Penrod Stillwall is the great-great-great grandson of Jefferson Stillwall.

Physical appearance

Stillwall is a middle-aged Caucasian male, with a bald head, but white hair and sideburns around his head, along with bushy black eyebrows. He initially wore the Headless Specter's old-fashioned clothes, as he was impersonating it, but after revealing his real self he wore a brown jumper above the Specter's gray trousers and black shoes.


Stillwall is an honest man who only dons a disguise and attempts to scare people as a means of protecting his property. He also showed gratitude to Mystery Inc. for helping him find his ancestor's treasure.

Skills and abilities

As the Headless Specter, he could see anyone or anything without even ever having his head out.


Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!

Season two

Penrod Stillwall shows his head

Penrod reveals himself.

He created the Headless Specter to scare people away because he was afraid someone would steal his family's treasure.

Mystery Inc. helped catch one such trespasser, with Fred Jones and Shaggy Rogers luring out yet another would-be phantom, trapping it under a pillar. It was discovered to be Penrod's greedy neighbor, Asa Shanks, who was after the treasure. He wanted to know how he could repay the gang for the help, with Shaggy only asking directions to the nearest pizza parlor.



  • Penrod was one of the first people to use a monster disguise for a noble reason, rather then a criminal one. This would be repeated by others including Velma Dinkley herself.
    • How noble he truly is is debatable as he jumped on who he thought was Scooby, Shaggy, and Velma hiding under a bed sheet (unless he knew they weren't there), and also tried to knock Shaggy off his balloon. But then again he presumed they were thieves and thus was likely less restrained in how he was dealing with them.
  • Penrod's head was concealed in his shirt as the Headless Specter, which would make it impossible for him to see.
    • Logic-defying effects of disguises are so common in the Scooby-Doo universe that they have their own category.
  • Penrod doesn't mention making the balloon look like a ghost, but presumably he did that, too.
  • Clearly minutes have past between the time it took the gang to catch Penrod and Asa, yet the former managed to change into a sweater by the time of the latter's capture. Either this is an animation mistake, or he was actually wearing his sweater underneath the Headless Specter costume.
  • When Penrod receives the bag of treasure, he's wearing the gloves of the Headless Specter.
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