets until after solving a mystery with Scrappy-Doo that he has additional pizzas to deliver.


Cartoon Network Presents

Although excited to deliver pizza to two of his idols (Shaggy & Scooby), he finds the notion that Scrappy can assist in mystery solving to be laughable. He goes on to aid Scrappy in solving the mystery of the Harstone Mansion zombie, a case in which he is ultimately the one responsible for both decoding an important clue and catching the monster.


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