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Penelope Bailey is the daughter of Ernest Bailey, the owner of the Scooby Snax Factory in Munchville, Ohio.

Physical appearance

Penelope is a middle-aged Caucasian female with gray hair with a slim figure. She wears a dark blue jacket under a white shirt yellow earrings, a blue skirt, and blue heels. She also applies red lipstick.


She is shown to follow a strict set of rules around the factory. She disguised herself as the Scooby Snack Monster in order to protect the business from spies, as she is very protective of her father, the factory, the family business and the secret recipes. Hearing that, her father forgives her.


What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Season two

Penelope Bailey unmasked

Penelope unmasked.

She wore the costume of the Scooby Snack Monster to protect her father's company and the secret recipe from other industrial espionage, so she was forgiven.



  • She's allergic to Scooby Snacks, which is quite ironic considering she works in a Scooby Snack Factory.
  • Penelope is one of the few villains in the series who are forgiven for their crimes; she ultimately wanted to protect the company and secret recipe from espionage.
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