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The Piranha-Goat was the disguise of some villain who wanted to steal plans to allow him to disrupt the water supply of Crystal Cove. Mystery Inc. attempted to capture him, and so did Sheriff Bronson Stone, but it was Dead Justice who got the credit for the capture.

Physical appearance

He had a large mouth with sharp teeth like a piranha, and a lower body like a satyr.


He spoke in a bleated voice.

Powers and abilities

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Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

The Piranha-Goat crashed out of City Hall with plans about the town's water supply. Sheriff Stone arrived and was able to subue the Piranha-Goat himself, unfortunately Fred Jones, Jr.'s previously set trap ended up catching the Sheriff and even the rest of the gang. Piranha-Goat attempted to escape, but Dead Justice's ghost arrived on his horse Greg and he caught the Piranha-Goat with his laser rope and took the creature away.



  • In the credits 'Piranha' is misspelt 'Pirahna'.
  • The Piranha-Goat is the only monster in the series to not be unmasked or to have his intentions clearly revealed.
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